The pregnant mother has a long erythema pustules, and the pregnancy is terminated in advance!This dermatological mortality is extremely high!

"Now my skin is completely restored, and the child is very healthy. Thank you so much!" When he was discharged, Ms. Zhang’s family finally showed a long -lost smile.Half a month ago, this almost collapsed pregnant mother not only faded her skin, but also almost lost the baby in the belly.

Stunning!Pain with erythema pustules is unbearable

After giving birth to the first child, Ms. Zhang has been looking forward to giving birth to a younger brother or sister.After all, it was done, but for her, the whole pregnancy seemed to have a nightmare.Early pregnancy vomiting, constipation in the middle and late pregnancy, frequent urination in the third trimester, and pubic pain, etc. She almost all experienced it.

These are not the most bitter. What makes her collapse is that it is almost 30 weeks after seeing it, and she is about to be "cooked", which is suffering from a strange skin disease.

At first, it was just a red and slight itchy on the root of the thighs and sidewalks. Ms. Zhang thought that she was just a normal rash. She didn’t care much.

But soon, the parts of the erythema on the thighs began to spread, from the beginning of a small piece, diffused to the entire lower limbs and the whole body, and accompanied by a large area of pustules and pain.Because I can’t help but often scratch, a large area of ulcers appear, and it is accompanied by continuous fever and high fever!

Ms. Zhang’s family came to Hangzhou First People’s Hospital for treatment. Chief Physician, deputy director of dermatology, judged that she had a rare clinical skin disease -herpes -like pustules.

Most of the pregnant women often need to terminate pregnancy in advance

Bu Yan Yu introduced that herpes -like pustules are a rare acute dangerous skin disease, which is more common in pregnant women during pregnancy."Because there are currently only a case, there is no exact incidence data for the time being."

This kind of disease is urgent, symptoms, erythema in early skin, and pustules on the surface or mung beans on the surface, expand to the surroundings, arranged into ring -shaped and multi -ring, and sometimes merged into sliced pus lakes, and then scabs.The rash may have itching, burning, and pain, and it is mostly accompanied by systemic symptoms such as high fever, chills, vomiting, and diarrhea.

More importantly, this kind of disease is poorly prognosis, and the mortality rate can be as high as 22.6-71.2 %.Abortion, dead tires or early fetal dysfunction occur.Fortunately, the healing person may recur next time.

To this end, experts from the Department of Dermatology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Newborn, anesthesia and other relevant departments of the Municipal Hospital of the First Municipal Hospital have conducted discussions on multidisciplinary discussions in the hospital, and finally recommend to terminate pregnancy early.

Recently, Ms. Zhang performed a cesarean section in the obstetric department of the first hospital of the city, and "received" the child in advance.After giving birth to a baby, she lived in the dermatology ward for treatment. The medical team consisting of Chief Physician and Deng Lin’s attending physician used biological preparations.Essence

After nearly two weeks of treatment, Ms. Zhang quickly returned to normal body temperature. The pustules on her body completely dried up, and the erythema basically subsided. Most of the rash areas that restored the faster rash were nearing the normal skin, and the mother and child were discharged smoothly on the same day.

Copy such rare diseases

Active cooperation with treatment is the key

"During the treatment, we ran to two goals. First, help the mother to give birth to a healthy child smoothly; third, rescue the crisis of crisis and solve the trouble of rash. FortunatelyThe goals have been achieved smoothly. "

Bu Yan Yu said that because the disease has a very low incidence in the world, as of now, there has not been a treatment guide or expert consensus, which has also brought great challenges to the medical team’s diagnosis and treatment.The key to treatment is to use glucocorticoids, immunosuppressants, or biological anti -inflammatory and external drugs, while systematic use, while timely and effective anti -infection and symptomatic support treatment.

Bu Yan reminded that although this disease is relatively rare, it still has to attract the attention of pregnant women.Pay attention to a balanced diet during pregnancy, eat more protein -rich foods, ensure the nutritional intake of the fetus, and improve your own resistance.If you are unfortunately suffering from the disease, you must seek medical treatment in time and actively cooperate with treatment to minimize the harm caused by the disease.Considering that this disease has a high mortality rate, you need to consider stopping pregnancy if necessary.

Voice of Hangzhou reporter Zhu Leyan, correspondent Wang Wenting

Source: Voice of Hangzhou

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