The school flower of Beijing United University was pregnant and talked about 30 million "promises"?I hope dreams will come true

The news that these two days of the two days was a school flower of Beijing United University. After returning from studying in Australia, Australia was the secretary of the regional director in a large real estate company. As a result, her husband was also pregnant with the director of the director.

The most speechless thing is that when she talked to her husband about her children, she was very calm, claiming that the regional director who was 25 years older would give her 30 million.

Is the girl really too simple or silly? Some people say that she did not expect that her husband would record the recording of speaking with her, and easily "being routine". It was really "too simple".

It is also said that the only two packages I bought for her in the regional director are still reimbursed by the company. With such a "front subject", it will give her 30 million yuan?It’s really stupid.

A large real estate company that can often appear in the Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei area, holding personnel rights in his hand, and a monthly project activities of 200,000 yuan. Although he is older, it is indeed attractive to some girls.Therefore, it is good to say that girls are stupid or simple, at least the saying of "worshiping gold" cannot be removed.

Think about it: How many years can you work in front of 30 million?After a few years of hard work in the society, girls who are ordinary, admire vanity, and want to be taken away by shortcuts will understand what 30 million means and what they will bring.

Tutoring daughters like this, parents have certain responsibilities.Family is an important factor for a person’s growth and development. Family education is also one of the decisive factors that develop a person’s personality, personality quality, and cultural high.

The girl who was pregnant has exposed the cost and transcript of Australia’s research.", Probably not to study hard.

Too many parents advocate girls to "enrich", so that girls can know "world" as much as possible, and meet the children’s requirements as much as possible; advocate equal human rights, so as not to be bullied in the future;

It is advocated that girls must go in and send them to study in Australia. I hope to find a good job and be able to "marry a good family" without teaching girls to be self -esteem. Do not make "exquisite vases" to meet material needs.

Often because of too much emphasis on "raising", some girls become "material and reality", and regard "economic foundation to determine the upper -level building" as a sanctuary. It seems that the more boys spend more, the "deep affection".

Money measurement of feelings is simply a solution -free century problem.Therefore, you can only quickly say to your daughter: Be sure to have conscience and rationality.I wish the "school flower" that has been pregnant can really get 30 million.

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