The wind and snowy moon in Chiang Kai -shek: The past and dew in his diary

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From the Qing party to white terror, from two Northern Expeditions to the Anti -Japanese War, he can be said to be a man who has a great impact on modern China. He is Chiang Kai -shek.

Such a man who has been in the modern history of China has many love stories of "heaven and love, not to stay with each other".

Chiang Kai -shek Youth

The women who appeared in Chiang Kai -shek’s diary were all good -looking, but finally parted ways with him.

He has experienced four marriages in his life, and he is involuntary and righteous.

Half of his marriage was holding hands with Song Meiling for half a century, while the other half could not be in vain with the other three women.

Today we do n’t talk about Chiang Kai -shek ’s work, but only say that he and these women’ s love and hatred.

Chiang Kai -shek’s original wife was Mao Fumei, the mother of Chiang Chingguo, a ordinary woman with a small foot in her small feet.

At that time, the marriage of marriages was a martial arts of the parents.

Although Mao Fumei is unknown, he is hardworking and virtuous, and his temperament is docile. He is a typical good daughter -in -law in the feudal era.


At that time, Chiang Kai -shek, who was only 13 years old, often caused misfortunes in a bad temperament. Therefore, his mother Wang Caishu wanted to marry a daughter -in -law for him, so as to accept his mind and let him go to the right way as soon as possible.

With the help of the distant watches, Jiang’s mother saw Mao Fumei.

As soon as Wang Caiyu saw this girl, she had a look. She came to the door without waiting for Chiang Kai -shek’s consent, and set the marriage directly.

The pair of sister -in -law love at the time, how could there be a deep affection at the time, Chiang Kai -shek did not wait to see the unspeakable and beautiful ordinary peach.

And Mao Fumei can only be willing to take care of his "big sister" who cares about his living, maybe there is not much love but not much.

One side is not here, and one party is not able to reach. In 1906, Chiang Kai -shek was determined to stay in Japan to study military affairs.

Jiang Mu, Chiang Kai -shek, Mao Fumei, Chiang Chingguo

It is said that Xiaobei is a new marriage, but this difference between Chiang Kai -shek made the marriage of the fedling.

Over the years abroad, the gap between Chiang Kai -shek and Mao Fumi is getting bigger and bigger.

Chiang Kai -shek, who was studying in Japan, opened his horizons and pattern. At that time, he was no longer a stubborn young man.

In this, Mao Fumei is obviously not stained.

After a few years of studying abroad, Chiang Kai -shek’s new love continued.

This made him look down on Mao Fumi’s non -repair every time he returned to China.

One time, because of a trivial thing, Chiang Kai -shek, who had always been irritable, hit Mao Fumei in anger, which led to Mao Fumei, who was pregnant, had a small yield on the spot.

Wang Caiyu took a photo with Chiang Kai -shek mother and child

The pain of bereavement made Mao Fumei painful, and even his mother Wang Caicu scolded Chiang Kai -shek’s impulse and filial piety.

In order to meet the wishes of his mother’s three generations, Chiang Kai -shek, who has always listened to his mother’s words, barely admitted to Mao Fumei, and Mao Fumei also chose to forgive Chiang Kai -shek.

It didn’t take long for Chiang Kai -shek and Mao Fumei to usher in a small life again.

In 1910, Mao Fumei gave birth to his son Jiang Jingguo, which is also the only child of Chiang Kai -shek.

Unfortunately, the birth of his son did not bring any transfer to their marriage. Chiang Kai -shek chose to leave a pair of wives and children and return to Japan to continue his studies.

After completing the wishes of his mother, Chiang Kai -shek became more and more disgusted with the wife, which gave him the idea of divorce.

Wang Caiyu and Chiang Ching Guo

In the later days, he met many different types of women. This time, Chiang Kai -shek, who was romantic, finally challenged his marriage marriage.

Chiang Kai -shek, who returned from Xuecheng, appeared in front of Mao Fumei with a woman. This woman was Chiang Kai -shek’s later room -Yao Yicheng.

Unlike Mao Fumei, Yao Yicheng is different. She has a beautiful appearance and her appearance. Although she is also unknown, her hands are better than Mao Fumi’s mediocre.

Compared with the two aspects, Mao Fumi was simply compared to the dirt.

So how do Chiang Kai -shek and Yao Yicheng know?

Yao Yecheng

The beginning of the story originated from an inadvertent encounter. This encounter made Chiang Kai -shek fell in love with the green building woman at first sight.

In 1911, when the Revolution of 1911 broke out, Chiang Kai -shek returned from Japan to participate in the revolutionary activities of Shanghai. After fighting alongside Chen Qimei, the two worshiped as brothers.

The good relationship with Chen Qimei made Chiang Kai -shek seem to open the door to the new world.

The two often interviewed together to find a happy place, and frequently enter and exit peach -colored places.

However, many scenes of the scene did not erode the seeds of love in Chiang Kai -shek’s heart.

After the brothel occasionally met Yao Yicheng, his dusty love was awakened, and Yao Yicheng’s sound and smile were lingering in his mind for a long time.

For the first time, Chiang Kai -shek felt heartbroken.

When he first saw Yao Yicheng, Chiang Kai -shek was attracted by the tenderness of her girl, and sat down and listened to her story.

Chiang Kai -shek’s youth

It turned out that the young girl had a sad childhood. The young parents died. Fortunately, she had no son under her knees and recognized her as her daughter.

Uncle was good to her and found a good family for her at the age of suitable for marriage.

The other party was called Shen Tiansheng and moved forward modesty. The little family of the two had gradually stepped onto the track. Later, Shen Tiansheng, who worked hard in Shanghai, felt the pressure of life and gradually began to fall.

In addition to his friends who did not do business, he began to drink alcohol, which led him to finally lose his job.

After losing the economic source of the family, after a little defeat, Shen Tiansheng changed his temperament, and often punch and kick Yao Yicheng.

Yao Yicheng, who was forced to go to the endless road, had to go to the brothel to discuss life, and happened to meet Chiang Kai -shek who was in love with her here.

Yao Yicheng (middle) took a group photo with the couple of Jiang Weiguo and Qiu Ailun

This also made Yao Yecheng’s dark life see a hint of hope.

After understanding Yao Zicheng’s experience, Chiang Kai -shek was even more pity for her.

You must know that in his marriage with Mao Fumei, he has always been taken care of. Seeing the beautiful woman in front of him, he could not help but inspire Chiang Kai -shek’s desire to protect.

In this way, Yao Yecheng was finally captured by Chiang Kai -shek. The two first lived together. Later, Chiang Kai -shek simply brought Yao Yicheng directly home as a room.

When Mao Fumi, who has always been focusing on the family, learned that her husband was going to accept, his heart was not a taste.

But the influence that the feudal society brought to this woman made her endlessly accept Yao Yecheng.

Chiang Kai -shek Youth

Yao Yecheng was young and understanding and observing words. She got along well with Jiang’s mother, so her days when she just married into the Jiang family was still smooth.

But with the passage of time, the filter in Xishi in the eyes of the lover gradually faded away, and Chiang Kai -shek began to unbearable the shortcomings of Yao Yecheng.

Because of the loss of parents from an early age, Yao Yecheng lacked education, and it was mentioned above.

Coupled with the charm of the women in the Qinglou, it is as soon as possible, and it is fleeting.

Yao Yecheng, who realized this, did not work hard. She tried to give birth to Chiang Kai -shek for a while and a half daughter, but she did not succeed.

Fortunately, Chiang Kai -shek later gave her son Jiang Weiguo to Yao Yecheng to raise it, which can also be regarded as the status of Yao Yecheng in the Chiang family.

Jiang Weiguo

Yao Yicheng had a good care of this adopted son. The relationship between the two was very harmonious. At this time, Yao Yicheng began to add gambling and made Chiang Kai -shek very dissatisfied.

In 1919, Chiang Kai -shek had already lost his enthusiasm for Yao Yicheng. His two marriage life made him feel tasteless.

At this moment, the new beauty appeared again.

This year, Chiang Kai -shek came to Zhang Jingjiang’s house to talk about things. Here he met Chen Jieru, who was immature and dignified.

In addition to the naive face, the little girl has a greenness and ignorance that Chiang Kai -shek has never seen before.

This again made Chiang Kai -shek love the fire again, and after falling in love, he began a crazy pursuit.

Chen Jieru

Chiang Kai -shek, who has read countless people in Huahua World, has been familiar with the pursuit of women long ago, and the pursuit of methods is endless.

While writing a love letter affectionately, he took the initiative to help cook his future after his father’s death, and solved a lot of trouble for Chen Jieru.

This made Chen Jieru feel unprecedented security. For a young girl who was only a teenager, the feeling of being taken care of quickly made her sink.

Although both of them were in love, this relationship was not recognized by Chen Jieru at first.

Their age gap is too big, and 32 -year -old Chiang Kai -shek is 18 years older than Chen Jieru.

Coupled with Chiang Kai -shek, he already has two ladies, which has been unacceptable to Zhang’s Zhang family who has taken his daughter as the pearl.

Chen Jieru

Facing Chiang Kai -shek’s door -to -door relatives, Zhang Mu has always disagreed, and she didn’t want to marry someone else’s daughter who had always been regarded as a treasure.

Chiang Kai -shek has long been prepared for this issue.

He told Mu Chen that he had cut off his relationship with his two -bedroom wife and promised that Chen Jieru was his only wife after marriage.

Hearing this, Mother Chen finally agreed to the marriage.

In 1921, Chiang Kai -shek and Chen Jieru held a wedding in Shanghai.

On the day after marriage, the two were like a shadow, sweet, and Chiang Kai -shek had to bring this little wife everywhere.

In 1924, Chiang Kai -shek served as the principal of the Huangpu Military Academy in Guangzhou, and Chen Jieru went together naturally.

There were no complicated business trips during this time, nor the disturbance of Mao and Yao Liangshi. It was the happiest time of the two.

Chiang Kai -shek and Chen Jieru (the 1920s)

However, the good times didn’t last long. When Chen Jieru was immersed in love and happiness, Chiang Kai -shek met the woman who changed his life -Song Meiling.

The combination of this husband and wife has different opinions in history.

Some people say that they are mutually beneficial political marriage, and some people lament that their heavenly century love.

But the real feelings are like people drinking water and warmth. Song Meiling said in public at the wedding in public that he sincerely loves Chiang Kai -shek. Their first knowledge is also full of love.

So what is the love between the two?

The first encounter between Chiang Kai -shek and Song Meiling was at Sun Yat -sen’s house. It is said that the first encounter between the two people felt good at each other.

For Chiang Kai -shek, Song Meiling is undoubtedly another woman who breaks through his thinking.

Song Meiling

Song Meiling is an independent woman with enthusiastic avant -garde, clever and easy -to -learn. From an early age, she has a unique charm that she has a different charm from traditional Chinese women. All these are fatal attractive in Chiang Kai -shek’s eyes.

And the prominent family and special family background are Song Meiling’s extra points in Chiang Kai -shek’s eyes. Song Meiling’s father is the old friend of Sun Yat -sen, who has always provided funding for Sun Yat -sen during the revolution.

In addition, the eldest brother -in -law and the second brother -in -law are Kong Xiangxi and Sun Yat -sen. Such a marriage will closely linked the three families of Jiang, Song, and Kong.

How can Song Meiling who has accepted Western thoughts to endure himself with others? He agreed to marry Chiang Kai -shek only one, that is, he must completely cut off the marriage relationship with his wife.

Song Meiling

Facing Song Meiling’s request, Chiang Kai -shek had no choice but to accept it.

Although he didn’t want to lose Chen Jieru, he could only do it compared to the full -seductive political interests.

In order to get married with Song Meiling smoothly, Chiang Kai -shek deceived Chen Jieru for this marriage was only a five -year political transaction. At that time, he could divorce Song Meiling.

Chen Jieru, who loves her husband, is young in the end. She can get the support of the Song family for her husband’s career. She finally chose to accept it.

After that, Chiang Kai -shek decided to send Chen Jieru to study in the United States and agreed with her for a five -year appointment, promised to restore the marriage relationship with Chen Jieru five years later.

So Chen Jieru took the ship to the United States at the fastest speed.

Chiang Kai -shek

However, what made her distressed was that her front foot had just embarked on the journey, and Chiang Kai -shek, the back of her foot, released the "Jiang Zhongzheng Notice" through the broadcast.

"In the ten years of the Republic of China, the original with Mao and Zhongzheng officially divorced. The other two classes had no marriage contract. Now they have been separated from Zhongzheng.

The words "separation of relationships" fiercely picked up Chen Jieru’s heart, but she did not expect her to be completely disappointed.

The ship’s long -distance ship has sailed, and Chen Jieru spilled all his sadness and tears on the ocean.

In this way, Chiang Kai -shek, who cleared all obstacles as expected, and the two attractions of love and politics accelerated his combination with Song Meiling.

In 1927, Chiang Kai -shek and Song Meiling held a world -renowned century wedding.

There are peerless ladies standing around, Chiang Kai -shek is still restless at the status quo. Chiang Kai -shek outside the marriage still has a lot of dew.

Although they were unknown, they were quietly written in the diary by Chiang Kai -shek.

Among them, his secret girlfriend Jie Mei, a young woman who was completely different from Yao Yecheng.

But this time, his bloody blood eventually came to the relentlessness of his eyebrows.

Chiang Kai -shek, who moved his true feelings, intends to marry Jie Mei, but the dusty woman who was free to her life was unwilling to enter the shackles of marriage.

This made Chiang Kai -shek deeply frustrated, and wrote in his diary: "Love is lingering, suffering from suffering, but self -evidence of the book.

Chiang Kai -shek

After breaking up with Ji Mei, his diary did not mention women for a while.

The second appeared in the diary marriage was Chen Ying, the close female secretary of Chiang Kai -shek.

Chen Ying was one of the many subordinates of Chiang Kai -shek. Occasionally, Chiang Kai -shek called his subordinates to come to the house to discuss matters.

At that time, Chen Ying was wearing a gorgeous cheongsam, raising her hands to reveal a different style.

Perhaps the relationship between the boss and his subordinates made Chiang Kai -shek a sense of freshness. He decided to leave Chen Ying beside him as his personal secretary, and accompanied the relationship between the two to quickly heat up.

The more easily the love is burning, the easier it is to be aware of it.

Song Meiling

However, she did not make a bad temper unreasonable. Instead, she tried the situation with a high attitude and lowered the influence of things to minimized.

Song Meiling found the "love rival" privately, and analyzed Chen Ying’s current situation and her weight in Chiang Kai -shek to remind her that she could not get a long -term wealth and name for her love.

With the gentle persuasion of Song Meiling, Chen Ying suddenly realized that with the accompanying tiger, she also clearly knew the gap between her and Chiang Kai -shek, so she accepted Song Meiling’s "breakup fee" and left Chiang Kai -shek to go abroad quietly.

Chiang Kai -shek’s life was bold and decisive in political undertakings. After all, it was difficult to promise who’s life. Except for Song Meiling, the ending of other women was mostly bleak.

Yu Chiangshi, we can talk about his merits and overwhelming, but we can only feel for those women in the wind and snowy moon in his writing.

It is said that since ancient times, we have not criticized who we have done. After all, it is the product of the times. When the bustling is spreading, all love and hate are dissipated in the endless historical smoke clouds.

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