There are always blood clots in menstruation. Is it wrong with the body?4 reasons you need to know

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Menstruation is an old friend of a woman, but the situation of menstruation is also closely related to health. Today, through the problem of this girl, Xiaojiu talks about the blood clotter.

Menstruation is mainly caused by endometrial endometrium. The endometrium that is shed and mixed with blood is mixed together, which forms menstrual blood.Generally speaking, there is no blood clot from a physiological perspective, because there is an enzyme for female uterine endometrium to remove fibrosis and make the blood from solidify.

However, if menstruation occasionally with blood clots, there is no need to be too careful, it is also a normal phenomenon. It is mainly related to the amount of menstrual bleeding and the speed of bleeding.Blood clots will form.

What we really need to pay attention to is that if there are more blood clots of menstrual menstrual blood, we need to pay attention, and may be related to some diseases.

First, gynecological inflammation is one of the common causes of blood clots. Generally, leucorrhea is generally determined by observing whether there is gynecological inflammation. If the leucorrhea has bloodshot, you must consider gynecological inflammation.In addition, there is a problem with endometrial in the uterine. For example, the endometrium is ectopic.

Second, if there are too many menstrual flow, blood clots appear, and when menstruation comes, feel that there is no strength and dizziness, and consider whether it is anemia.

Third, poor menstrual blood can also lead to the emergence of blood clots, especially those who are sitting for a long time, because sitting for a long time can cause the blood circulation between qi and blood and pelvic cavity too slow, which is easy to cause menstrual blood stagnation, thereby thus, so as to thus, so asBlood clots appear.

Fourth, some women will reflect the "meat -like" blood clots excreted during menstruation. In fact, this may be a molt -type tissue.If the aunt is not very accurate, sometimes the endometrium will be tied into pieces, and it may be accompanied by lower abdomen pain.But if the symptoms are not very serious, there is no need to worry too much.

If there are often many blood clots during menstruation, you should be alert to these problems, to detect the causes in time, and treat symptomatic treatment. Only after the original disease is cured, the blood clot can be improved.

At this point, the reason for the menstrual blood clots is clear.Because it happened to say menstruation, then briefly speaking the problems often seen next month -irregular menstruation.

Unstable menstrual cycle can be affected by many factors, such as environmental, pressure, emotion, temperature, diet, endocrine, etc. can cause irregular menstruation.However, there is no problem with menstrual delay or early delay or advance. There is no need to worry too much. Generally, it is delayed or more than 10 days in advance to go to the doctor. Especially if there are no protective sex recently, you need to consider the problem of pregnancy.

It should be noted that if you often have irregular menstruation, you need to regulate it in time to avoid adverse effects on the body.

· Develop good work and rest habits, try to go to bed early and get up early to ensure sufficient sleep. If women often stay up late, overwork, etc., it will affect menstruation and cause irregular menstruation.

· Maintain a good mental state, and women’s emotions will be affected during menstruation. At this time, you must learn to regulate your mentality. OtherwiseThe emergence.

· When menstruation is irregular, pay more attention to the diet. You can consume more foods with vitamin C and E, high protein and low -fat to promote the cycle of pelvic blood. In addition, calcium and magnesium are supplemented to relax the muscles;Cold, grilled pickled, fried, spicy and other foods are mainly warm food, so as to prevent blood vessels shrink and poor menstruation, resulting in irregular menstruation.

In addition, drinking some brown sugar ginger soup and cooking eggs for motherwort can also help improve irregular menstruation caused by insufficient qi and blood.

Summary: Occasionally, menstrual blood clots are generally okay, but if they often appear and have more blood clots, be careful of some diseases. It is recommended to seek medical treatment in time.

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