The sudden "long" stones in the stomach are all greedy!

"You can’t eat it like this in the future! If you eat it like this, you can eat stones! If gastric stones are not treated in time, it can cause gastric ulcers, gastric wall misuming, perforation, and even surgical surgery for treatment."On March 27, Li Chenling, director of the Harbin Red Cross Center Hospital, told Mr. Sun, who came to the patient.

It is understood that Mr. Sun could not alleviate the stomach in Harbin’s Red Cross Central Hospital for treatment."It has been 2 days, and I feel stomach pain and stomach bloating. I am twisted for a while, and I keep nausea, vomiting, snoring, and acid reflux. I don’t care about it.Drive. "Li Chenling, director of the Harbin Red Cross Center Hospital, asked his medical history carefully and found that the patient ate about 20 snowball hawthorn two days ago and initially judged that it was caused by eating a large number of hawthorn.

Director Li Chenling introduced that hawthorn contains tannic acid. Under the action of gastric acid, tannic acid and protein are combined to form insoluble precipitates, and pectin and food residues are glued together to form gastric stones.After the formation of stones, under the action of gastric peristalsis, the stomach wall and stones friction will cause gastric mucosa ulcers, leading to symptoms such as abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea, nausea and vomiting."If you do not seek medical treatment in time, stones will be like snowballs.Attention. "

Director Li Chenling said: "Eat foods such as hawthorn, persimmons, jujube and other tannic acids after an empty stomach or drinking can easily cause stones. Especially when the elderly, the digestive function is reduced.The combination of plant protein will form a large tannic acid protein that is not easy to dissolve in water, and precipitate in the gastrointestinal tract to form stones. "

Doctor reminds: Avoid eating a lot of foods such as persimmons, black dates, hawthorn, coconut, kelp and nuclear nucleus, and it is not advisable to eat the above food during an empty stomach; avoid eating the above foods before and after high -protein diet;Avoid eating a lot of food in patients with digestive ulcers and most of the gastric resection.

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Although the hawthorn is sour, it has high sugar content

Some people often say that people with diabetes cannot eat too sweet fruits. They should eat fruits with sour sour, such as hawthorn and sand fruit, and indicate that these fruits have low sugar content and do not affect blood sugar.In response, Sun Yuhong, a siege health clinic nutritionist at the Red Cross Central Hospital of Harbin City, said that it should not judge the sugar content and raw sugar level of fruits based on the taste of sourness or sweetness.

Fruit raw sugar level is related to the content of fruit sugar content.The sugar content of fruits is high, and the sugar speed is fast.The sugar in the fruit not only includes the sweetened fruit sugar, a small amount of sucrose and glucose in the flesh, but also the sweet starch and a small amount of dietary fiber in the flesh.Natural sugar, starch and dietary fiber in fruits are collectively referred to as carbohydrates.In addition to the dietary fiber in fruits, the natural sugar and starch can increase blood sugar.

How much is the sugar content (carbohydrate) of hawthorn.According to the 6th edition of the "Chinese Food ingredients", the content of carbohydrates of 100 grams of hawthorn fruit is 25.1 grams, while the common Huang Yuan apple, 100 grams of fruit carbohydrate content is 14.7 grams.If the sugar content of more than 15%of the 100 grams of fruits can be called a high -sugar content.Therefore, don’t look at hawthorn to eat sour, but the amount of sugar is indeed high, but the sour taste of the flesh affects everyone’s judgment on hawthorn sugar content.Therefore, people with diabetes cannot eat too much fresh hawthorn. It does not exceed 100 grams a day to not significantly affect the blood glucose level.Hawthorn cans, hawthorn slices, hawthorn cakes, hawthorn strips. These hawthorn snacks contain a lot of sugar, which is very unfavorable to control sugar. Diabetes are best not eaten.In addition, it should be noted that fresh hawthorn is a fruit with high acidity. It is less than 3 or less. It is more sour than vinegar. Eating on an empty stomach will cause irritation to the stomach.You can cut hawthorn into slices and drink water.

Harbin Red Cross Central Hospital (Correspondent: Sun Lixia Ye Hong)

Source: Heilongjiang Traffic Broadcast

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