The United States Missouri strictly abandon abortion after eight weeks of pregnancy

China News Service, May 18th. According to the Chinese website of the United States, following the "most harsh abortion bill in history" in the United States Alabama on the 15th, the Missouri State Congress on the 17thPassing a similar bill, it is forbidden to abandon pregnant women after eight weeks of pregnancy.

Data Map: Washington, USA, the public held a demonstration of the "Parade for Life" to oppose abortion.

According to reports, the Republican Party accounted for the majority of the Missouri State Council on the 17th to pass the bill with 110 votes on the 17th. The Missouri Senate has approved it on the 16th with 24 votes on the results of 20 votes.

The abortion bill has been submitted to the Republican governor Parson, waiting to be signed to take effect.Parson said on the 15th that he supported the early version of the abortion bill.

The scope restricted by the abortion bill of Missouri includes conditions other than emergency medical care, but not accidental pregnancy caused by rape or other moral factors.If the limited date of eight weeks of pregnancy is violated, the abortion doctor will face 5 to 15 years of imprisonment, and women who accept abortion will not be prosecuted.

The Missouri Senate Republican member Andrew Koenig said on the 16th that the bill was "one of the strictest abortion bills in the United States" and the bill was opposed by the state’s liberals.

Local media reported that the state already has the strictest abortion standards in the United States. Residents who seeking abortion need to wait for 72 hours and have only one state -certified abortion service agency.

In recent years, conservative political forces have been promoting a more extensive abortion bill in the United States, and Missouri has also joined the ranks.It is reported that the conservative forces led by Republican Party also hoped that through the "wave" of the abortion bill to promote the abortion bill to overthrow the ruling of the Supreme Court in 1973 to support women’s abortion rights.

According to reports, in addition to Missouri, Kentucky, Mississippi, Ohio, George Asia, and Alabama have previously approved prohibition of abortion.However, the abortion bill of North Dakota and Iowa encountered obstacles during the legislative process of the state parliament.

On the 15th, Alabama Governor Avi was signed by the restrictions on the abortion bill passed in the Senate. It is expected that this will be officially implemented in November this known as the "most stringent abortion bill in history".This ban in Alabama prohibits women from abortion at any stage during pregnancy, even if they are pregnant or incest, they must not abortion.The only exception is a major risk of pregnant women’s lives.The abortion of pregnant women will not be the defendant, but the physician who performs abortion surgery will be on a felony, with a maximum sentence of 99 years.

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