There are pregnant women at home, and these ten kinds of things must not be eaten!

Pregnancy is a special experience for many expectant mothers. At this time, they must carefully handle each diet option.Because any nutrition and chemicals entering from their bodies will directly affect the growing fetus.Although metabolism is more efficient than usual during this period, this does not guarantee that all substances can be well absorbed and make them free through the placenta.Therefore, in daily diet, you should try to avoid food or drinks that may be harmful to ensure the health of the fetus.

The consumption of vegetables and fruits is disturbed by food safety problems, but there are many meat and seafood.Raw meat and raw fish may have bacteria and parasites, such as Salmonella, Toxoplasma, liver absorption, and so on.These microorganisms can cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, hepatitis B, and seriously affect fetal health.It is important to note that it should be more vigilant in the early stages of pregnancy, because the process of cell division and development requires sufficient nutrition.

Many meat products on the market are saved by smoking, pickling and canning. Many chemicals are added during this treatment process.Although these foods can be saved and carried more easily, it is not good for fetal health.These processing methods will not only reduce the nutritional value of food, but also may produce additives such as carcinogens and preservatives.

Fish is a common high -protein food, but some types of fish are polluted.Generally speaking, large marine carnivores such as Great Wunfana, Shark and Eel are rich in mercury.When people eat these lakes or toxic metals growing in the ocean, signs of blood, cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc. may also occur, and they can also affect fetal nerve development.

Foods and beverages containing caffeine during pregnancy may have a negative impact on the mother.Nevertheless, caffeine is still widely used by many people in daily diet, which may cause problems such as premature birth and low birth weight and affect fetal health.

Many people like to eat pickled vegetables and cheese.But these foods often contain excessive additives or bacteria, endangering fetal health.In addition, these additives may have a negative impact on the body of pregnant women.

Herbal grass is a kind of shrinking uterus and should be avoided during pregnancy.Although wormwood can relieve menstrual pain, regulate endocrine and eliminate moisture, pregnant women should not be exposed to wormwood in the early stages of pregnancy to avoid unnecessary problems.

All alcohol causes harm to the fetus.Whether cocktails, beer, or any other drinks containing alcohol, they need to be avoided.If the mother consumes these substances in large quantities during pregnancy, they will affect the fetal’s intelligence and behavior development, and may lead to a series of problems.

During the process of raw vegetables and fruits, it is easy to carry bacteria and pesticide residues, and may even cause infection or poisoning.These foods should be eaten as little as possible during pregnancy, or are treated by heating and disinfection.

Fried or greasy foods can easily cause symptoms such as physical discomfort, stomach burning, and indigestion.During pregnancy, the metabolic speed of pregnant women becomes faster, making these problems more obvious.This diet model will not only cause unnecessary pressure on fetal health, but also leads to the development of chronic diseases.

High -salt diet will have a negative effect on the balance of body fluid, which will cause body edema or hypertension.During pregnancy, this problem is more likely to occur, and it may lead to a series of other problems.Therefore, high -salt food should be avoided in daily diet.

In short, during pregnancy, pregnant women need to pay special attention to diet safety.By avoiding the above ten taboos, expectant mothers can ensure the health and normal development of the fetus, laying the foundation for the initial development of life.

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