The species of the female respect Tian Yangfu Lang, the two beautiful men’s husband

A burst of pain woke up, and it was a soil house.

She was lying on a soil, covered with a quilt with a black patch, and a few pieces and supplemented. After washing and sewing.

A few holes were broken on the roof to illuminate a few rays of sunlight.There is a lamp on the stubborn table next to the bed.

"His, where is this? Dreaming or the prefecture?" Li Huanhuan pinched his thigh with his hands.

"His! It hurts! Not a dream, where are I?" There was a noisy noise from outside the door.

"A cheap man, lost money, and killed my poor sister, and now the only daughter who died my life -oriented sister, see that I do n’t sell your old little cheap man, and give it to me.Nie niece revenge. "

Then there was a row of begging to kneel.

"Sister, we don’t have the wife of his wife. The wife of the wife is bitten by the wolf, and the injury is too serious. Ask the elder sister to let our family. Let us bury Huanhuan!" The second father kneeled down and begged.

"Yeah, the wife and the Lord died, and you rushed us. Do you still have conscience?" Liu Rufeng was very angry and hated that he had two sons. After leaving a wife, he would not remember every day.Your own yard.

"Auntie, don’t sell dads, sell me if you want to sell! Please let your father and two brother -in -law."

"Ask the auntie to let the three dads go." Li Laosan also kneeling down and begging for mercy.

"Huh, eh, the second child Li, the old man you can’t marry, the family who can’t marry, the family loses money. All of them are sold, and you can buy coffins for Huanhuan."Auntie’s husband’s cursing scolded.

Cursing, crying begging for mercy, Li Huanhuan got up, dizzy holding the wall out.

"Don’t be noisy!" Everyone shouted, and everyone in the shock lived.All of them were motionless like acupuncture, and they saw the familiar faces outside.A memory that does not belong to her.

She, Li Huanhuan was reborn.The only girl in the family.

The mother died, leaving three dads and three brothers, one brother.

After her death, Li Huanhuan fell from the original happy life to the trough, and it was stunned and all day long.

The three dads married her eldest son’s Cai Li to her two husbands. Doctor Lang had two sons, and Erfu Lang had never been born.

In this man with more men and women, he forced him to want a daughter.Nai He Erlang has never been pregnant, making her feel uncomfortable.Erfu Lang is not fighting or scolding.This time, she also threatened to sell Eryfang in the scolding, and then married one who would be born. Erfu Lang resisted drunk, and her legs and feet fluttered her head down to the corner of the table to bleed and died.

"Ah! Dedicated corpse."

"Wife, you wake up."

A thin and long hair, a handsome and handsome costume man, running and hugging her.

"I’m sorry for the wife’s fault. He shouldn’t push you, and ask his wife to sell him." He knelt down.

Fury, I thought her Li Huanhuan died in the hands of men, which was really sad.

"Get up."

"Oh, my wife is waiting for me." The man hurried away.

"Huanhuan, my daughter, I said that you will not leave your father. Just wake up, and you will enter the house soon when you wake up." Dad lovingly pulled Li Huanhuan’s hand.

"Wife, give me, you hit me out of breath, just ask the wife to sell his brother, forgive him this time." He said that he kneeling down and handing a stick with both hands and looking at her with eyes.

Women respect the country, so they are respected by women, and there are more men and women, and they prevail in one wife.In addition to the female lead, the man’s status in the man is humble.It is common for men to sell men, and the government generally does not care.

"Get up, I won’t sell him."

"Ah?" Liu Rufeng was surprised.

"That brother is still tied to the Chai Fang, can I give some food to my brother?"

Hey, they are all hard -working people."Okay, let him go."

"Huanhuan, are you okay? Auntie came to see you, you should take a good rest, I, I go back first, come to see you after changing the day."

"Hum, what to look at, don’t want to drive us away, remember this yard, the family is selfish."

The second father stepped forward.

"What does Huanhuan want to eat? The second father buys you to buy chicken stew soup. Dad has some jewelry, hey, you wait." The door rang, and the man ran out.

"Huanhuan, you almost asked for your third father’s life." He wiped tears while saying.

I just want to go with you after burning you, and you will be lonely. Since your mother’s death, the family loses the backbone.It is not as good as one day.You have to have any other way, and we are not as long as you look at you."He looked thinner under the wide clothes.

Seeing the family boo the cold.Li Huanhuan felt unprecedented father’s love.

Hey, it is peaceful, since God gave him a chance to rebirth.Then accept reality, live well, and live for the mother of the past.

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