The truth of a woman’s temperament

47 -year -old lady even for help

1: The second marriage husband has not yet divorced and has domestic violence. He always threatened himself with a knife.It has been three years.

At 2:28, her son rebelliously listened to her, and was congenital deaf.She is willing to use her own story to awaken everyone, hate others, and the pain behind the irritability.

When she was young, she grew up at my grandfather’s house. When she heard her mother said that she was born, her father wanted to give her a gift. The mother would not let it. When she could speak, she told her mother that you were in August.Mom started to bleed, and Dad lost 2 pounds of blood before saving her mother and her brother.My brother is also very naughty. The family is particularly poor. Soon, my father died. Before his death, he had lived in the hospital for two years. He spent the money at home. Dad was painful to leave his mother.Can’t.I have been obedient since I was a child. There is also a sister and a brother. Sometimes, there are men who come to knock on the door, so I let my grandfather as a companion. Later, the relationship with my grandfather was not good.It is not very good. Mom is more interesting. The uncle can’t do anything. When the rice is criticized, the uncle work is relatively slow, and he doesn’t look at it.At the age of 13, he complained about his uncle and often hit his stepfather.

Later, when I went to school, I did n’t want to make my own tuition and I did n’t want to go to school. The junior high school did not go to. Later, I met her husband. The husband had a relationship with herself and became pregnant together.I only knew that I was pregnant in the May and had not got married. My mother -in -law asked the abortion. Later, when I came to the hospital, someone said not to fall. The doctor also said that she had to prepare 10,000 to prevent big bleeding. The mother -in -law had no money without the money.The family planned to have a family planning, went to the aunt’s house in the distance, and gave birth to a child. After giving birth to a grandmother’s house, the child did not love to move.The doctor said that he was not cured, and he was inherently lacking.

Later, a wedding with my husband was held, and the wedding was 20,000. I didn’t give the hate mother -in -law. There was an uncle who said that your child was deaf!It is said that the child is 7 years old, and when the child is 10 years old, he is afraid of being afraid and deaf, and he gives an abortion. The first child wants to give away the mother -in -law, and he is reluctant. LaterThere is a pig, killing grandma for dinner, so he doesn’t call her mother -in -law. The mother -in -law comes to make trouble. My mother -in -law said that her son made money to spend money on his wife. How can you give money to your parents?Later, her mother -in -law asked her husband to push for money, and she would not give it. The mother -in -law scolded herself. She was not good at accident with her mother -in -law.Soon the husband told him that his aunt asked to divorce, because the relationship with her mother -in -law was not in harmony. Later, she became ill and infussed. One day fell asleep and flowed back. She scolded her husband and scolded her mother -in -law.Go back and break the window of the in -laws.Later, he moved out to divorce.

Later, I met a 6 -year -old man who got married and started to be good. He also gave 20,000 gifts. Later, the husband always listened to the gossip of the people around him that he was the mother of his husband.In the face of yourself, often fight, there is a woman outside the husband, and occasionally the husband goes out to find a woman, and let the husband say poison. If you find a woman’s in -laws, something will happen.In 1500, his son lived in his brother’s house. He made money very hard. The husband was still not good. Later, the husband was at school, the child had a high fever, and he also committed adultery.

Fighting with her husband was still a knife and a gun. Once I bit my husband’s face, I hated her husband to divorce. The husband asked himself to return 20,000 to the colorful gift.I don’t know where to go from the future?Today, Lian Mai Qiu Deng Yushan helped sort out her life …

Teacher Yu Shan listened to her sharing and summarized several cores:

1. Resentment is the sea of suffering.How do you know that Dad is a male light and girl?Why do you think your mother loves you, Dad doesn’t love you?If your father doesn’t love you, you will be easy to kill you in the middle of the puppet. Your mother tells you the grievances of Dad, but when your mother was born with your brother, the doctor asked your dad when he was a boss or a child.IntersectionYour dad said that both of them had to be guaranteed, and he did it, because he was a filial piety and loving father. In fact, Dad was most worried about you, because your temper was too irritable.The teacher replaces your dad to educate you.

You all complained that Grandpa can understand the suffering of Grandpa then?Grandpa lost his son, and your mother did not consider the feelings of Grandpa. Why hate your grandpa so much?A man with such a good man in your dad leaves at the age of 37. Grandpa specially cares about your feelings, but you hate Grandpa, you must find a knife to take care of you.You think you will marry you when you sing well, you don’t know why he marry you?Your mother -in -law in the village can make his son marry you how compassion is it, but how do you treat your in -laws?Your mother -in -law said that there is no wrong son to make money and daughter -in -law spent. How can there be more money for your parents, but you have no feelings, no feedback, no love …

2. The essence of nature is reasonable, the truth, and the reason.Your current husband 41, you are 7 years older than him, you still have a deaf and dumb son, he also does not live well!Why do this man marry you?Have you thought about it?Marrying you is still so beautiful, give 20,000 colorful gifts, buy furniture, etc. May I ask you who can he listen? Who can you listen to?So your son can’t listen to it. You can realize it. Women must be humble, especially in front of the in -laws and husbands. Your husband is very good to you. What you say is a vixen.I ca n’t stop you. You scolded your stepfather to scare him. He did n’t hit your stepfather.

3. Deverse is virtue.Your grandfather did not accept your mother at the time, and you encountered such a good stepfather. How good your brother would not only take the initiative to contact your grandparents, but also help you raise your son to win glory. If you blame everyone, you will also come up with your ancestors.Hit you, bite the meat on your husband’s face, and his heart is dead.

Why can’t your suffering say?Because your temper is too bad, you do n’t have the love of your dad. God has given you such a good stepfather, his morality is your family.You are here to collect debts. If your husband hit you, you will suffer!He is a person who is here to save you. You have too many fallacy doctrine. You do n’t think it ’s superstition when you say it. Only the enlightened teachers say it is the truth. And your hatred is too heavy. Children’sIf you ca n’t hear your ears, you are deaf for you. If you do n’t listen to everyone, your son is filial piety and grandson.Thanks to the woman outside the husband for helping you pay back your Changmong debt and treat you as a husband well.

Through the sharing of this family, the family must be considered to be considered after listening, and they must have the reason. All the problems encountered are normal, and they must be normal.The truth, people live to return the debt, and fulfill the relationship between Wu Lun.You can do your own duty, and you can suffer it with problems.Thanks to Teacher Deng Yushan’s selfless sharing of family happiness, gratitude to Lianmai’s family to wake up the growth of the family with their own stories, and be grateful to all encounter


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