The shorter the life line, the shorter the life span?"Mi -character pattern" appears on the hand, either a serious illness or cancer?Science is still superstition, a text clear

Life lines, wisdom lines, emotional lines, as faces, I believe many people have "studied" their own palms.

What "one fight, two fights, two fighting rich, three buckets, four buckets open pawnshop", "thin and long fingers, there is no shortage of grain in the home", "palm in the palm of Chuanchuan, wealthy and wealthy without leaving" …

Search a little in the browser, you can not only see this style:

You can still see this kind of complicated at a glance, and it is dazzling:

In some people’s opinion, our palm lines actually reflect the health of the body. As long as you look at the palm of your hand, it is clear at a glance at a glance.

So, is there a scientific basis for this statement?

How is the palm pattern formed?

The palm line is a type of leather pattern. It is arranged from the raised leather and depressed leather gaps. It has a high degree of individual specificity and lifetime.

In the early stages of embryonic development, the palm lines have gradually formed, and the 10th week of pregnancy has evolved from an embryo’s original structure called palm pad.

At 19 weeks of pregnancy, the palm pattern began to be visible on the surface of the skin, and it remained fixed since then, and basically no change.

Everyone’s palm lines are unique, and the hereditary, development and environmental factors jointly create individual palm lines with individual specificity.

On the palm of the hand, there are deep or shallow patterns everywhere. The three fold lines in the center are the most obvious. With the grip of the palm, it becomes shallow or deeper.

These fold lines bring a certain telescopic space to the skin of the palm, which also explains why the three most obvious main lines will appear in the position where the palm of the palm is bent at the palm.

Observation of hand diagnosis, there is a long history of ancient times.

The palm line diagnosis belongs to the content of the Chinese medicine diagnosis. By observing changes in the specific parts of the hand of the hand, the physical health status and the relevant information of the disease are understood.

"Lingshu · Meridian Tenth" is cloudy: the veins are diagnosed, the pulse color is green, it is cold, and pain; the red is hot.The stomach is cold, and the hand fish of the hand is more green; the stomach is hot, and the fish is red.

In modern medicine, the palm line diagnosis belongs to the category of "leather science". It is considered a window with congenital abnormalities. It is an abnormal sensitive indicator in the palace or one of the best diagnostic tools for genetic diseases.

For example, for the Tang’s syndrome and fetal alcohol syndrome patients, most of them will have two horizontal palms into one situation, which is the so -called "broken palm".

The shorter the life line of the hand, the

The shorter the life?

As early as 1952, scientists conducted investigations and research on the "relationship between the length of the palm of the palm and life and life."

Research involving 1104 people who moved from various countries to Australia, most of them have experienced complexity, and almost half of their lifestyles and short lifesteps.

The results showed that a person with a short lifeline (less than 2.5cm), life span is not short.Among them, 257 were 65-75 years old, 182 were 75-85 years old, and 87 were over 85 years old.

The life expectancy of a very short life line is not much different from the life span of a person with a long life line.

The Institute of Old Medical Research, Changsha City, Hunan Province, has also conducted relevant surveys, including 344 longevity elderly people (90-109 years old).

It was found that there were no significant differences between the longevity group between the 90-109 years and the control group between the 60-69-year-old in the longevity group between the 90-109 years?Moreover, 31.2%of the life lines of longevity elderly people are short, shallow, and disordered.

It can be seen that the lifelong length may not be a sign of longevity.

The palm lines are more determined by the heredity, and although the life span is affected by genetic factors, the lifestyle of the day after tomorrow is actually more effective. This is not reflected in the palm line.

Compared to the length of the lifeline, there are people with the following three common features, and they are the real "longevity":

1. Fast walking

As the saying goes, "people’s old legs are old first", the posture of walking may be related to habit or previous training, but the speed of walking is mainly related to human functions such as muscle strength, balance ability and psychological conditions.

Therefore, "stepflow" is an important indicator of aging.If the pace of the elderly is less than 0.6m/s, it can be said that "walking slowly."

2. The heartbeat is relatively slow

A study on "the relationship between the elderly and the relationship between the heart rate and life of the elderly" found that heart rate is a strong forecast indicator of longevity.

Generally speaking, adults’ heartbeat range is 60-100 times per minute.However, more and more studies have shown that heartbeat is the most healthy in 50-80 times per minute.

Compared with people who have a heartbeat 50-80/min, people who have more than 80 times per minute are more likely to have cardiovascular disease.

3. Forty and stable

A 20-year forward-looking queue study by the China Centers for Disease Prevention and Control shows that the elderly in the age of 80 and above in my country may be healthier or longevity (BMI 24.0-31.9).

For the elderly without basic diseases, mild obesity may not be a bad thing.

"Michae pattern" appears on the hand,

Isn’t it a serious illness or cancer?

In the theory of palm pattern diagnosis circulated by folk, a series of so -called "pathological patterns" such as rice -character patterns, cross patterns, well -shaped patterns, and island patterns have also been summarized.

And it is believed that when they appear on the "reflection zone" corresponding to a specific organs in the palm, it means that the corresponding organs have caused some "diseases".

In fact, there is no clear basis for this statement, and the 1952 research mentioned above can also be evidenced.

There is a series of continuous island -shaped patterns on the life line. It looks like a chain, and it is a sign of bad health in hand.However, most people with island -shaped patterns in the study are healthy, and they have not encountered much pain in their lives.

So, why does human palm suddenly changes texture such as "rice pattern"?

In fact, although our palm lines are basically fixed, the subtle skin texture does have some changes.

However, this change has no direct connection with the visceral disease of the body. Instead, the surface of the skin is aging or local moisture and oil changes.

There are many factors that affect the texture and texture of the skin, including internal and external factors.

For example, internal genetic -related sensitivity, wrinkles or dry skin, as well as endocrine changes, skin diseases, as well as smoking, drugs, diet, etc.; External climate change, long -term sun exposure, environmental pollution, excessive washing, skin care, skin careProducts should be used.

Therefore, according to some subtle changes in the skin texture, it is determined that there is a problem with the body or system of the body, which is simple and inaccurate.

In general, the palm lines are indeed related to some genetic developmental diseases, but even if the palm lines can really reflect some physical changes, it is not as reliable as regular physical examination.(family doctor)

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