The woman hasn’t been menstruation for 25 years, and she can’t get pregnant after marriage. I found that she was actually a man

"The male rabbit’s feet are rushing, the female rabbit’s eyes are blurred; the two rabbits walk on the ground, and Anneng distinguishes me as a male female?" Hua Mulan followed the army and mixed in the military camp. Because of her careful disguise, the talents beside the talents could not be found.The daughter under her military uniform.

In daily life or various film and television dramas, there are also many girls dressed as men’s clothing, but most girls can dress up, and others can still recognize her gender at a glance.But there are also very individual examples that not only can others see his true gender, but even "she" itself thinks he is a girl.

The 25 -year -old Ping Ping (pseudonym) has been living a very harmonious and happy life with her husband.But once "she" did not sprain her feet, when she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that the bones of "her" were very clear.

It turned out that Ping Ping had not been in menstruation until he was 25 years old, and he couldn’t get pregnant after marriage. After a doctor’s examination, Ping Ping found that he was not a girl, and he was a man physically.

Stay your feet to seek medical treatment gender reversal

Pingping had a smooth life after marriage. Occasionally, "she" accidentally sprained her feet. When she went to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that "she" was 25 years old, but the bone of "her" had not healed.

The bone refers to the cartilage at both ends of the bones during the development of the bone.Under normal circumstances, adult bones are closed, and height is basically fixed.If you do n’t close your teenagers, you will grow taller.

Girls’ bones are generally closed at the age of 14 to 16, but Pingping is 25 years old. She is 1.78 meters tall, and she is still moving up.

After the doctor watched Ping Ping’s film, he was very puzzled, and then asked "her" to go to the endocrinology department for examination to see if there was a problem with hormones.

Dong Fengqin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology of the First Hospital of Zhejiang University, asked Ping Ping’s questions.Ping Ping said that he had never been to menstruation, and his chest was not developed, and he had been flat."Her" mother knew the situation of "her" and had taken someone to the hospital for examination before, but did not find any problems.In this way, Ping Ping gradually grew up and married with a little doubt.

The doctor gave Ping Ping a chromosome test. After the result, it was surprising that Ping Ping’s sex chromosome was XY, male chromosome.Women’s chromosomes should be XX, that is, Ping Ping is physiological, "she" is a full man.

This symptom of Pingping is called the symptoms of congenital adrenal cortical hyperplasia.The appearance of "her" has both the characteristics of women, but it is also mixed with some male characteristics, but the chromosome is a true male chromosome.

This symptom is mostly ill in the marriage of parents’ close relatives.There are many examples of getting married in ancient China. Most of them are two parents who want to kissed their relatives. My cousin marries my cousin, or my cousin marries my cousin.At that time, medical and information dissemination was not well developed. Even if there were problems with children, no one would think of the issue of close relatives.

But now the medical care is relatively developed. Many children’s conditions are pointing to a reason that parents are close relatives.Therefore, many medical institutions have specially studied the various conditions brought by the marriage of close relatives.

There are basically few examples of close relatives in China, but in some remote areas, the phenomenon of marriage of close relatives still exists.Some scholars’ investigations found that there were 13 couples in a certain area, and they lived 40 children.But there are only half of the normal children.8 children’s intelligence defects, 6 dumb, 2 mental illness, and 4 dementia.

Another couple married with close relatives gave birth to 3 children, but one was dumb, and the other two were also dementia.

The mother -in -law of cousin or cousin, a mother and brother, will bring about 4,000 same genes on their bodies.If there are the same pathogenic genes, then the child’s child will be more likely to get sick.

The terrible symptoms such as congenital deaf dumb, lip cracking, brain hydroception, schizophrenia, etc. are all the consequences of close relatives.Of course, it also brings rare congenital adrenal hyperplasia like Pingping.

Male and female discernaed and worry

Pingping’s symptoms of gender are not alone.There seems to be girls, but chromosome is male.There are also appearances that seem to be male, but they are actually female chromosomes.

There is a medical term in medicine called female pseudo -bisexual deformities, that is, the reproductive glands inside the body are female characteristics, but they are male characteristics outside.However, the cause of this symptoms has not yet given an exact answer.There were 33 cases because the mother took drugs withrogens during pregnancy, and the cause of other examples was not clear.

At this point, Ping Ping’s life will definitely change.From the perspective of Pingping, he is very pitiful; but from the perspective of his object, his object is quite innocent.

Anyway, if the child’s body is wrong, you should seek medical treatment in time, and don’t speculate on yourself to avoid irreparable effects on the child.

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