The strange man wants to come to the door for dinner.Netizens quarrel

If you wander around at home,

Suddenly being chatted by strangers,

Ask to go to your house for a meal,

What would you react?

This happened recently

Lane of Shikumen, Shanghai

An Internet blogger holds a video device

I plan to go to the uncle’s uncle’s house to "eat meals"

(Note: This blogger is an Internet celebrity blogger of a short video platform. Usually go to all parts of the country, randomly ask someone to go to someone else’s house for meals, and then he will make a video to record the meal and chat process.)

Many aunts who were randomly asked

Du Gan rejected his request

"Let’s eat dinner, I’m sorry"


"The house is small"

"I do this for others"

"I’m alone,

It is not convenient to be alone."

"I haven’t eaten it myself"

According to the video shot by this blogger

He met in the hall

Most of them are older people

And many are alone

A aunt said:

"I am alone at home, I don’t cook."

Auntie also said, "Dinner is generally not eaten

Just eat an apple and eat corn. "

Interestingly, this Beijing brother

I also happened to meet one

Aunt who came to live in Shanghai in Beijing.

But when asking if you can go home for dinner,

The aunt also said that it was difficult: "Ah but …"

In short, in this issue of the video

The blogger did not go to the Shanghai people.

He summarized the reason for being rejected:

"Two -meter -big size in the field of foreign accents,

Say you want to go to your house to eat ","

It’s really scary.

After the video is hot online,

Many netizens on the barrage think,

"Shanghai people are too stingy" or "too indifferent".


Some netizens immediately refuted:

It’s not indifferent,

It is "the heart of preventing people is indispensable."

Even netizens in other cities said:

A strange brother

Go home for dinner with you

The first reaction is definitely rejected

Some netizens pointed out,

Shanghai is a "borders" city,

This is the habit of many Shanghai people

Don’t interfere with others,

I don’t want to be disturbed by others.

Many Shanghai netizens agree with this statement

Everyone feels

"Border sense" is not the indifference of Shanghai people,

It’s a kind of calm after enthusiasm.


Follow -up in the blogger’s "Baijia Rice"

In the second phase of the video,

There is still a Shanghai local Zou Grandma

A promised to go to the house to eat at home

Zou Zou is alone at home.She said that she had eaten at home, but she still made dried vegetable cakes and Shanghai Xiaoyu for bloggers.

During the chat, Grandma Zou said that she thought that the Shanghai people were very particular about humanity.

This is also very easy to explain

Why many Shanghai people

Unwilling to go to other people’s house,

The reason why strangers are not willing to come to the door.

The sense of border does not mean isolation and indifference.

It is a balanced art,

We need to maintain our boundaries, while

Keep your concern and respect for others.

If it is you,

Do you agree with strangers to come home for dinner?

What do you think about this?

Comprehensive: Nonghao Shanghai,@in Shanghai SH,@嗲 嗲 life, video screenshot source Bilibili blogger@2 rice bucket

Source: Political and Law Channel

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