The princess suddenly became pregnant on the way to marry. The face of the royal doctor changed, and the princess’s answer made people shine.

In ancient times, the princess, as the emperor’s daughter, was very distinguished, but the life span of the princess in history was not very long. Why?

The old saying: To wear its crown, it will be important.The meaning is roughly. If you want to sit higher than others and have greater power, you must bear the pressure behind these awards.The same is true of the princess. Although the status is noble and lives in the life of Jinyi and jade, there is a scar in my heart.

Today, the princess we want to say, although born in the royal family, is very rebellious.The princess was originally the daughter of a prince of the Han Dynasty. She was infinitely favored by her parents since she was urinated. It was inevitable that they would be a little obedient.

Wang Ye and his wife usually depend on her, but only in marriage, the attitude is very hard.In order to have a good relationship with the Xiongnu State, Emperor Hanwu was unwilling to marry his daughter to the Huns, so he thought that he used his brother’s daughter to marry Persia for his daughter.

After hearing the news, the princess decided to vowed to death, but she was dragged into the sedan by her parents.On the way to marry Persia, the princess wanted to escape all the ways, but the strength of the guards was too powerful.

The ancients valued the chastity of women. The princess thought that if she was no longer innocent, then the Prince of Persia would definitely not take himself, so he thought about it and quietly lay in the ear of the accompanying imperial doctor.After listening, Royal Doctor’s face suddenly turned red.

After the situation of Prince Persia, the Prince of Persia saw the princess’s lower abdomen slightly bulging, and suddenly became a pig liver face. He ordered the princess out of the city.For themselves, the two had a relationship in their dreams. The next day they woke up and felt that their stomach was a bit uncomfortable, and then the stomach began to grow up day by day.

The princess’s answer made everyone’s eyes shine. Of course, the Prince of Persia did not believe in the princess’s ghost words. In the anger, the princess was kicked out of the gate. The princess had already discussed with the doctor, and found a substitute in the middle and took the opportunity to escape.

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