There are always acne during pregnancy. These 5 kinds of acne are scientific and will not hurt the fetus

It is said that if you have acne after pregnancy, there is a male fetus in your belly.Although it seems to have a chance to measure the sex of the fetus, it is really distressed to stand on the face!During pregnancy, there are taboos for various cosmetics skin care products, and they dare not disordinate acne.So, for pregnant women, can I really only watch acne raging and powerless?Of course, SAY NO, 5 small tricks a day, pregnant women who do not need to get rid of acne products can also restore the skin before pregnancy.

1. Wash your face often

Under the premise of ensuring that the fetal mother is severe, the number of times can be appropriately increased by the fetus, which can be appropriately increased, from twice a day to three times a day, and be sure to wash the face with warm water.Moms with makeup habits should be used as much as possible to use the use of cosmetics. At the same time, it must be cleaned to remove makeup every day to avoid the cosmetics remain on the face to block pores.After cleaning, use skin care products that do not cause damage to pregnant women’s skin in time, and keep the skin tender and refreshing.

Second, sufficient sleep

Pregnant women often suffer from insomnia and unable to sleep due to their stomachs too large.Some pregnant women still stay up late even if they are pregnant.This caused pregnant women to miss the best detoxification time at night. The body’s toxins could not be discharged, and acne appeared.Pregnant women should ensure that there is sufficient sleep and give a sufficient rest time. This is no harmless whether it is a fetus or herself.

Three, drink plenty of water

"Drinking more water" is a good little countermeasure for many things, including acne.Some acne is caused by the lack of moisture in the human body, which is caused by excessive oil, which means that the human body needs to be hydrated.Although hydrating does not necessarily mean drinking water, it is undeniable that drinking plenty of water can promote the discharge of toxins in the body, alleviate constipation, fire, and reduce the growth of acne.

Fourth, adjust your diet

Pay attention to the principle of "three more or two".Multi -fiber foods accelerate metabolism, such as soybeans, bamboo shoots, etc.Multi -vitamin foods repair skin, such as fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.Multi -zinc foods help wound recovery, such as mushrooms, scallops, radish, etc.Less greasy foods avoid excessive oil, such as: buckle, roast chicken, pork belly, etc.Also less spicy foods to avoid stimulating more acne.

Five, massage skin

In addition to paying attention to diet and sleep, pregnant women can also reduce the growth of acne by giving skin massage.After cleaning the face every day or getting up early, gently beating from the bottom from the bottom from the bottom from the bottom from the bottom to the inside out.You can also improve the skin environment and skin problems by steaming face.

In addition, pregnant women must pay attention to: maintain a happy mood and reduce the use of various cosmetics. They must be scientifically rational acne and acne. Do not blindly listen to others and abuse small recipes.Especially oral drugs to treat acne are the most indispensable!


Xu Yunhua China Union Medical University, professor and chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Beijing Union Hospital, has been engaged in the first clinical work for more than 40 years, and has accumulated rich clinical experience "40 weeks of pregnancy full -process manual"

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