The survey found that 42%of women who did not take unexpected pregnancy did not take measures. These two major hazards cannot be despised

Xiao Lan looked at the two clear bars on the pregnancy test stick, and panicked in her heart.She is only 21 years old this year, her boyfriend is only 19 years old. She has not entered the marriage hall at all. She is just a college student, but she is unexpectedly pregnant.

Xiao Lan was a little dumbfounded, and she was obviously contraceptive. It is reasonable that she would not get pregnant unexpectedly at all. Why is it unlucky?Every time the husband and wife live, the days are strictly calculated, and their safety period is calculated. They have never done it in the dangerous period. In the end, they are still pregnant. Xiao Lan cannot accept this fact.Thinking about being an artificial abortion, I was more scared in my heart, and I had no money and worried.

There are not a few girls like Xiaolan.I am still a child, and I was not prepared to be a mother at all. I had to do artificial abortion after accidental pregnancy.Artificial abortion is a great harm to women’s health and mental health.

Recently, there was a large -scale survey of contraceptives conducted by more than 4,000 women. Among women who had unexpected pregnancy, more than 42%of women had no measures because they did not take any measures, and some were wrong contraception methods.The reason why such investigation results are related to the following three reasons.

1. The lack of self -protection awareness

Many women in life have no sense of self -protection, and men do whatever they say.Men do not want to take contraceptive measures, and women will leave any time, which leads to accidental pregnancy.

2. The contraceptive method is not reliable

Not all contraceptive methods are reliable. Safety contraception, in vitro ejaculation, etc. are contraceptive measures with high risk factor.If you choose this contraceptive measure, it is not unexpected.

3. Too dependence on emergency contraceptives

Some small couples take emergency contraceptives as soon as they take contraceptive measures.Not to mention how harmful emergency contraceptives bring to women, just say that emergency contraceptives are not foolproof. It is also possible to get pregnant by taking emergency contraceptives.

If you do not take contraceptive measures in the life of the husband and wife, or use unreliable contraceptive measures, women will get pregnant accidentally.Unexpected pregnancy will bring a lot of harm to women, and will have a great impact on life.

1. Affects self -development

There was no plan to get pregnant, and suddenly I was pregnant unexpectedly. If you are going to give birth to your child, it will inevitably affect the normal life. It will disrupt the original rhythm of life and affect the existing development plan.

2. The harm of artificial abortion

If you are pregnant and do not want to give birth to your child, you have to perform an artificial abortion surgery. Artificial abortion surgery will bring a lot of harm.Frequent abortion is carried out. If the infection of fallopian tubes may occur, the loser and adhesion of the fallopian tube causes infertility.Moreover, surgery is definitely risky. Although artificial abortion surgery is mature, there may also be complications such as uterine perforation and intestinal injury. These are all harm.

Some women explain that they have already taken contraceptive measures, but they are still unexpectedly pregnant. They must reflect on whether they have not used reliable contraceptive methods.

1. Constitution

Constitution contraceptives are the most common contraceptive measures. As long as it is used correctly, its safety factor is very high, and it can also play a role in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

2. Breakfast ring

Nourishing ring contraception is also more reliable, suitable for women after marriage.However, it should be noted that it must be taken out when it expires, or it must be taken out after menopause.

3, contraceptives

The contraceptive pills here refer to short -acting oral contraceptives and contraceptives. Long -term oral contraceptives have withdrawn from the historical stage. Emergency contraceptives can only be used as emergency measures.

4, ligation

Ligation is breeding, which refers to male vasters ligation and female fallopian tube ligation.Generally, men are recommended for ligation surgery, convenient surgery, faster recovery, and possibility of regret.

Every year, many women are pregnant unexpectedly, and they choose artificial abortion, which brings great harm.Everyone must learn to protect themselves in the lives of husband and wife, have a sense of self -prevention, and use reliable contraception methods to avoid accidental pregnancy.

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