There are many symptoms after pregnancy. These 7 points are the most obvious

After women are pregnant, there will be different symptoms of symptoms. Maybe many women do not know that they are pregnant, because the reaction during pregnancy is not only manifested as pregnancy vomiting, and even some mothers have no pregnancy reaction after pregnancy. This is not very physical or physical quality.Good mothers are very dangerous and are not conducive to fetal protection.Before, a pregnant mother ran three kilometers desperately because she did not know that she was pregnant in the early days of pregnancy, which eventually led to bleeding and thought that the physiological period came.As a female friend, understanding the symptoms of early pregnancy is very beneficial to fetal health.

What are the general symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. Menstruation is not tide on time

Menstruation does not have the most obvious symptoms of pregnancy on time, because this signal will make women more cautious and continue to pay attention to whether there are other abnormalities. Most women find that they are pregnant through this symptom., But after sexual life, there is still no menstruation for two weeks after sex, and it may be pregnant.There are also some diseases that may lead to late menstruation, such as poor ovarian function, or disorders of hormonal secretion, so after menstruation stops, it is best to check whether you are pregnant.

2. Early pregnancy reaction

Female friends often feel nausea, vomiting and other conditions after pregnancy, especially in the morning in the morning. This is because the choric membrane in the body promotes the increase in gonadotropin, the gastric acid secretion decreases, and the growth of gastric emptying time is caused.Everyone’s symptoms are different. Some people have mild symptoms, but some people have severe symptoms.

3. Breast sensitivity

Some female friends will have breast sensitivity after pregnancy. Generally, after a few days of conception, they will feel that the breasts are painful and the breasts become soft. It may be changed in the body.It will be relieved, don’t worry too much, of course, some female friends slowly detect that they are pregnant through this symptom.

4. It’s easy to get tired

Women are prone to tiredness after pregnancy, especially in the early days of pregnancy. Pregnant mothers are prone to feel tired and weak. They like to sleep more than usual. This phenomenon will gradually improve until the middle of the pregnancy.

5. Change the vaginal mucosa

Female friends may show darker colors due to congestion in the early stages of pregnancy, but it is difficult for ordinary people to judge this, which is generally detected by doctors.

6. Skin changes

Female friends may produce pigment precipitation on the skin after pregnancy, and stretch marks on the belly may produce. This is more obvious in the late pregnancy.

7. Basic body temperature rises

Female friends will make the human body higher after pregnancy, or you will feel hot, and even doubt whether you have a fever. At this time, you need to measure your body temperature to see if you are higher than normal body temperature. If youThe body temperature is higher than usual, and it lasted about half a month, proving that your body has changed, and it is likely to be pregnant.

What are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy? The symptoms of each mother are different. Some pregnant mothers may have several symptoms at the same time. This requires female friends to observe more and always pay attention to their physical response.Once you are pregnant, you can take the corresponding care measures in the early pregnancy as soon as possible.

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