The sister -in -law suddenly became pregnant. That night, she quietly entered my room and cried begging me to promise her something!

[Emotional Documentary] Xunzi is a hard -working woman. She is more advanced than me. Later, she did not have a child in a few years. She was beaten every day by the elder brother.

The sister -in -law is very thin, the child is not tall, the skin is very dark, the sister -in -law likes to laugh, and she can see her yellow teeth when she laughs. She likes to play with her children. Sometimes she plays with mud., Hit her with a broom, "You are a crazy woman, don’t go to work."

The elder brother is an out -of -the -box idleman. The father -in -law and mother -in -law are just making the elder brother as a god. Every day, in addition to playing cards, he stays at home to watch TV. Every year, I want my husband to get money for the elder brother.Source, saying that brothers need to help each other. Once, I didn’t convince my mouth, complaining, "Why don’t the elder brother go to work? Every year we want me to give him money, is it easy for us to make money."A slap, "I am the master of this family, what are you, dare to talk to me, and beating you to teach you a lesson, don’t be big and not small." I am angry, but my husband pulls meWalk.

Brother is a hearty man. He didn’t say about flowers outside. At home, he peeked at me to take a bath. He looked at my eyes. I said to my

Mother -in -law and elder brother always like to bully search, because the sister -in -law is weak and dare not resist.I am different. After marrying into the door, my mother -in -law also pointed at me behind me, saying that I am not like a daughter -in -law, and I do n’t care about her. My mother -in -law said that my husband did n’t use it.Okay, it’s really a waste. "

The sister -in -law contributed the most to the family. Even a decent clothes in the New Year can’t take it out. Remember once. On the first day of the New Year, the mother -in -law and the elder brother did not let the sister -in -law go out.Don’t go, if you dare to go out, I will interrupt your legs ", but also a woman, but I can’t help her.

Later, the elder brother died in a car accident. The sister -in -law did not remarry. Many people said that she was stupid, but she said, "I want to stay to serve the grandfather’s mother -in -law." The mother -in -law was sick.Dead, now I want to hurt me ", the medicine is all sprinkled on the ground, and Dasao’s hand was scalded with several bubbles because of the medicine!

Come to the guests at home, the sister -in -law live alone in the kitchen. I said to help. My mother -in -law stopped me, "Daughter -in -law, can our family hold your grandson and rely on you."When eating, my mother -in -law yelled at the big sister -in -law, "What do you do when you come out, I can’t eat it when I see you." Dasao was holding a bowl of rice, and he went to the kitchen without even the vegetables.

That day, the sister -in -law returned from the hospital and held the pregnancy diagnostic letter. My mother -in -law was very happy. "I said that your sister -in -law can do it and conceive the child."For a few years, how could Dada get pregnant? The child is not a big brother. "

My mother -in -law glared at me, "I am pregnant, it must be the child of our family." A normal person knows that this child is not our family, but the mother -in -law believes that that night, the sister -in -law entered my room and cried.He said, "Xiao Lan, how do you usually treat you? This child is indeed not our family. For this family, you can not help me. Mom just wants to hug her grandson."" ".

What should I do? Should I help sister -in -law? She is so pitiful, but the child in the belly has no blood relationship with her mother -in -law’s house.

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