The primary school student’s diary "Pregnancy" became popular, the teacher couldn’t help laughing, and the mother blushed after watching it.

Elementary school students are always easy to open their brains when writing diaries. They often write some nonsense things. The teacher will not only feel curious when reviewing, and even when parents "peek", they can’t help but have questions.What are you thinking about?

In fact, from the perspective of exposing the true temperament of the students, they are really the most naive and simplest people. Even if they cannot put their minds in learning, they are not annoying.Why are elementary students so smart?

The perspective of elementary school students wrote the diary "My Same Table Coke". Although it was a fun thing that happened to my classmates, the elementary school students recorded it. Isn’t this a full diary?There are many classmates how to write. In fact, this is a good way of recording.

To be honest, many students are worried about writing, and they don’t like to write more diaries. They have a feeling of leaving more homework and increased their tasks.I can’t write a diary with a lot of words, and it feels really wasteful.

However, if students have materials, they should be another matter, even if it is a trivial matter, the beginning of writing, writing things, and then writing the feelings can end. The most important thing is the material, the material is classic, and the material is classic.It will not look too perfunctory.

Looking at the popular primary school student’s diary "Pregnancy", I really laughed and couldn’t help themselves. After watching the teacher, the teacher couldn’t help laughing. After watching it, the mother blushed. I don’t know if the teacher would question whether the parents would teach their children, But this strange misunderstanding is too funny.

In fact, the students’ ideas are very simple. When there is nothing, they always write some daily life. In this wayIt can solve a lot of trouble and misunderstandings.

"Unlucky Day" makes people laugh. Is it so exciting on the way to school in school?If I am a teacher, I want to verify when I want to take a class to see if there is nothing in the mouth of the student’s mouth. Of course, it is also a bit heavy, so scary.

Teachers with deep qualifications know that this is a student writing and writing, and there are very few words. At first glance, what is written in confusion. The teacher also recommends that students read more extra -curricular books and strengthen their writing skills.There were a lot of stories when I was a kid. The teacher asked the expansion of "God Pen Ma Liang". The author wrote more than 3 articles, and finally ended the endless end. If the teacher couldn’t let it write, I really thought that I would feel stupid.

Students’ writing is not good. Sometimes even if there are many writing, but still writing some flow accounts, the teacher will be helpless when they see it. Who can write a diary to write a diary around "fart"?It’s really convinced.

Sometimes the students’ brain hole is not big, but in regular occasions, they must be serious. It is not suitable for playing stalks at any time.Good teachers will not like it.

Elementary school students exercise their writing when writing diaries, which is also a kind of help for students. Although the number of students at the moment is more, the strokes that students can change in training are better.The higher score is simply free training. Are you not exciting?

Elementary school students are also very real when describing true feelings, which is moving. Parents will be moved when they look at the student diary, such as this "Father".

Father’s prose poems are very hot. After listening, students can think of what their father has recorded in the laptop. Only the date of work to others is not easy to learn from the father. Students are difficult to learn. However, parents make money for children to read books.It’s difficult, isn’t it?

However, students must also maintain a rigorous attitude when writing. After writing, they must carefully check the contents they write, otherwise they are likely to cause misunderstandings that cannot be explained.

Originally, students were distressed by Dad, and they could study hard in the future, but because they wrote less words, it seemed that everything was humorous and humorous.

In fact, when I was young, many people grew up, but at any time, learning must be the most important thing. I hope that students can better exercise their writing ability and grow up healthy.

Today’s topic: If you are a primary school student, which one do you think of the best one?

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