There are always various dreams during pregnancy, but it is not a good thing. This is a warning that the body has given you

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In fact, people will be easier to dream when their mood and increase in pressure, let alone mothers who are prone to this situation during pregnancy.

Previously, a hospital surveyed the prenatal psychology of the maternity in the hospital and found that the psychological burden of mothers accounted for the majority, so most of the time, it was easy to dream when preparing for pregnancy and before having a child.There are.

However, if you have frequent dreams at night, this is not to show that the baby in your belly is "entrusing dreams" to you, it is not a good thing, but the warning from your body: Now your sleep quality is very good.Not good, take some measures!

Dreaming at night will make you easily feel tired during the day, which will affect your health and fetal development.So when this situation appears, if it is caused by nervousness and anxiety, you can read books, listen to songs before going to bed, relieve emotions, and relax yourself

In the daytime, maintaining a proper amount of exercise will help you sleep at night.

We will give them special meanings in a special period of dreams like this in a special period to express our beautiful hope for children. Now the baby dream can predict that there are no specific basis for boys and women.Don’t care too much about the accuracy of the baby dream.

What do you dream of when you are pregnant?

I still remember to listen to my mother saying that when she was pregnant, she dreamed that there was a large box in front of her eyes. I opened it and found that there were two different shapes of beautiful jade inside. The old man said that this would definitely have two.When I found that the twins, the sisters were not similar at all, haha.

Some were more than 20 days before the due date. In those few days, I dreamed of dreamed in those days. I always dreamed that a snake climbed over to her and suddenly wrapped her waist. At that time, I thought I would bite her.Essence

Some of them dreamed that a nest of a little mouse was challenging in her dream. When dreaming, she found out that a group of bunny came from, and they drove the nest of mice together.

Others launched a "chase battle" with the red -haired wild boar in the dream.Watching him running towards himself, running to the second floor and finding the red -haired wild boar was still there. After leading it to a room on the second floor, he quickly locked the door after running out, so he didn’t chase it again.

Have you ever had a dream during pregnancy?


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