The road to the elderly and the elderly mother, pay attention to these points to easily give birth to a healthy and smart baby

The so -called primary maternal is a prospective mothers who have become pregnant for the first time when they reach their age or more than 35 years old.The elderly pregnancy will make the pregnancy process less smoothly because of the decline of all aspects of the body. Therefore, the elderly expectant mothers must pay more attention to recuperation during pregnancy.In addition, although there have been had children before, the pregnancy is more than or equal to 35 years old.

More prone to pregnancy complications

Compared with young expectant mothers, elderly expectant mothers suffer from pregnancy -related hypertension heart disease or internal complications of nephropathy and diabetes.

More prone to dystocia

Due to the age of the elderly mother, the joints of the yin and pelvis will slowly harden and the pelvis.It can’t even be opened, making the childbirth time longer, which is easy to cause major bleeding and difficulty.

Postpartum recovery slowly

Because the recovery of various functions of the human body will slow down with age, the time of postpartum recovery after giving birth is longer than young expectant mothers, especially the body and skin.

Pay attention to the manager belt before pregnancy

If you want to conceive in age, you must pay attention to the manager belt before pregnancy.The menstruation refers to the adjustment of menstruation, so that the period of the menstrual period is suitable, and the time is regular. The amount of menstruation is normal (the amount is too small may be that the endometrium is too thin, which makes the fertilized eggs difficult to get the bed in bed).The band refers to adjusting the vaginal secretion. Excessive secretions indicate that the body’s humidity is large, which will lead to infertility; too little will make the vaginal dryness, difficulty in houses, and naturally not easily conceive; there are many leucorrhea, abnormal colors and tastes.Psychological examination should be performed in time.

Do a good job in early pregnancy checks to prevent abortion

The older the age, the greater the risk of natural abortion.Because the probability of an abnormal egg is increasing, the chromosomes of fertilized eggs are also likely to have abnormalities, which affects the development of the fetus.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, this period is the most important and critical period of fetal growth and development. Examination during this period is also the most important part of the entire pregnancy.Therefore, adolescent pregnant mothers must do a good job in early pregnancy checks, identify factors affecting miscarriage early, and actively handle the occurrence of abortion.

Pay special attention to health care during pregnancy

Elderly expectant mothers should pay special attention to health care during pregnancy.In terms of diet, it is advisable to be high -protein, low -fat, and mild food, and stay away from irritating foods such as tobacco, alcohol, coffee; in terms of exercise, proper physical exercise should be performed, jogging, walking, and doing pregnant women exercises under the guidance of a doctor.They are all good ways of exercise; in terms of work, we must slow down the pace of work, reduce the workload, and pay special attention to rest to ensure sufficient sleep.

Make an optimistic and open -minded mentality

Elderly expectant mothers are more prone to irritability, worry and anxiety during pregnancy, these are not conducive to nurturing health.Elderly expectant mothers also have advantages, such as stable career, can allow children to get better education; their rich experience and insight can help children establish an optimistic attitude and correct worldview. These are all young expectant mothers.

Therefore, no matter whether it is an elderly first or old or old, you do n’t have to worry too much. Pay attention to adjusting your body to the best state and conscientiously check. Elderly maternal women can also have a healthy and good baby.

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