The second child mother is 38 weeks pregnant and wants to have a baby in a caesarean section. Pay attention to these matters during this pregnancy.

Netizen Tan Tan is a second -child pregnant mother, and the first child is a daughter. Now she is more than 3 years old.The daughter is very sensible. She knows that her mother is pretending to be her brother or sister in her stomach. She never bother her mother. Sometimes she also gives her mother a glass of water or handing a bowl of rice or something. All mothers also like her very much.

Maybe Tan Tan looked at her daughter so well -known, so she hoped to see the two treasures in her belly earlier.So netizen Tan Tan left a message in WeChat and said that he was 38 weeks pregnant. Can he have a caesarean section?What do pregnant mothers pay attention to?Let’s talk about this problem together.

My cousin’s first child was because the pelvis was narrow and smoothly, and the doctor arranged for her to cut her in about 38 weeks during the second trimester of pregnancy. LaterThe doctor had a good communication. She had a cesarean section at 38 weeks and 3 days.The surgery is smooth, and the baby is also very healthy, more than 6 pounds.

38 weeks of pregnancy can be caesarean.However, netizen Tan Tan did not explain his problems and specific conditions in detail.If it is because the pregnant mother’s physical factors or fetal factors, doctors do not recommend continuing pregnancy, then it is no problem to have a caesarean section at 38 weeks of pregnancy.Even so, the best caesarean section time is not 38 weeks or 40 weeks, but the best cesarean section at 39 weeks.

But if it is just that the expectant mother wants to cut the child earlier, then persuade the mother to not be so anxious.Because the childbirth is about Guusuke, it is not recommended to cut out the fetus in advance, and the general doctor will not agree.Because the fetus stays in the mother’s belly for a day, development will be more complete.

38 weeks of pregnancy have been close to the due date. At this stage, expectant mothers should always pay attention to their physical condition, and there may be authentic contractions and signs of production at any time. At this stageAt the same time, pay attention to non -slip in and out of the bathroom to avoid falling.

It ’s 38 weeks of pregnancy. At this stage, pregnant mothers must have a plan to discuss which hospital to give birth to the prospective father, who takes care of the confinement, etc., and make an appointment in advance.It is not good to avoid children in case of birth in advance.

And people are like this, and many things are prone to errors in busy chaos.Finally, I wish everyone a smooth production, and the mother and baby are safe!

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