The wife was pregnant for three days when she got married. The in -laws questioned the identity of the child. My wife: I am a pregnancy!

His wife Ling Ling and her husband stones fell to marry for two months. Lingling said that the two were online dating. When they met the stone, they had to chase herself. Lingling did not agree!

Lingling said that she was a second marriage, and her husband’s stone was three years younger than herself, and she could not marry him!

But the stubbornness of the stones was still related. In the end, the rice was cooked with rice, and the two could only get married!

There are a lot of wedding gifts. The parents of the stone also felt that the marriage of the son’s marriage was very happy.Intersection

Until 8 months of pregnancy, Lingling saw that the child was about to give birth, and he had to give birth.

Lingling found her in -laws, but her in -laws stunned her out of the door, saying that the child of Lingling’s belly didn’t know who it was. Now she ran back to ask for money, but it was too much. Before asking him to get money!

Lingling is also quite aggrieved. She said, "The reason why she ran back to her mother’s house was for a reason, because she hit her by the stone for three days of marriage, leaving she had evidence, and she was susceptible to pregnancy.! "

Speaking of Lingling took out some photos, showing that Lingling’s neck was injured!

If this is true, then Lingling can compensate and support for a lot of compensation and support!

At this time, there was no trace of stone. Lingling’s in -laws said that her son was taken away by this woman, because the whole family knew that Lingling was a second marriage on the day of marriage. He didn’t know before. He just wanted to hide it!

However, Lingling didn’t think so. He said that the stone had been informed before marriage. He chased himself after he knew that he had not concealed, and had nothing to do with his ex -husband!

The in -laws believe that Lingling is deliberately to cheat marriage. Now she is pregnant with other people’s children, and came over to ask them for living expenses, too bullying!

They insisted that they would not accept Lingling, let alone let him enter his own house. For Dao Lingling, the father -in -law explained that Lingling first hit his son, and all the mouths were one after another!

Lingling’s physique is indeed much larger than stones, but men’s strength is always greater than women, and Lingling is still pregnant!

Who is wrong?Still nowhere to investigate, you can only find stones now!

At this moment, the stone sent a subpoena through the court to inform Lingling the divorce. Lingling was so angry at the time, she was still pregnant, and she was with his child!

Lingling immediately contacted the stone. The stone said that she didn’t know that Lingling was a second marriage, and wanted to end the marriage quickly. She was not sure about the child.Just known!

Lingling is quite speechless. She can only wait for the birth of the child. Soon the child was born smoothly. She was a daughter and also made a parent -child identification. It was indeed a stone child!

Lingling is alone to bear the mother’s passage. This sadness only knows. Now the result is clear. It depends on the attitude of the stone family. Lingling requires the other party to give herself a statement and be innocent!

Lingling is a second marriage. If Lingling wants to hide this situation, I don’t think she can hide it. After all, she can know when receiving a certificate.

Since the other party agrees to get married, we must take the responsibility of being a father. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, now it is determined that the daughter is a stone.Grow up your child and do your best to be a parent!

What do you think of this, do you think the stone should forgive it?

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