The pregnant woman suddenly bleed on a train in Hainan!Everyone is relaying and rescue to danger into safety

"4 cars toilet, a pregnant woman bleeding! Help!"

11:30 on January 25

C7483 train Lingshui Station after driving

Train captain Li Li inspect carriage operation

Suddenly rushed over a passenger to ask for help

Lift the pregnant woman out of the car.Correspondent Li Yi

While running towards the 4 car, Li Li notified the trainer with a walkie -talkie: "Is the C7483 trains be there? Take the medicine box to the 4th vehicle bathroom, a pregnant woman bleeding, please broadcast the doctor immediately."

Soon, Li Lihe Liu Zhipeng was waiting at the door of the barrier -free bathroom at the No. 4 carriage.A lady looked pale, covered her belly, and stepped out step by step.Li Li hurriedly stepped forward to help the passengers and took passengers to the flight attendant to rest.

It is understood that Ms. Li said that she was pregnant for more than two months. She had to go to Yalong Bay Station from Haikou East Station on the same day. However, she felt unwell after driving at Wanning Station.People help contact the staff.Train broadcasting for medical treatment many times, no medical workers rushed to the scene.Ms. Li, a passenger, asked the train captain, hoping to go to the hospital after the station, and asked the staff to help contact the ambulance.

After learning about the news, the director of the Yalong Bay Station immediately contacted the nearby hospital, but at this time there was no ambulance that could be displaced. It was suggested that passengers got off at Sanya Station to go to the hospital faster.After obtaining the consent of the passenger, Du Juan quickly contacted the comprehensive control room of Sanya Station.

At 12:05, the C7483 trains stopped. All cadres on duty in Sanya Station were waiting for the 4th platform.

"Please give a little space for pregnant women, please don’t stay at the door of the No. 6 carriage." Everyone guided other passengers to leave the key carriage door on No. 6 and free up the space for pregnant women.

"How do you feel? Don’t be afraid, the ambulance is coming soon." Li Yi, deputy squad leader of the passenger transport team of Sanya Station, and Wang Hui, a passenger duty, appeased the pregnant woman, hoping to relax them through constant communication.

At 12:10, the pregnant woman was lifted to the stretcher with the work of the staff.Because the length of the stretcher cannot enter the straight ladder, the two staff are carried the stretcher in front to protect the head of the passenger. Others carry the middle and tail of the stretcher with the shoulders to keep the stretcher a certain slope.Avoid a lot of bleeding again.

After 3 minutes, everyone successfully sent pregnant women to an ambulance.

"The doctor asked me to be hospitalized to observe, and I feel that it is okay now. I originally wanted to travel to Yalong Bay. Who knows that suddenly there is such a situation. Fortunately, you have your railway staff to thank you sincerely and like your service for all of you!At 17:25, Wang Hui, a passenger duty at Sanya Station, dialed Ms. Li’s phone call and asked the current situation. He heard that Ms. Li in the phone was good, and the stone in her heart was completely let go.

(Law Times)

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