The woman has not been pregnant for 6 years, and the divorce finds that she wants to remarry in 2 months. My mother -in -law: My child infertility

In TV series or novels, we can often see such a plot: the couple divorced for various reasons, but the wife found that she was pregnant soon after divorce, and then started a drama of the cremation field or grab the child.

I generally scoff at this kind of plot and feel unreliable. After all, divorce represents the breakdown of feelings, and the feelings are gone.

However, a couple in Hunan staged a real divorce and discovered the scene of pregnancy, but the difference was that there were no follow -up of the follow -up of the cremation field in the TV, but it was a variety of hysterical operations.What is going on?Let’s take a look.

The woman Zhu and her husband Huang met when they were working outside. At that time, they were very young. They were just an adult and simple. They were in love before they met Huang.

Those who love in love are very rational. Even if Huang’s mother strongly opposes the two of them, and even arrange various blind date activities for their son, they have not been able to stop the two from being together.

After a series of operations such as elopement and the wedding certificate of the stealing account, Huang’s mother could only accept Zhu Zhu.

Zhu Mou and Huang had a good time after marriage, but with the occurrence of various family chores, the love between husband and wife was gradually consumed.

Especially the two have been married for six years, but there are still no children, which undoubtedly exacerbates family contradictions.

Huang’s mother was not very satisfied with Zhu, the daughter -in -law of Zhu. After Zhu was married, the relationship between her mother -in -law was also very nervous.

In the eyes of Huang’s mother, the daughter -in -law Zhu Mou was irritable and did the extreme. As long as there was a little unsatisfactory, he would be in heaven and even commit suicide.

Huang himself also said that six years of marriage, his wife committed suicide five times.

In the face of a discordant family relationship, Huang was caught in the middle and felt very painful. He felt that this was not the family atmosphere he wanted.

In these six years, in order to alleviate family relationships, he did a lot of things for his wife, but his wife changed at all.

He doesn’t need much. He only hopes that his wife can be mild in personality, honor his mother, take care of himself, and deal with family relationships.

But these wives could not do it, and they could only divorce in the end.

Huang’s mother agreed with her son and daughter -in -law divorce, and felt that she could finally live a normal life. Who knew that the divorce was only two months old.It made her very atmosphere, and felt that Zhu couldn’t go on, and deliberately engaged in this kind of drama to come back again.

Zhu and the mediator said that there was only one thing back: she was pregnant, it was Huang, and hoped that the two to remarry and give the children a complete home.

However, Huang and his family faced this hard -to -child child, but they did not show very happy appearance. Instead, they were very disgusted and even believed.

Under the urging of Huang’s mother, Zhu confirmed the authenticity of his pregnancy with a pregnancy test stick on the spot, thinking that he could remarry now.

But Huang’s mother still didn’t believe it, saying that the child was not necessarily his son.Why is this?

It turned out that Huang had had an inspection long ago. He had infertility. The results of the inspection showed that the possibility of Huang made people getting pregnant very small. Even if he was pregnant, the child had a great risk of deformity.

In the face of the Huang family’s speech, Zhu made it clear that the child was Huang, and he did not believe that he could use the parent -child identification through amniotic fluid.

But no matter how Zhu Mou said, Huang’s family did not agree with remarriage, and was unwilling to be responsible for the child.

Huang directly said that Zhu Mou would do it off, and he would not remarry.Huang said that he had lived enough life before, and he didn’t want to repeat anymore.

In the face of Huang’s cold and ruthlessness, Zhu felt very collapsed. Once again, he adopted an extreme method. Not only did she throw away the fetal medicine prescribed by the hospital, she also used a knife to draw on her arm.Pain to cover up the pain in my heart.

It stands to reason that in this case, it seems to be the best choice to kill the child, but one second before the operation, Zhu gave up the surgery again and said that he had to give birth to a child and raised the child alone.

For this experience, we cannot simply say who is right and who is wrong. After all, everyone has different positions and has not experienced themselves. After all, we are still a spectator, but we can also get a little inspiration:

First: Marriage is jointly operated by two people. No matter which party, you must learn to exit and integrate;

Second: Do not use extreme ways to force the other party to encounter anything. This method will only double the pressure of the other party, and it will not solve anything at all;

Third: Not everything must be made right or wrong. Take a step back to see the problem. You will find that many things are not so serious.

Fourth: Don’t put hope on others. If you want to rely on others, you might as well change yourself. Maybe there will be different gains.

Fifth: Don’t hurt yourself easily and see yourself too lightly.

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