The unsteady animal’s strange way of reproduction is more novel than one.

Introduction: Reproduction, mating, and fertility offspring are the ultimate goals of each creature.Therefore, whether it is the human beings of advanced animals or other creatures, they are actually born to give birth.This is the basis for the continuation of each race.The gender reproduction is the only way to reproduce all high animals so far.This is to ensure that the excellent genes between the two individuals can inherit and ensure that the race continues for a long time.The breeding requires the mating behavior between the sexes. Next, I will introduce the interesting things that mate between animals.

In fact, the mating between animals is not particularly rare. Most people may have seen it in daily life, such as the ending of flies, etc.Mating behavior is relatively special. Generally speaking, there is no way to contact in daily life. The mating of these animals and normal conditions are not the same. Some are even unique and amazing.

Presumably, the black cat policeman has seen it. In one of the previous episodes, a female praying mantis eats the male praying mantis to reproduce the offspring of the offspring.There is no way to perform autonomous predation and other behaviors, but when you are pregnant, you need a lot of nutritional supplements. At this time, you need to eat the male praying mantis after the mating.

In fact, it is not just a praying mantis. Other species, such as insects such as scorpions and spiders, etc. After mating, they also have a certain probability that they will eat their own mating spouses.If the nutritional status is sufficient, the male praying mantis has a certain probability to escape, but if the female food source of the females is not particularly sufficient during this time, and after conception, you need to eat male to supplement your subsequent pregnancy nutrition.

There is also a characteristic that the mating time between animals is long. The example of this example is the lion, as the top of the food chain.Lions with large carnivores need thousands of times to matt between them to successfully get female pregnancy.Therefore, the estrus period of the lion is longer than other animals, because it is to cooperate with too much mating.and.Even during pregnancy, the probability of lion -lion abortion is higher, which may be because the number of predators at the top must not be too much.

There is also a strange method of mating methods of animals. It can also be said that it is quite flavorful. As the highest animal on the land, the giraffe has no fixed mating time. That is to sayThe mating, and the mating between them is more special. The male giraffe will find the female giraffe first, and then constantly hit the female giraffe’s butt as the female giraffe feels this stimulus. The urine will be excreted.At this time, the male giraffe you hit will bow his head to lick the urine drained by the female giraffe, so as to analyze whether the female giraffe currently has a desire to matt. If there is, the two will mateOf course, this phase is really a bit uncomfortable for humans.

But in fact, it is even more unacceptable. In fact, it is another animal. Its name is red border with snakes.And although this snake is small, it contains toxic.And more weird is their mating process.During their mating process, a large group of snakes gathered in a cave and matched it, but in fact, the male proportion of the female in this group of snakes is very huge, and sometimes even hundreds of male snake snake snakesThe other male will spread until the success of a female snake until it succeeds in mating with a male snake. This is indeed a nightmare for patients with intensive phobia.

Haima believes that everyone is not unfamiliar. For seahors, it is produced by the parenting bag of the male hippocampus abdomen. Therefore, it is even for a long time that humans may suspect that the male hippocampus may be conceived.Among the parenting belts of the male hippocampus, when they grow up, they have climbed out of the parenting bags of the male hippocampus.Therefore, it gives a kind of illusion of male hippocampus pregnancy, which also has a long period of long time that directly misleads our marine biologists.As a result, it was once considered to be the process of fertilization and pregnancy in the male hippocampus.

Summary: Although these mating processes introduced above are more strange or even weird than one, but they are all real animal mating processes.This is also their nature. Because of the birth of the earth since ancient times, it has experienced the evolution of countless species, but their ultimate goal is actually to reproduce offspring and can continue their own population.

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