The single baby learned that my mother was pregnant and pregnant, saying that I would be good by myself, so I was so sensible that it was sour

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Nowadays, there are too many couples to divorce, and this broken relationship is not only endured by two adults, and children are also very injured.

In the past, people said that their father and mother love were great, but they did not know how much their children loved their parents. They thought deeper than adults.

The divorce of husband and wife is the end of marriage, but for children, the two sides are still the former parents, and who lives with it is a very helpless choice.

Most children who grow up in single -parent families will be more sensible, and they are also sensible.

Recently, a 5 -year -old single -parent Hanghang made many netizens feel distressed, which originated from a dialogue between the baby and mother video.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Hanghang greeted his mother in a tender voice, and then he told his mother to be particularly warm, so that everyone would not expect it.

Hanghang asked her mother if she was married?There are little babies in your belly, so you don’t have to run to take care of me.

The boy sat there well, so that the mother would rest assured that he would listen to his father, and he would be good.But in the words, I still hope that when my mother is free, my mother can come to see herself.

Later, he told his mother to go slowly to avoid uncomfortable stomachs. It can be seen that the baby was very distressed by his mother.

Many single -parent parents said that this baby is still very happy, and many of the adults of many divorced families do not get along well.

Everyone saw that Hanghang was so sensible. At first, I felt that he was too pitiful. When he was so young, he had to face the fact that he was separated from his parents.After understanding the details, I felt that he was a happier child in the divorced family.

Hang Hang’s father said that even if the couple divorced, the child’s mother has always been good to him, and has not decreased to the child.

The reason why the boy talked to his mother this time was because Dad told Hang Hang that his mother was pregnant and not to pull her mother to run. I did not expect the boy to say so much.

Nowadays, the reasons for divorce between husband and wife are very complicated, so that they will no longer contact after divorce, or they will not have the child, or one party will not let the other side visit the other party. The relationship between adults is stiff.

Although Hang Hang’s parents were divorced, their approach also awakened the divorced families today.

Although the 5 -year -old boy lives in a single -parent family, from the perspective of the education and growth environment he obtained, his parents are still very responsible and did not cause Hanghang to suffer secondary injuries.

★ Can’t be a good husband and wife, but parents need to be a good parent

After the husband and wife divorce, they still have to be responsible for their children. Hanghang’s mother is doing well at this point. She will often look at the children and take children to play.

Therefore, Hanghang wanted to mother and depend on her mother, but also hoped that the mother had a good life from the heart, which shows that Hanghang still has a sense of security.

★ The relationship after the divorce of the husband and wife has a great impact on the child

Compared with a couple who cut off and even resentment after divorce, Hanghang’s parents’ relationship is obviously good.

Hang Hang’s father would tell the child’s mother’s inconvenience. He did not have a negative evaluation of the remarriage and pregnancy of his ex -wife, so Hanghang would tell his mother so much warmth to his mother.

★ Let your child feel another "complete", don’t deprive the child’s rights

In people’s hearts, only one family of several families is a complete family, but things between adults are complicated. In many cases, they can not endure it.

If the husband and wife are really divorced, for the child, he can see both his father and mother, which is also a complete.

Unless the person who does not have the right to guard the right is extremely harmful to the child, it is just because the adults are separated, and the right to deprive the children and the other party is cruel and unfair to the child.

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