The prospective mother who was pregnant for two months suddenly had the pain in her lower abdomen that the baby was too "naughty" to run outside the uterus

Metropolis News Recently, Ms. Wang, who was pregnant for two months, had a sudden pain in her abdomen, and was immediately sent to the hospital.I don’t want to be the baby too "naughty" and hurt the expectant mother.

Direct pain

It was actually the baby who was too naughty to run outside the uterus

At the end of May, Ms. Wang found that when menstruation was postponed, she went to the local hospital for treatment to confirm pregnancy.The doctor suggested a review after a week, but Ms. Wang did not take care of it and never went to further check.A few days ago, Ms. Wang, who was pregnant for two months, had severe abdominal pain, sweating her whole body, and was accompanied by obvious anal swelling. She was immediately sent to the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Yuhang District, Hangzhou.Combined with the B -ultrasound, the emergency doctor of the obstetrics and gynecology department confirmed the abnormal pregnancy, considering the breakdown of the block, and immediately opened the green channel to be admitted to the hospital for rescue.

Test blood pressure 79/49mmHg, consider more bleeding in the abdominal cavity, immediately give oxygen absorption, ECG monitoring, open two varicose veins, give infusion, quickly prepare pre -surgery, and observe the changes in the condition in real time.At 11:10 on the day, gynecologists, anesthesia doctors, and operating room nurses were quickly in place, and immediately sent Ms. Wang to the operating room for emergency section.

During the operation, the deputy chief physician of the gynecological Shi Wenyin found that there was a large amount of blood accumulation and blood clots in Ms. Wang’s abdominal cavity, and then searched in depth and found that the abdomen of the right tubal pot was a 5cm -sized purple -blue block, which was ruptured and bleeding.Immediately follow the right tubal resection and perform autologous blood backward at the same time.Ms. Wang’s cumulative bleeding reaches 2400ml, which is equivalent to two -thirds of the blood volume in the human body. Fortunately, the rescue is timely, and the current recovery is good.

Deputy Chief Physician Shi Wenyin reminds female friends: Extra pregnancy is a common abdomen of obstetrics and gynecology. When an acute seizure of abortion or rupture occurs, it can cause severe bleeding in the abdominal cavity.

Ectopic pregnancy -expectant mothers must be careful

Pregnancy is divided into intrauterine pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.Internal pregnancy means that the fertilized eggs are pregnant normally in the uterine cavity.Extrace The pregnancy is called ectopic pregnancy. It refers to fertilized eggs in the position outside the uterine cavity and is the most common in fallopian tube pregnancy.

Common symptoms are:

(1) Mentalities: Once menstruation occurs, you should go to the hospital immediately to check the clear cause.

(2) Irregular vaginal bleeding: dark red, small amount, generally does not exceed menstrual flow, a few patients are large, similar to menstruation.

(3) Abdominal pain: It is often a hidden pain or soreness on one side of the lower abdomen.

(4) Siurement and shock: caused by acute internal bleeding and severe abdominal pain in the abdominal cavity.

The causes of ectopic pregnancy include:

(1) Vampire inflammation; (2) history or surgical history or surgical history; (3) dysplasia or abnormal function of fallopian tube; (4) auxiliary reproductive technology; (5) contraceptive failure; (6) other factors.

Deputy Chief Physician Shi Wenyin suggested that prospective mothers: After pregnancy, we must do conventional production inspections.Once abnormalities occur, such as abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding, do not care about it, and check in a regular hospital in time to avoid delaying the best time to treat.

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