The private life of the Hong Kong circle was chaotic, and the derailment of the marriage made Xiao San pregnant, afraid of affecting the future and killing children.


Recently, Big V Entertainment has dispatched one after another, scrambling to bring you all kinds of melons. No, there is a big melon when you wake up, but this melon is a bit different from the previous melon. That is this melon.From the port circle.

According to the description of the entertainment, it can be known that the male star is a film emperor. He has a pair of charming electric eyes. He has been derailed in his marriage and has made Xiao San’s belly big.

However, the original match seemed dissatisfied with this, so even when she discovered, the children in the small three belly were almost 5 months, but she still pulled Xiaosan’s children and killed it. In this case, she said that she shot quickly.

Subsequently, netizens began to speculate based on this passage, but the entertainment also said more specific identity details. The film emperor came from the Hong Kong circle, and the couple had no children.

The scope was narrowed, so netizens locked their eyes on Zhou Runfa and Liang Chaowei.

Because there are many other electric eye emperors, such as Andy Lau, Guo Fucheng, Zhang Xueyou, etc., they all have children, so they do not meet the requirements.

Only Zhou Runfa and Liang Chaowei, the two were film emperors, their eyes were charming, and then they had no children, in line with the news.

It is reported that Zhou Runfa has no children because his wife had a miscarriage after pregnancy, and he had been living in the pain of bereavement, and came out for six or seven years.

In this regard, Zhou Runfa has always been distressed by his wife, so in order to prevent his wife from experiencing this pain again, Zhou Runfa decided not to ask for a child anymore.

Over the years, Zhou Runfa has not attended the activities in the circle. Every time he was encountered, he was almost running, and his wife was rare to see the figure, but the relationship between the two for decades is really enviable.of.

And Liang Chaowei and Carina Lau have never had children, as if Liang Chaowei didn’t want children, because he felt that he had no ability to educate children, so he never wanted children.

In addition, Carina Lau was able to stand out from so many women and let Liang Chaowei marry her.

For a long time, Carina Lau has a strong impression that she is very decisive, giving people a feeling of big sister.

Moreover, some netizens broke the news that the film emperor’s wife was very sober. Knowing that the child’s child was born, there would be any consequences, and what impact will it bring to their husband and wife, so she chose to take Xiao San to fight the child.

And this is a bit similar to Carina Lau’s personality. Carina Lau can’t go today.

However, after all, melon is melon. Under the evidence of substantialness, it is an entertainment. It is a boring thing to pass the time.

As netizens said, Liang Chaowei was so scared that it was not like this.

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