The woman was not born in 12 months of pregnancy, and the belly weighed 120 pounds waiting for death.

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In 2009, such a woman appeared in Fuda Hospital,

She has a huge belly, and her action is extremely clumsy,

Slowly walk on the chair in the hospital waiting area,

Her complexion and dark eyes, as if waiting for God to take her away.

Pedestrians in and going to her curiosity and doubts,

At this time, a doctor saw the woman and hurried forward to ask,

As a result, she was 12 months pregnant, with a belly of 60 kilograms, but there was no sign of production.

What the hell does this happen?What are the "monsters" in the woman’s belly?

Can she be able to produce smoothly?

Although Peng Ximei was born in the countryside and grew in the countryside, she was fair and her body.

As soon as he got married, he was favored by many matchmakers in the four township.

As the saying goes, men are married and women are married.

When the marriage age is in rural areas, parents will be urged to marry.

Under the traction of the matchmaker, Peng Ximei and a male guy in the neighboring village dared.

When he met for the first time, the neighboring village guy was attracted by Peng Ximei, and Peng Ximei also had a good opinion of him.

Both sides have the meaning of seeing the eye, so the two began to associate.

The love of rural people is not as strong as big cities, everything is so simple,

Without a few dates, the parents of both parties started to get married.

Talk about the wedding gift and pick the day of marriage, and enter the marriage process.

In this way, in less than a few months, Peng Ximei and her husband completed the wedding under the blessings of relatives and friends.

The honeymoon period that just got married is more like the period of love between the two.

The relationship between the two people just fell into love in love.

Obviously, the love after marriage makes Peng Ximei feel extremely happy.

The husband is also very satisfied with his wife,

He thought he had married a virtuous and beautiful wife and was very intimate for his wife.

Usually some housework in the family, her husband often helps Peng Ximei share,

This is also valuable for rural areas.

This is probably the first time Peng Ximei has seen a man wash the dishes.

From small to large, the tableware at home was washed by mothers or was washed by himself.

The father and brother of the family have never touched it,

In their village, women washing dishes seemed to be a matter of nature.

In this way, Peng Ximei has another layer of good feeling for her husband,

She thought that she married the right person.

When the two got married, the mother -in -law was still very good to Peng Ximei, very gentle,

But within a few months, this mildness began to cool down.

Peng Ximei thought about whether he was not doing well, and began to reflect.

It wasn’t until one day when she went to the vegetable market to buy food, and found that someone murmured behind her,

He said that Peng Ximei has been married for several months, and her stomach has no movement at all. Will she not have children?

After listening, Peng Ximei looked ashamed, lowered her head, and dared not refute. After buying the vegetables, she quickly returned to her home.

She thought about it. The reason why her mother -in -law was cold to herself must be dissatisfied with her failure to get pregnant.

Now the three aunts and six wives outside are talking about their own affairs, and her mother -in -law is under great pressure.

Compared with the honeymoon period, the enthusiasm of her husband has disappeared a lot, and the bowl is not washed.

Bettering to the end is the matter of having children.

At first my mother -in -law was just expressionless, but it didn’t take long,

She began to urge Peng Ximei’s "production",

As long as the stomach does not see movement for a day, the mother -in -law kept thinking about it for a day.

When my mother -in -law urged not to work, she was anxious like an ant on the hot pot, jumping up and down,

Pull Peng Ximei to ask God to worship the Buddha everywhere, burning incense everywhere.

I am not idle every day, and my mother -in -law is inquiring about the traditional Chinese medicine recipes everywhere.

He took Peng Ximei to see the old Chinese medicine everywhere, so that Peng Ximei was pregnant with her child as soon as possible.

Peng Ximei understands the importance of children in the countryside,

It is also strong to cooperate with her mother -in -law’s request, and there are endless Chinese medicine every day.

Sometimes, a bowl of dark and thick traditional Chinese potion is disgusting when it smells the smell.

But for the child, Peng Ximei had to frown and drank her head.

During the period of pregnancy, Peng Ximei and her mother -in -law were particularly hard.

Mother -in -law is going to seek medical medicine every day, and Peng Ximei is drinking strange potions every day.

Drinking gastrointestinal discomfort and poor appetite, the whole person was lost for a while.

The husband also followed the anxiety, and his temper gradually became worse.

I scolded Peng Ximei loudly, as a rural man,

If his wife couldn’t have a child, his face could not hang.

Sometimes, my husband’s brother and friend come home,

It is full of ridicule to the husband’s behavior,

At this time, the husband’s face is dense.

Because Peng Ximei could not conceive her child as scheduled, her husband always couldn’t raise his head in front of relatives and friends.

When everyone began to lose patience to Peng Ximei, suddenly one day,

When Peng Ximei got up, she found that her belly was slightly bulging,

Could it be that the god of worship is clear, and the medicine you drink is effective.

After a few days, her mother -in -law also discovered that Peng Ximei’s belly was a little moved.

The mother -in -law who has always been cold -eyebrows is like a withering flower blooming again,

The corners of the corners of the mouth began to raised, and the eyes seemed to be in tears in the eyes, and the whole person was energetic.

The rushing pregnancy preparation project seemed to have come to an end.

Peng Ximei found that her mother -in -law is much more confident than before.

The turbid voice before began to become clear, and the wind came up.

Husband, drink with my brother,

The voice also followed Hong Liang, and the whole person became extremely confident.

And this must be attributed to Peng Ximei’s arguing belly.

But what made Peng Ximei puzzled was that she listened to others,

When I was pregnant with my child, that is, in the early pregnancy, there would be some adverse reactions.

For example, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, but she has no symptoms.

Peng Ximei thought, maybe everyone’s physique is different,

Perhaps you have a good constitution and do not have these problems.

What made Peng Ximei unexpectedly, her belly rose particularly fast,

Shortly after being pregnant, it is equivalent to the "scale" of others for a few months.

Is the child in the belly too fast?

Although Peng Ximei said her doubts in front of her mother -in -law and husband,

But they are not moving. The husband did not take Peng Ximei for a pregnancy test.

But the mother -in -law was eye -catching for the daughter -in -law’s big belly,

She thinks it must be twins, so her belly is so big.

My mother -in -law is worried that the child in Peng Xi’s belly is insufficient nutrition,

Stewed chicken soup and fish soup for Peng Ximei everywhere in Sancha,

The nourishing supplement is not hesitant at all on the daughter -in -law’s belly,

In order to hold a healthy grandson, her mother -in -law would be willing even if she emptied her family.

Sure enough, with children, the treatment is different,

Now my mother -in -law does not allow Peng Ximei to work,

I’m afraid she will move the fetal gas, for fear she will have a problem.

The husband’s side has become intimate, and the husband of that honeymoon seems to be back again.

Everything seems to be back to the first marriage,

Even the whole family treats Peng Ximei better than just getting married.

Time passed quickly, but Peng Ximei’s belly was faster,

In the tenth month that should have been produced, Peng Ximei’s belly has soared to about 40 pounds.

It’s like a big bucket, how many babies do you have to have?

Just when everyone is looking forward to Peng Ximei to produce quickly,

Peng Ximei did not want to have any reaction to the child.

As a result, the entire family began to become anxious again, and time was passing day by day.

Peng Ximei’s belly also skyrocketed day by day, as long as she did not give birth, Peng Ximei’s belly could grow infinitely.

Could it be that Peng Ximei has a ghost of a fortune, and some people in the village have begun to discuss.

People are awesome, and it comes to pass. It didn’t take long for many people to talk about Peng Ximei with a strange fetus.

In the 12th month, Peng Ximei has not given birth to the child,

Now the mother -in -law and husband can’t stand the pressure at all,

At this time, Peng Ximei’s belly also weighed 60 pounds,

Their family was also worried about whether Peng Ximei was pregnant with a stranger.

Helpless and anxious, her husband took Peng Ximei to the hospital for examination.

When I came to the hospital, everyone was stunned by Peng Ximei’s huge belly,

It seems that no one has seen a pregnant woman who has seen such a big belly,

According to this "scale", there may not be excessive birth.

At this moment, my husband really hopes that his wife is pregnant with eight twins,

This is the worst result. Don’t be pregnant.

Eight children, do a few people to raise a few of them, and the others are given to other people who need children,

After all, there may be many people in the countryside who are not pregnant in the countryside, so be a good deed.

The husband lined up the team, regained the number, and waited for a long time, waiting for a long time,

Peng Ximei was finally sent to the B -ultrasound for B -ultrasound.

The husband is waiting for Peng Ximei’s time to come out from the B -ultrasound room.

He has been silent in his heart to bless the gods, watching the wall clock hanging on the wall,

The second jump was very slow, because every minute in seconds, his heartbeat had to jump several times.

As a result, the doctor’s face was very dignified, and the husband noticed it.

Judging from the image of B -ultrasound, there is no sign of life in Peng Ximei’s belly.

Without any fetal organs, that is to say, Peng Ximei is not pregnant at all.

Subsequently, a few words of the doctor made the husband startled,

The doctor asked: "Have you never done a check -up during pregnancy?"

The husband was speechless, he wanted to fight against the doctor,

Who do this in the countryside, if there is nothing, who will come to the hospital, who will come to the hospital,

But I thought of asking the doctor what happened to this later, so I could only keep it closed.

The doctor said that Peng Ximei’s belly had a lot of water in the stomach,

And through the observation of the instrument, there seems to be a large tumor in it,

From the clinical experience, Peng Ximei should suffer from illness.

And the situation is not optimistic, it seems that the life span is less than 2 years.

When the husband heard the doctor’s interpretation, his face was pale,

He ignored the feelings of Peng Ximei at all, and he left a person on the spot.

Peng Ximei knows that she has been dying soon, except for the tears that can’t stop,

Just choked in a low voice and didn’t dare to cry loudly.Her mood is very complicated,

But I still look forward to the husband’s family who can treat her, maybe the situation is not so bad.

Back home, the mother -in -law who learned the news sat on the ground paralyzed,

I cried while crying: "Unfortunately, the door is unfortunate!".

When the husband saw the poor look of the old mother, he would not fight in one place.

The door will not let Peng Ximei enter, and scold it fiercely:

"Roll, Bai Bai you for so many days, can’t give birth to a child, what to marry you."

Before Peng Ximei spoke, a bang was blown by her husband.

Peng Ximei finally cried. She sat at the door and cried loudly.

She hated God why he was so unfair and why fate tortured her so.

Peng Ximei felt that the whole day was about to fall.

But the girl who marrying is like the water splashed out.

In addition, if you are seriously ill now, if you return to your mother’s house, you will add a burden to the maiden family.

I heard that the cost of treating cancer is astronomical.

The maid’s family can’t save herself, and go back can only make the mother’s family sad.

After Peng Ximei was driven away by her husband’s house, her husband never came to find herself.

She knows that her marriage has ended completely,

So I never returned to her husband’s house, but instead wandered the streets.

Because there is already a big joke in the village, I can no longer tolerate her,

Peng Ximei simply ran to the city to discuss life.

However, Peng Ximei dragged such a big belly, no matter which unit dare not hire her,

For employers, she is a timing bomb.

Peng Ximei has found a job in the city for many days, and she didn’t find it.

In the end, you can only rely on picking up the waste, and live in the place where there is no place. Under the bridge of the city,

It is the place where she shades and rain, and she sleeps in these places.

This day is difficult, because Peng Ximei’s belly is still skyrocketing,

After a few months, Peng Ximei’s belly has soared to more than 100 pounds.

At this time, she didn’t say walking, even her breathing felt a little difficult.

Peng Ximei also knows that she is much time. She feels that she can no longer return to her mother’s house.

Thinking of no one after death, I felt very desolate.

On this day, she saw a ambulance under the flyover and hurriedly drove over with the flute.

Peng Ximei has a clever movement, yes, you can go to the hospital, so even if he dies in the hospital,

Some people also clean up without throwing out of the suburbs.

So, Peng Ximei went to the hospital as a patient,

Sit in the waiting room every day, waiting for the final countdown of life.

This day happened to be the dean of the Guangzhou Fuming University Hospital.

The dean Xu Kecheng saw a pregnant woman’s belly and sat in the waiting room with a bizarre belly, and went forward to ask.

Peng Ximei did not expect that some people in the world cared about her, so she told all her encounters to Dean Xu.

After listening to, Dean Xu was very sympathetic to Peng Ximei and said that she would help Peng Ximei for surgery.

But Peng Ximei cried and complained that she had no money, I am afraid I couldn’t afford the surgery fee.

I did not expect Dean Xu to enthusiastically promise Peng Ximei,

He said that he would do not collect a penny for surgery, and Dean Xu had given her out of the surgery.

Because Peng Ximei’s condition is very bad, she must surgery immediately,

Dean Xu opened the green channel for Peng Ximei,

Arrange the ambulance to send her to Guangzhou Fuma Hospital.

When I came to Fuxing Hospital, I had a whole body test for Peng Ximei,

The situation is really critical.

Peng Ximei’s belly has reached 120 pounds,

The stagnant water in the abdomen was severely compressed to the organs on her body, and there was danger at any time.

Under the leadership of Dean Xu, the Fan University Hospital established an expert group.

First draw the stagnant water from Peng Ximei, and pump up for many hours.

A total of more than 50,000 milliliters of water were drawn before and after, which is equivalent to ten buckets of household water. It feels terrible to think about it.

Then, the expert group did more than ten hours of tumor removal surgery for Peng Ximei.

This tumor weighs 2.3 kg, and a proper watermelon size,

Fortunately, the operation was very successful, and Peng Ximei was out of danger.

After the operation of Peng Ximei, he was also rehabilitated under Dean Xu’s guidance.

These expenses were paid by Dean Xu for his own pocket.

For Peng Ximei, Dean Xu is the angel of white in the sky sent by heaven.

Peng Ximei did not think she was reported, and stayed in Dean Xu’s hospital as a volunteer to help those who needed help.

Give people roses, leave the incense in the hand, and the fragile life is lit because of the good deeds of good people.

A assistance of Dean Xu allowed Peng Ximei to regain the meaning and value of life.

Now that 14 years have passed, Peng Ximei is still living healthily,

With her help, many cancer patients are in the most helpless situation,

After surviving the mental difficulties, because Peng Ximei is their best role model.

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