The pregnant wife was gang raped by 4 people for 8 hours. After the husband saw the whole process at the door, he was killed and thrown.

On May 14, 2013, Li Hong and Sun Gao and her husband and wife made an appointment with their parents to go to their house for dinner the next day.

After a busy day of the husband and wife, they planned to go home and take a good rest, but at this time they didn’t know what kind of human hell they were facing next. Their home had ambushed four people with four people.

Li Hong and Sun Gao just returned home and were attacked by four gangsters. They took out a knife to threaten the couple and do not act lightly.

Facing the threat of the number and weapons, Sun Gao and Li Hong had to yield.However, this caused them to be treated with inhumane. Li Hong was raised on the bed in turns sexual assault, and her husband could only watch everything and was thrown in the cave.

How did this unmanned crime happened?What kind of sanctions will these four poor gangsters suffer?

This tragedy took place in Feixian, Shandong, and was the "5.15" project that caused a sensation in the country at that time.The protagonist of the case, the two victims, was her husband Sun Gao and his wife Li Hong.The two met in this small county and soon fell in love.The husband and wife work together to run the family. Although the life is poor, the two are more content. They are the love of the villagers.

Due to the poor family situation, the couple can only live in a relatively remote position in the village. Although they are quiet, they also laid a foreshadowing in the difficulty of the couple after the disaster arrived.Sun Gao is honest and honest, and he is diligent and reliable.His wife Li Hong is also kind and beautiful, full of figure.The two went out early and returned late, and worked hard for this family. His wife Li Hong quickly became pregnant.

There are four infamous hooligans in this small village in Feixian. In the Internet cafes that are soaked in the village on weekdays, there will be some thieves to cheat if they have no money.If you see young and beautiful women on the road, they will still do the downside action on them, and it is almost everyone who crosses the street.

In early May 2013, these four little mixed wanted to find a place to steal some money because they had no money, so they touched Sun Gao Li Hong’s house at the edge of the village.However, because the couple are poor, they do n’t have much money to steal, and the four boys only take some change to lose their backs.But what is unexpected is that the four gangsters noticed the wedding photos of the bedside table. The wife inside was full of good face. These people suddenly gave birth to this beauty.

Sun Gao and Li Hong returned home to see less money in the bedside table, knowing that most thieves had come.However, there are no surveillance in this poor countryside. It is also stolen some change. Thinking about it and giving up the alarm’s plan to consider unlucky.However, they don’t know that they are in danger, they will face human hell.

Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, and Zhao Feng, the four villains, lurked in the couple’s home on the afternoon of May 14, 2013, waiting for them to come back.At this time, Sun Gao and Li Hong are still making an appointment with their parents to eat together tomorrow, immersed in the joy of the wife’s pregnancy, and do not know the danger of the upcoming.

As soon as the two returned home, Sun Gao asked Li Hong to go to the bedroom to rest and cook by themselves.However, Li Hong’s screams came in the bedroom immediately. Sun Gao immediately went to check, but found that the four villains held a kitchen holder on his wife’s neck.The opponents were still holding a weapon. Sun Gao did not dare to act lightly, and could only facing these four poor gangsters.

But he didn’t know that his concessions made the four bastards more rampant.When Fu Gang and others saw that the husband had no courage to resist them, they became even more unscrupulous.They pushed her on the bedroom on Li Hong’s neck and pressed her bedroom on the bed, began to slap her body, and play with the woman wantonly.Sun Gao’s heart was as burning as a fire, but he didn’t dare to have any movements. After all, these four gangsters may make their husband and wife die under the knife at any time.

The four devil gathered in Li Hong, who was pregnant, and hotly hot skin with a cigarette butt.Like the bedroom bed, Li Hong’s body is as fast as Li Hong’s body. The squeezing sound of the bedboard and the screams of Li Hong are lingering in Sun Gao’s ear, and the original warm little home instantly transformed into the world’s purgatory.What kind of inhumane act is!What is the painting of hell!

Li Hong’s body is already full of holes, and she is covered with her white and delicate skin.She mourned in bed for nearly four hours, and her tears dried up hoarse.These four scums were also tired and hungry, and they even made even more disgusting behaviors.They put the blade around Sun Gao’s neck and asked him to eat braised meat for them.I just despise human nature and contempt for ethical king to reach the extreme!But Sun Gao could only do it, and he only hoped to keep the peace of their family.

Sun Gao stated in the kitchen, but his ears came from the sorrow of his wife’s crying and squeak.Tears fell into the pot with anger and evaporated by high temperatures.He was angry and helpless, he didn’t know why they had such a non -human treatment for their kind and diligent couples.Want to ask Cangtian so fair?Why are diligent and honest people who are insulted?Will it suffer from such purgatory?

Li Hong, who was tortured in bed, only prayed that this could survive this night and keep the family’s peace.For the children in the belly and her husband, she still endured the non -human treatment in the face of these defeats.She struggled and roared in bed in bed, but she couldn’t reach the other people.Tears and blood wet the sheets, and the torn underwear and panties were scattered on the foot of the bed, and I wanted to come to hell.

The full eight hours of suffering and torture are not the dawn of hope, but the end of life.Sun Gao and Li Hong did not expect that they had to endure all torture and still couldn’t escape the death.Li Hong, who was almost scattered, was covered on the bed alive, and Sun Gao could not escape the ending of death.Both of the couple were thrown in the cave by the village after they were covered, making this night completely a nightmare.

At noon on May 15, 2013, parents who had had a good time with their children had not seen their trace.The two elderly people went to Sun Gao Li Hong’s home to check the situation. They saw the cooler braised pork in the pot and was confused, because both husband and wife did not like to eat braised pork, and they did not prepare braised pork.When I walked to the bedroom, I saw the torn underwear and panties and the embarrassment of the boxed cabinet. The two elderly people felt that something was bad, so they hurried to the police station to report the case.

The comrades of the police station only appeased the elderly not to worry, and did not rule out the possibility of both left home after the couple quarreled.But both the two elderly people and the villagers knew that the couple had a lot of love, and it was almost impossible to quarrel with each other very harmoniously.The police went to the husband and wife’s home for on -site investigation, and found signs of fighting and resistance in the bedroom. It was initially concluded that this was a murder together.Then actively investigated relevant personnel and finding the body around this clue.

Soon, the police got the clues of the villagers, saying that several people wandered near the cave in the village last night, which was suspicious.Sure enough, the police found the husband and wife’s body in the cave. Among them, his wife’s body was almost blurred and the skeleton was separated.This tragedy made everyone present shocked and angry, who could do such a disgusting and sinful behavior!

The body was divided into a number, and it was accompanied by many cluttered fingerprints, hair nails and blood stains. The detected DNA results were extremely messy, which caused certain obstacles to the case survey.However, the police quickly found a new direction. At the scene of the crime, there was a subsistence allowance card, and soon determined that the minimum guarantee card was owned by Fu Gang’s father.However, the old man said that his unwilling son stole his subsistence allowance card for a long time. The police who got the news quickly found four major suspects -Fu Gang, Zhang Xuejun, Wang Jiying, andZhao Feng.

The police quickly controlled these four people and launched a trial of them.At the beginning, the four people still died and did not admit it, but when the police said that the left breast bites on the left of Li Hong’s body, the right breast stabbing was extremely deep. Now that the weapon has found the DNA identification, it can come out immediately.These four scums knew that they could not escape the trial and finally lowered their heads and acknowledged their crimes. Hell was empty, and the devil was in the world.Such a non -human passage brings them a trial of death.

Soon the four criminals were sent to the court for trial, and all three of them were directly sentenced to the death penalty, and the remaining minors were sentenced to life imprisonment for their criminal responsibility.Zhao Feng, who knows that he can be exempted from death, laughed in court. How contempt for the court and how much contempt for human nature!Although he laughed in the court, Zhao Feng still renovated in the prison.A few years later, he was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

This is a painful case, which has caused a sensation in the "5 · 15" case in Shandong Feixian, Shandong.The two victims of Sun Gao and Li Hong were treated with such a non -human treatment. The people across the country were very distressed. Then the police station in Feixian, Shandong also launched a related education lecture and forum on this case.And alarm clock.It is necessary to improve the level of cases, but also improve laws and education, so that fewer cases do not happen.

Both Sun Gao and Li Hong compromised for the house’s security and the prestige of the four devils for the safety of the other.But since these four gangsters have done such inhumane behaviors, they will definitely kill people.If you know this, maybe Sun Gao will fight with these four wicked apprentices, but he can’t escape the death but may keep their dignity without being tortured.

But if there is no, in the face of such a demon, we must not let the alarm bells not let ourselves become victims and victims.

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