The two quarreles were quarreled, and the husband’s words were pregnant and the wife went away to get the baby in the belly.

The relationship between husband and wife was originally the world, two people who have no blood relationship and are the most intimate relationships.However, it is the hardest relationship.The goodness and bad life are inseparable from the relationship between marriage.

Sometimes because of a word, two couples will be revenge.It’s really easy to get married, and it is difficult to operate.

There is a young couple in the village, and the two are well matched in both appearance and figure.The relationship between the two husbands and wives is also very good, and a daughter was born in a year.With her daughter, they also brought a lot of happiness to their lives.The husband worked in the factory near the village, and his wife brought dolls at home to cook.When it’s okay, I also play a small card with people in the village.Life is simple and moist.

When his daughter was two years old, his wife became pregnant again.Two husbands and wives still discuss the baby.Also a companion for her daughter.

Husbands work every day.Do you have to do the work in the land, and the housework will also help to do it, especially distressed their daughter.Give his wife at any time to take care of her daughter.I didn’t fall and touched it.He is also very concerned about his wife, and he is rushing outside the house.When the husband goes to work every day, his wife takes the child to play at home, and sometimes playing mahjong with people in the village.

In a blink of an eye, his wife has been pregnant for eight months.It’s about to be in the production period.On this day, their eldest daughter did not know why they had diarrhea.After a while, just pulled it, just pulled again.Her mother was busy playing mahjong again, so she had time to rub her ass.Just got it on his body, and he was stinky.The power out of power this day, the husband went home early, thinking that his wife was about to give birth.Go to get off work every day at home.Come back to see his daughter’s stinky coaxing, and people have no spirit.And her wife is still playing mahjong.He didn’t hit a place, picked up a bamboo block on the ground and mixed with her wife.Hall the Mahjong table.Roar: The doll is so old, you are still playing mahjong.Are you equipped as a mother?Woman like you, roll it for Lao Tzu!After scolding, I picked up my daughter home.Bath your daughter and change clothes.Then he took his daughter to see a doctor.

The wife cried sadly, and went home to clean up.

In the evening, the husband went home to see his wife was not at home, and was anxious.Qi also disappears.Inquiry everywhere, I don’t know where.Anxious like an ant in a hot pot.Sit restless.I regret being too irritable today.After all, his wife is still pregnant.There are no big problems with daughters, but indigestion.

It’s late, the wife didn’t return, and her husband didn’t dare to sleep.I was worried that I heard the sound of a tricycle outside.The husband ran out and saw that his wife came back.Faced out of the tricycle.Without a big belly.I knew in my heart that the wife went to the hospital to kill their baby.

The husband’s heart is so uncomfortable, that anger.I didn’t dare to attack when I saw my wife’s weakness.Only very lighted up.I regret that she should not scold his wife and call her to get rid of it.

Afterwards, the wife’s friend asked her that the baby was 8 months old, and you killed her, don’t regret it?Are you willing?The wife smiled and said, "I took her to this world, and her life was not good, and she hurt her.Call me.I have no home, and my mother’s family can’t go back. I can’t wander with my children.

There are no couples who do not quarrel, but they can’t control their emotions when they quarrel.The mouth is unobstructed, saying sad words.regret but too late.

As the saying goes: Centennials have passed the same boat, and they have been slept for thousands of years.Don’t forget your original intention, tolerate each other, white head to old.I am afraid that everyone said when they are married.It is easy to get married, and it is not easy to operate.I hope everyone has a happy marriage life.Cherish the people in front of each other.

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