The secretions on the pregnant mothers are related to the health of the fetus, do you understand?

One of the most common things for pregnant mothers is to think about the development of the fetus, but with a thick layer of belly, they often do not judge.

For most pregnant mothers, if you want to know whether the fetus is healthy or not, you can only obtain information about fetal development from the doctor’s mouth and various examination reports.

In fact, this is not the only way. Pregnant mothers also hide information about fetal development.

The pregnant mother Xinxin had just been pregnant, and she was still in the early pregnancy.Affected by the last bad pregnancy, Xinxin was like a tight strings after pregnancy.She is closely concerned about the changes in her body, and from time to time, she always wants to check the underwear and confirm the secretions on the underwear.

The reason why Xinxin becomes so glass is related to the last bad pregnancy.When I was pregnant, Xinxin just received a very important project. The daily schedule was full and had no time to take care of the fetus.When Xinxin found brown discharge on his underwear, he did not pay attention.

It wasn’t until the brown secretion continued to appear for nearly half a month before Xinxin became nervous.As soon as she went to the hospital for examination, she felt that the whole day was almost collapsed. The results of the examination made Xinxin unacceptable and blamed herself. It turned out that the fetus had already "gone", but her careless expectant mother had never noticed it.

After understanding the situation of Xinxin, the doctor couldn’t help blame her carelessness.It turned out that Xinxin also missed the time for the inspection due to the busy work.If she can come to the hospital for examination in time when she can find brown discharge, or take a regular production check on time, maybe the fetal life can be kept.

The last experience of pregnancy gave Xin Xin a lesson. This time, when he found that he was pregnant again, Xinxin quickly explained the situation with the leader, pushed out some heavy work on hand and raised his tires.

This time, Xin Xin could be said to be concerned about his "small inner inner", and even after taking a bath, he would pick up and smell it in front of his nose.

When her husband saw Xinxin’s every move, he didn’t understand. He thought that Xin Xin was "bitten by a snake, and he was afraid of the well rope for ten years."

Although her husband did not understand, Xinxin still insisted on this "little quirk", because she knew that in addition to the birth check, the secretions on pregnant women’s underwear could also indicate the development of the fetus.Sometimes the abnormal secretion can be regarded as a "help signal" sent by the fetus.

After all, the number of postpartum examinations is limited, and pregnant mothers cannot run to the hospital again and again because they want to know the development of the fetus, asking the doctor to do a B -ultrasound, and pregnant women cannot often do B -ultrasound.

Therefore, considering various factors in comprehensive factors, in addition to the birth check, if the pregnant mothers want to "predict" whether the fetus is healthy, they can also judge the fetal development according to the secretions on their underwear. If there is abnormalities, the pregnant mother needs to be doctor in time.

The state of several common secretions on the underwear, and the hidden "secrets" behind them. Pregnant mothers can compare them by themselves.

Milky white secretions, large quantity

Affected by hormones during pregnancy, pregnant mothers will find that their secretions are much more than before pregnancy.If the color of the secretion is milky white, without any odor, the simple quantity increases, you don’t need to worry.

Because normal and healthy secretions are milky white, and a large amount varies from person to person.However, if the secretion of pregnant mothers increases and it is accompanied by itching, this situation should be paid more attention.

Itching feel is likely to be due to inflammation. Whether it is vaginitis or cervicitis, pregnant mothers must treat them in time, because the inflammation of the private parts may be infected with the uterine cavity, affecting the normal development of the fetus, and even affecting the fetus’s fetal’

After pregnant women have this situation, do not buy some medicine to wash themselves in order to save trouble.There are a lot of medicine during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are best to follow the doctor’s advice.

Displas with blood wire

In the early pregnancy, when the fertilized eggs are planted into the endometrium, a small amount of bleeding may be caused.If the pregnant mothers find that the secretions on their "small inner" have blood wire, don’t be too nervous, it is recommended that you can observe one or two days first. If the blood wire disappears and the state of the secretion is returned to normal, then the abnormal this time is abnormal.The secretion is likely to be caused by fertilized eggs in bed bleeding.

If the secretions with blood wire have continued to appear for a long time, and the amount of blood wire gradually becomes more. Pregnant mothers can go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound examination to let the doctor confirm the development of the fetus.

Sometimes the pregnant mothers have bloodshot secretions because they are aborted and the fetus is unstable. At this time, everyone should not care about it. They need to take a doctor in time and take corresponding fetal preservation measures in a timely manner.

The secretion is like tofu residue and has a pungent smell

Some pregnant mothers are "green lights" before pregnancy, and there are no problems.After pregnancy, even if the secretion has become a tofu or cheese state, they still feel that they are not hindered and believe that they have no problem.

In fact, no problem before pregnancy does not mean that there will be no problems after pregnancy, because after pregnancy, the secretion of pregnant mothers increases, the resistance weakens, and it is easy to suffer from such or that gynecological diseases.

The secretion is presented in the state of tofu, and there is a pungent smell. The pregnant mother is likely to be infected with Candida.Candida is the main pathogenic bacteria of mold vaginitis. If the pregnant mother finds that her secretion has changed, they must go to the doctor in time.

Mold vaginitis is not difficult to cure. There are also specialized medication during pregnancy. It is safe and convenient. Pregnant mothers do not have to be too anxious.

However, we must be vigilant that moldy vaginitis may be repeated. Pregnant mothers should pay more attention to hygiene during pregnancy, and to exercise appropriate exercise to enhance their resistance.

In addition to the above -mentioned common secretions, some secretions may be brown, dark green and other colors, and some are accompanied by irritating odor.If you want to know if your secretions are normal, the simple approach of pregnant mothers is to compare with normal.

The color of the normal secretion is milky white, the viscosity is different, there is no odor, and the amount is large.Pregnant mothers pay more attention to the secretion status of "small inner", that is, more concerned about the fetus and their own health. This is not a "quirk", but a very smart approach.

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