The same room during pregnancy can be avoided, but these actions should be avoided as much as possible so as not to endanger the health of the baby.

When it comes to the same room during pregnancy, I believe that many pregnant dad pregnant mothers have a deep understanding. After all, after ten months of pregnancy, the pregnant dad will naturally pay more attention to this, but for the early stages of pregnancy, it is generally recommended to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try to try as much as possible in the first three months.Avoid sexual life, because for pregnant mothers who are just pregnant, the connection between embryos and uterine walls is not very stable at this time.Resolutely eliminating sexual life. Generally, when it is 4 months of pregnancy -6 months, healthy pregnant mothers can be moderately lived in sexual life.Xiaoxiao has been paying great attention to this aspect since she was pregnant. After finally in the middle of pregnancy, Xiaoxiao’s husband put forward the idea of wanting to have the same room, but Xiaoxiao has always refused. Because of this matter, Xiaoxiao and her husband made trouble with her husband.Many unpleasant times, because Xiaoxiao believes that if sexual life during pregnancy may endanger the normal development of the baby baby, and Xiaoxiao is also worried about causing unnecessary trouble, so every time he is unhappy with her husband because of this matter.In fact, he said that healthy pregnant mothers can live sex during pregnancy, but the premise must be paid attention to, these two points need to be avoided.

1. Avoid stimulating the breasts of the pregnant mother

If it is in the same room during pregnancy, the pregnant father must pay attention to try not to stimulate the breast of the pregnant mother, because if the chest is stimulated, it will cause the pregnant mother’s contraction. At the same timeNote that if pregnant mothers feel uncomfortable, they must stop as soon as possible to avoid hurting the health of the baby.

2. Avoid poor time

Generally speaking, three months before pregnancy and three months in the third trimester, these two stages must be paid attention to during the pregnant mother and pregnant dads. During this period, do not have sexual life, because these two stages have a greater harm to fetal baby.It is easy to cause miscarriage, uterine rupture, premature fetal membrane breaks, etc., so pregnant dads and pregnant mothers must pay attention to not cause unnecessary trouble because of a moment.

Pregnant mothers who have these situations do not recommend the same room

The above two points are just aspects of healthy mothers who are healthy, and these types of pregnant mothers below are not working in the case of stable physical conditions.Pregnant mothers; there are a small amount of irregular bleeding in the vagina or pregnant mothers who have foreign bodies in the vagina; check the pregnant mothers with multiple or twins; pregnant mothers with gynecological problems before pregnancy.

In fact, in general, the degree of sexual desire during pregnancy will decline. On the one hand, it is not only because the pregnant mother is worried about the health of the fetus, but also because of the changes in the physical hormone of the pregnant mother. Therefore, not everyone will have during pregnancy.Sexual needs, if pregnant mothers do have no sexual needs, they must learn to refuse, but for those who need needs, they must also pay attention to details in sexual life and arrange reasonably.

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