The weather is hot, how to post high temperature allowances?

The weather is hot, and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions has launched employees’ heatstroke prevention and cooling work in 2022. In addition to carrying out services such as "sending cool", it will also supervise the employer to protect the workers working in high temperature environments and issue high temperature allowances in accordance with regulations.In Beijing, the distribution time of high temperature allowances is from June to August each year.In other words, some workers start a salary from June.Which workers can receive this money?How much can I get?How to receive it?The reporter sorted out one by one.

● Who can receive high temperature allowances?

According to the "Administrative Measures for heatstroke and cooling measures" jointly issued by the State Administration of Work Safety, Ministry of Health, Human Resources and Social Security, and the National Federation of Trade Unions of China, the employer arranges the employer to engage in high -temperature weather above 35 ° C to engage in outdoor open -air weatherIf effective measures cannot take effective measures to reduce the temperature of the workplace below 33 ° C, high -temperature allowance shall be issued to the workers.As long as the above two conditions are arbitrarily satisfied.

● How much is the high temperature allowance?

According to the current standards of Beijing, the outdoor open -air workers, the high -temperature allowance is not less than 180 yuan per person per month; workers who work in indoor workplace at 33 ° C (inclusive) are not less than 120 yuan per month.

● How to post high temperature allowances?

The "Administrative Measures for the Prevention and Cooling Measures" clearly stipulates that high -temperature allowance shall be included in the total salary.In other words, high temperature allowances are part of wages and must be paid.In addition, it is not included in the minimum wage and normal working time.

● What are the rights of high temperature homework?

Employers should provide workers with personal protective supplies that meet the requirements, and urge and guide workers to use them correctly.

Employers should provide sufficient and necessary medicines for high -temperature operations and high -temperature weather operations that meet the health standards.It is not allowed to provide money to replace heatstroke and cool down drinks.Summer prevention and cooling drinks must not be filled with high temperature allowances.

Employers shall not arrange for pregnant female workers and minors to engage in workplace operations with outdoor open -air operations and temperature above 33 ° C during high temperature weather above 35 ° C.

During the high -temperature weather, employers should reasonably adjust the working hours of workers and reduce labor intensity.For example: The maximum temperature of the day is above 40 ° C, and the outdoor open -air operations should be stopped on the day; the maximum temperature of the day is above 37 ° C and less than 40 ° C. The employer will arrange the outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor outdoor working hours of the employees all day, and at the highest temperature period of the temperature, and at the highest temperature periodOutdoor open -air work is suspended within 3 hours; the maximum temperature of the day is above 35 ° C, and below 37 ° C (excluding 37 ° C), the employer shall adopt a round -to -round rest.

If the high temperature weather stops working and shorten the working time, the employer shall not deduct or reduce the wages of the workers.

● Does High temperature work be used for work injury insurance?

Labers have caused heat stroke due to high -temperature operation or high -temperature weather operations. Those who have been diagnosed as occupational diseases enjoy work injury insurance benefits.

In the event of meeting the requirements of high -temperature allowances, but employers refuse to issue high temperature allowances, employees can report to the union organization.If the employer is found illegal, the trade union organization has the right to propose that if the employer shall make corrections in a timely manner and refuse to make corrections, the trade union organization shall ask the relevant departments to deal with it and supervise the processing results.

● Is the high -temperature allowance?

The two are not the same.High -temperature allowance is a compulsory allowance, which is part of wages.Severing and cooling fees are employee benefits. Generally, employers are generally stipulated or stipulated in rules and regulations, collective contracts or labor contracts.(Reporter Wang Tianqi)

Source: Beijing Daily

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