The private life is chaotic, the women’s derailment during pregnancy, infection with AIDS, infecting the family, causing the killing of the body

AIDS is a disease that people talk about. It is exactly the same as that of human harm to the human body.

In 2018, a murder case occurred in Minhang District, Shanghai. After the suspect, Huang Xiaolin learned that his wife had transmitted HIV to himself and his child, and angered his young wife with a knife.

How does Huang Xiaolin’s wife infected with AIDS?

Huang Xiaolin and his wife Amei met with beautiful Shanghai.

Huang Xiaolin has an introverted personality. After graduating from college, he went to Shanghai to develop and worked in a construction company.

He was born in rural areas, and his family conditions are not very good.Therefore, he worked hard and seriously.

In the past few years, he had less income and frugal life. Although he didn’t make much money, he could still save money.

A few years later, his position was promoted and his salary was raised.

He is almost 30 years old, and his family urges him to talk about a girlfriend.

At their hometown, there are dolls like him.

Huang Xiaolin began to pay attention to the opposite sex around him.One day, in a party, he met a girl named Amei.

Amy is cheerful, well -figure, fair skin, and two dimples when they smile.

Seeing Amei, Huang Xiaolin was so excited that she was the type he liked.

When he learned that Amy was also single, he was very happy, and he had the idea of pursuing Amei in his heart.

At the party, the two introduced their jobs with each other, and they talked smoothly.

Amy is doing sales.

Since then, he has begun to pursue Joh Mei and often ask her to come out for dinner.

Amei is generous and talkative. When dating him, he always laughs.

Huang Xiaolin and Amei also talked about many things he grew up in the countryside.

Huang Xiaolin gave 99 roses to Amei, and also attached a affectionate card:

I hope to protect your rest of your life. If you accept this relationship, see you at the last restaurant at 7:00 tomorrow in the evening.

After sending out the flowers, Huang Xiaolin was anxious, and he was worried that Amei looked down on herself.However, I didn’t think that Amei quickly returned the news: I would go to the appointment on time.

After Huang Xiaolin saw it, he cheered!Don’t mention it in your heart.

The next night, the two ate a romantic candlelight dinner together and officially began to fall in love.

After talking about love for more than a year, the two felt that the time was mature, and they got a certificate of marriage.

After marriage, Huang Xiaolin felt that the burden on his body was a lot of heavy. He worked even more and often worked overtime.

He knew that there would be children soon after getting married, and then economic pressure would increase a lot.

As Huang Xiaolin expected, Amei was pregnant shortly after her marriage.Amy hesitated to give birth to this child, and said that when she saved more money, she asked the child, but Huang Xiaolin said, "Since you are pregnant, you will be born. My parents are waiting for the grandson in my hometown! You don’t need to need to do it.Worried, if you feel tired from going to work during pregnancy, you will resign at home to raise your fetus. "

In this way, Amei resigned and concentrated on breeding at home.

Ame Ben is a lively person, boring at home, her husband often works overtime, and sometimes he is not with his side.

Huang Xiaolin made money in his heart. He gave all the money to Amei, and he spent it if he wanted to spend. He didn’t even ask.

Amei likes shopping. There are many stores in Shanghai, there are many shopping malls, and there are many shops. Various styles and dazzling are overwhelming.However, after a long time, she felt boring, and she wanted someone to accompany her.

One day, Amei received a message, a male client he met in his previous work, Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen said: Let’s have a meal together, I haven’t seen it for a long time.At the time, Amei was boring and answered: Okay.

After meeting, Xiao Chen was wearing a sophisticated suit and a faction of a successful person. He boasted that Amei became beautiful and became more charm.A bracelet was also given to Amei, saying that she had long loved her in her heart.

The two chatted well and drank wine.

After several times of dating, Amei compared Xiao Chen in her heart and felt that her husband was old -fashioned, and Xiao Chen in front of him was not only successful, but also very emotional.

Xiao Chen later took Amei to open the room, and Amei did not refuse.She regards the fact that she is married and pregnant.And Xiao Chen immersed in gentle town.

Since then, they often go to the hotel to open a house.It wasn’t until her stomach was particularly big and the action was not convenient.

Soon, Amei gave birth to a boy.Huang Xiaolin was very happy to pick up her mother from her hometown and take care of Amei confinement.

When the family of three was immersed in happiness and happiness, Huang Xiaolin became ill.He always felt weak, always had a fever, sometimes vomiting and diarrhea.At the beginning, he felt that he was lacking exercise, and his work was too tired.As a result, he began to strengthen exercise and reduce the time of overtime.

However, several months have passed, and he has not improved.

In 2018, he went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor asked him to do a blood test.When he got the report form, the whole person was stupid, and he actually got AIDS.

He felt strange, thinking that he was loyal to marriage, and never had a relationship with women other than his wife.How could this disease get this disease?

The doctor said: "This virus is mainly sexually transmitted, and there is the spread of maternal and baby. If you do not have an unpredictable behavior, it is your wife’s problem!"

Huang Xiaolin listened to this, and his head buzzed, feeling that five thunder hugged.

When he returned home, he blamed his wife, what was going on.

At the beginning, Amei refused to admit anything. Later, when Huang Xiaolin’s eyes were red, the entire face was twisted.She was scared and admitted to derailment during pregnancy.

She quibbles that she does not know that Xiao Chen is an AIDS patient, otherwise, she will not have a relationship with him!

Amei cried and rolled, begging Huang Xiaolin forgive her. In the future, she will never betray him again.

Huang Xiaolin roared: "If the child is okay, I will spare you. If the child also has HIV, I will not let you go!"

Huang Xiaolin took his wife and son to the hospital for testing.Amy is also an AIDS patient.

Unfortunately, the child also has HIV in his body.At that time, the child was less than 2 years old.

After getting the test report and returning home, Huang Xiaolin said nothing.His world became a horrible darkness.

He worked hard to make money and provides his wife with good living conditions, but his wife was carrying him with love outside, and he also passed AIDS to himself and his children!

At this time, Amei couldn’t see how bad the situation in front of her was, and still complained there.

"You know how boring you are, do you know how boring I am? I am not because I am bored, I am with other men! People accompany me to go shopping, chat with me, and tease me.Can manage yourself. "

These words of Amei were like a knife, poked at his heart fiercely.

The impulsive he ran to the kitchen and picked up a knife, facing a dozen knives towards his wife, and didn’t stop until he saw his wife.

For the first time, he surrendered to the public security organs.

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