The pregnant mother’s taste is "strange and strange" after pregnancy. There are two kinds of changes that are more dangerous.

After pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will have a phenomenon:

The food that I hate it is now in love.This also makes many prospective dad feel embarrassed, because sometimes the taste of pregnant women is really strange.

According to statistics, 76%of pregnant women have changed "taste" after pregnancy.

I vomit hard and don’t want to eat anything: some mothers have a strong pregnancy reaction during the early pregnancy, even throughout pregnancy, which causes pregnant mothers to never want to eat.

I used to eat it, but now I do n’t like to eat: In fact, the island has really realized that the taste changes after pregnancy.Before pregnancy, I especially hate food like "soft parties" like bananas, but after pregnancy, I especially like to eat bananas.

On the contrary, oranges and oranges who especially like to eat before pregnancy do not want to touch after pregnancy.

Picky eaters: After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers not only have changed their food in love, but they also start to pick up the types of food.Like some pregnant mothers, they love to eat meat when they are pregnant. They do not like to eat vegetables. They are clearly like to eat some kinds of food, and they particularly hate some kinds of food.

Alcohol: In addition to having partial eclipse and picky food in diet, there are even some mothers who have "alienity".I still remember that after pregnancy, a pregnant mother fell in love with madly eating soil, not just soil, others who are not food will also want to eat.

During pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women changes is normal. Generally, after childbirth, such symptoms will gradually disappear.

However, during pregnancy, if pregnant mothers always like "heavy taste" food and "sweets", they must be vigilant, because such changes can easily affect the health of the fetus.

Too salty, too spicy and other heavy flavors

After pregnancy, if pregnant women have a soft spot for excessive salty, too spicy food, or even pauses, then such a dietary habits are really not good for pregnant women.

Salted foods can easily cause pregnancy hypertension, and it is also easy to cause edema pregnant women; while too spicy food can stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines of pregnant women, which may be premature and aborted.

Eat a lot of sweets

After pregnancy, many women finally found an excuse for eating sweets, so they were out of control.To a certain extent, sweets can really make your body and mind happy, but the most direct consequence of too much consumption of sweets is to make pregnant women overweight, which has laid hidden dangers for future delivery.

Listen to the doctor’s opinion: If the taste of the pregnant mother after pregnancy has changed a lot, and even to the point of self -doubt, it is best to go to the hospital for examination and ask the doctor to help diagnose whether there is any problem.

Do not over -indulgence: During pregnancy, pregnant women have nothing to do with certain foods, but they should also pay attention to the amount of consumption. Do not indulge themselves because a certain food is too much to cause nutritional unevenness;

Diet balance: During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to consume various nutrients, and learn to adjust their own diet structure. Many pregnant mothers can’t tell whether they are "hunger" or "mouth", so they must also learn to argue.

Psychological problems should also be considered: Of course, after pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will become anxious psychologically because of changes in hormone levels in the body, and they will want to eat in order to alleviate anxiety, so at this time, psychology cannot be ruled out at this time.Whether there is any problem, if necessary, you can seek doctor help.

I do n’t know if pregnant mothers are happy during pregnancy, have you considered it: Will their dietary habits during pregnancy be inherited to the baby?

In fact, there are really scientists who have studied this issue. The final conclusion is that during pregnancy, the taste of pregnant mothers will be passed on to the child, and it will even affect the children’s future eating habits.

Although there is nothing bad for diet habits, if the taste of pregnant mothers is unhealthy, not only the baby will be inherited in the stomach, but also suffers from some diseases.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still have to eat less greasy and heavy foods, and eat more low -calorie, low -fat, low cholesterol foods. In addition, there should be fewer salt and sugar.Food and sweets.

Otherwise, after the birth of the fetus, it will not only have a heavy taste, but also cause adverse effects on breastfeeding and healthy diet.

I want to say:

It is recommended that pregnant women manage their mouths during the whole pregnancy, not only for herself, but also for the fetus in the abdomen.

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