The reasons for itching of pregnant mothers are different, but they need to attach enough attention; maybe it is a disease, to be cured!

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The feeling of autumn is just here. A stuffy rain passed, and the weather became cold at first, especially in the morning and evening, the feeling of Shu Shu and refreshing seemed to have been away for a long time and returned.To be honest, washing the time was much more calm than in the past. I had to look at the mirror carefully, pulled a few white hair, and my distress was much older.In the past, I entered the washing room for a while. After washing my face, I had no time to apply the emulsion, and I was sweaty. I just hurried to the bedroom to get the basic care.

With Xiao Erbao to the small park, pink and tender children are always attractive attention, especially the expectant mothers who are pregnant during pregnancy.No, this morning, a expectant mother looked at Xiao Erbao, who was learning, and couldn’t help but stop her walk and talked to me.

Between me, I found that she couldn’t help scratching her belly. Although she was across a thin skirt, as an onlooker, I could feel her strength.Can’t help asking if she is itchy?She opened the box all at once:

"Now I have been pregnant for more than 37 weeks. Recently, the belly is itchy, plus a change of the sky, and the hot itching of the belly every day every day is really tortured. The stretch marks have already been covered with the entire belly.The red spots, like allergies, the chest and thighs also began to spread! I can’t sleep all night, and my belly will be caught! "

I am strange, it’s already like this, why don’t you go to a doctor?

She replied, "I heard that even if I went to the hospital, the doctor did not dare to use the medicine. I was worried that the baby was not good. In addition, the old man said that the itching of the belly in the third trimester was normal.It will naturally itch, it is best to hold back. It will naturally not itch after giving birth to a baby. "

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The most obvious symptom of pruritus during pregnancy is itching.In the late pregnancy, the belly will make the baby support scars like scars. Sometimes itchy is itchy. In severe cases, itchy is uncomfortable. Generally, it itchy between the ten fingers of both hands. Later, it itchy.Itching is mainly, scratching feels tingling, and found that the belly and back are red, which is congested and fades when pressing.In this case, pregnant moms must not scratch them hard, let alone use medicine in private.

The itching of belly during pregnancy is roughly divided into these situations (arranged from low to high according to the risk factor):

Pregnant mothers in the middle and late pregnancy are expanded because the baby is large, so stretch marks are president, and the places where stretch marks will itch.Many pregnant mothers couldn’t help but scratch it and grab it desperately.

In fact, the appetite of itching is just scratching it, the more you scratch it, the more you get your movement.This phenomenon is more common in the middle and late pregnancy.

The way of cracking:

1. Dietary adjustment:

Pregnant women with symptoms of itching do not eat hair products such as bamboo, mushrooms, clams, flower branches, eggplant and pig scalp. You can eat more cool foods such as mung beans, loofah, pear seeds, or drink mung bean water.Essence

Pregnant mothers can increase the elasticity of the skin through diet and prevent skin itching caused by stretch marks.Eating sweets and fried foods are too much. You can eat more foods containing collagen fibers, such as trotters and kernels, and eat more fruits and fruits.

2. Control in weight:

The increased weight during pregnancy will increase the abdomen too quickly, leading to excessive skin tissue tension, causing itching.During pregnancy, the weight increases within 2 kilograms per month, and the entire pregnancy should be controlled at 11 to 14 kilograms.

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More than 15%of pregnant mothers may encounter this skin disease.The whole body may itch, and it usually occurs at six or seven months of pregnancy.Except for itching on the skin, there are no changes, and rashes and blisters will not occur.The cause of disease is generally believed that it is related to the increase in estrogen during pregnancy and has no effect on the fetus.

The way of cracking:

1. Physical therapy:

Pregnant women with itchy belly can use salt water or cold tea water and bath salt to scrub, or cook them with gold and silver flowers to scrub, and then use some olive oil; these have the effects of convergence, itching, and heat clearing.If the symptoms cannot be improved, you can consult a professional physician to improve itching with medications.

2. Life control:

Reduce food irritation, such as eating less stimulating foods such as peppers, ginger, raw garlic.The intake of seafood should be appropriate, because seafood will aggravate the skin itching, especially pregnant mothers who are more sensitive in their skin.In addition, do not wear out -of -air chemical fiber underwear, and often change to washing.

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About 2%of pregnant mothers may suffer from the disease and usually occur between the 4th and 9th month of pregnancy.Small rashes appear on the skin, most often on the limbs, and look like worms bites.

Nurgery rash is caused by the mother’s body from the genes and chromosomal rejection reactions from the mother’s body. In addition to itching, the thighs and even the upper limbs may appear rash and itching, and some will also appear pigmentation.

Eczema is common in pregnant mothers who love sweating, metabolism, or obese pregnant mothers.

The way of cracking:

Experts suggest that pregnant women with itchy skin can choose emulsion, olive oil, massage cream, etc. suitable for physical fitness. You must choose mild and low -sensitive moisturizing products to ensure that there is no stimulus to themselves and babies.

Do not use water with high temperature or use alkaline soap when bathing, so as to aggravate itching.

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In herpes herpes, when 3-6 months of pregnancy, symptoms such as systemic discomfort, fever, and itchy skin start. After a few days, erythema, pimples, blisters, etc. will occur, which often gather in groups and arranges circularly.After breaking, it will leave pigmentation after it is broken.It is generally not a big deal to mothers, but it can cause death, infant congenital abnormalities, and newborn mortality rates up to 50%.

The way of cracking:

Local skin lesions can be applied to external medicines, such as compound glycerin washing agent, stove -glyphosite washing agent, etc.

Pregnant mothers should keep their skin and hands hygiene, so as to trim my nails twice a week to avoid causing infection from long nails to grab the skin.

Those with severe condition need to go to the hospital for treatment.

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Pregnant women vomit, bad appetite, fatigue, or yellow urine, even doctors may ignore, thinking that it is normal, it may be a manifestation of abnormal liver function.During pregnancy, due to the increase in metabolism, relatively poor nutrition, and endocrine changes, liver function abnormalities are prone to occur.

Medically, pregnancy during pregnancy is due to a large number of androgens produced by placenta during pregnancy, which causes itching in the third trimester.If you have acute fatty liver and pregnancy -induced hepatitis during pregnancy, maternal and baby mortality can reach 80%.

The way of cracking:

It is a bit difficult to judge during pregnancy during pregnancy, so we must pay attention to pre -marital and pre -pregnancy examinations.It is best to ask the hepatic specialist to conduct a comprehensive evaluation.

Pregnant mothers are best to receive drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor. If pregnancy has exceeded 32 weeks, it is best to be hospitalized to observe. The fetal career, determining the maturity of the fetus, and determining the placenta function are performed.

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The reasons for itching of pregnant mothers are different, and the consequences can be large or small. Although it may not be sick for all skin itching, some really need to be paid attention to, otherwise it may directly threaten the health of maternal and infants.The danger index is low, and the baby will be fine after giving birth, and will not hurt the fetus.The high -danger index should go to the hospital in time.Therefore, pregnant mothers should be vigilant about the symptoms of this pregnancy. Do not underestimate the itching of the belly.

I once again suggested that this pregnant mother went to the hospital for some related examinations and listened to a professional doctor for diagnosis, so that I could completely rest assured?When I was pregnant, I had almost no type of itching. Occasionally itchy belly, and I just patted it gently.So I ca n’t appreciate this itchy all night, all night, all night, and all the night.But the experience of others may not be suitable for themselves, not to mention that in the special period of mother and child, we must not wrong themselves and their baby!

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