The understanding of the pregnancy test stick is still in two bars?Do you know the principle and how to use it?

With the development of science and technology, many inventions have brought convenience to people, but there is basically all women in one thing, that is, the pregnancy test stick.During the pregnancy, each couple will prepare a few pregnancy test sticks to test whether they are pregnant. Most women have a understanding of the pregnancy test stick.Do you know how to use it?

Use of pregnancy inspection sticks

The working principle of the pregnancy test stick

The pregnancy test stick is achieved by detecting the humor gonadotropin (HCG) in the female urine (HCG). Most of the pregnancy test sticks contain a special antibody. When the HCG in the urine reacts with it, then it will react, then it will react.It will show positive pregnancy, and the pill -membrane promoter gonad hormone is generated by the tissue around the embryo, so once HCG is detected, it is likely that you are pregnant. At present, most of the accuracy of the pregnancy test stick can reach 90%above.

How to correctly use the pregnancy test stick

1. Pregnancy test stick detection is best to get pregnant in the same room in the same room for two weeks

Pregnancy testing test pregnancy

Because women’s pregnancy requires the formation of fertilized eggs and the premise of bed, and this process takes a certain time, and the level of HCG’s horizontal changes also takes a certain time. Each person’s individual differences will also affect the changes in the HCG value.For the reasons and experiences, it is recommended that all female friends who are preparing for pregnancy will use the pregnancy test stick to test whether the pregnancy is used for pregnancy in about two weeks after the same room.

The pregnancy test stick shows that I am pregnant

2. It is best to choose a pregnancy test stick in the morning

Due to the high urine concentration in the morning, if women are pregnant, the HCG concentration in urine will be greater, and it is easier to detect whether pregnancy is used under this condition.If you miss the morning urine, it is not possible at other times. As long as the HCG content reaches a certain concentration, the pregnancy test stick can be tested.

Two bars of pregnancy test sticks

3. Do not drink a lot of water to test urine

Some sisters may feel that drinking plenty of water can urinate more, and then they can use the pregnancy test rod to detect multiple times. In fact, this approach is not desirable, because a large amount of water will reduce the hormone gonad hormone level in the urine.It is equivalent to diluting urine, which may have a certain impact on the test results.It is worth noting that the pregnancy inspection stick is not high in urine volume. It is enough to need only one drop. It is recommended that you choose the mid -segment urine for testing to eliminate possible pollution or interference in the previous paragraph.

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