There are signs before the cardiac arrest. In these cases, see if you have it?

Since her pregnancy, Xiaoli has left at home at her husband’s request.At the beginning, Xiaoli was very excited. Finally, she didn’t have to live in the workplace of the workplace earlier eighty -six, and she could sleep naturally every day without facing the boss’s storm.Make some meals, clean up the house, or ask friends to go shopping. There is no pressure to make it happy.

Over time, Xiaoli gradually felt boring.Life was too bland, and she began to miss the days of work.But with the child, with a big belly, which company will let her go to work.She complained to her husband that at first her husband still gently persuaded, as the number of times increased, her husband began to get bored, and even began to yell at her.Xiaoli’s mood slowly began to lower, but she just thought of the child in her belly. She was strong and told herself that I wanted to be a good mother.

October conceive, Guide is cooked.Finally ushered in the birth of a new life. When the doctor put the baby beside Xiaoli, the fullness of motherly love came into being. She secretly decided to make her little cotton jacket happy.

When Xiaoli walked out of the door of the delivery room with the joy of harvesting, it was the black face of her husband’s family. The mother -in -law said directly to Xiaoli: "Why are you so blessed, give birth to a burden!", Xiaoli was shivered by a lightning strike, trembling, what happened to the girl, why is it so heavy and young.I heard her husband said that his family liked boys, and Xiaoli didn’t take it for granted. I didn’t expect that it was indeed a hit.

Because she was a girl, her in -laws never came to the house after they were discharged.During the confinement, Xiaoli could only let her mother come over to help.Her husband does not like his child very much, does not hold or coax.The baby cried too much, and her husband would roar herself, and the baby’s cry was noisy.

After the confinement, the mother went home, and the baby could only bring Xiaoli himself.Cooking, washing dishes, doing housework, and bringing children have become her own business.Her husband started playing the game after eating. Once Xiaoli or the child quarreled with him, he started to get angry, and sometimes even hit Xiaoli.For the sake of children, Xiaoli can only endure, and she is busy every day.Xiaoli’s mood began to be depressed, and often couldn’t sleep, dizzy, panicked, chest tightness and chest pain. He told her husband that her husband said that she was a fuss and ignored it.Xiaoli can only endure it alone.Holding to endure, one morning, Xiaoli’s husband couldn’t wake up Xiaoli. Xiaoli resigned from the world like this, and the baby had no mother.

Like Xiaoli, because of long -term mental tension, physical discomfort has not been treated in a timely manner, and the condition continues to develop, which will induce cardiac arrest.When the heart stopped, the rescue was not performed for the first time, which delayed the treatment time, which led to death.

In life, there are many people who die suddenly.The attack of the cardiac arrest is often very sudden. Once the heart suddenly stops beating, it will interrupt the blood supply of the important organs of the entire body, which can cause death in a few minutes.And because of the loss of the best rescue time because of the cardiac arrest, there are also many deaths that lead to death.When the cardiac arrest is stopped, the sooner the first aid, the higher the survival rate.Each delay for 1 minute, the survival rate is reduced by 10%.Therefore, the golden time of rescue is very important. Once you miss it, there is an unpredictable consequence.

In life, many diseases often have signs in advance. Many people ignore these minor signs, so that minor diseases become serious diseases, and even more serious is to lose their lives.There are many reasons for the cardiac arrest. Do you have the following four situations? Please pay attention if you have any

1. Have cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Once there is a disease in this area, you have to pay attention to the risk of cardiac arrest.Usually take the medicine on time according to the doctor’s order, and do not do severe exercise.

2. There are dizziness and dizziness.I got up in the morning, my head felt very heavy, drowsy, I didn’t wake up, I always wanted to sleep, I sat up and felt the top of the house turned. Once this happened, I went to the hospital to check in time.

3. There are often panic, fast heartbeat, and chest pain.Usually exercise too much, or when you encounter things that stimulate yourself, you will involuntarily panic and heartbeats. Only a long time can you calm down, or regular chest pain. These situations must be taken seriously and seek medical treatment early.

4. Irregular work and rest.Always stay up late, excessive physical fatigue, autoimmune will decrease, and there may be risk of cardiac arrest at any time.

5. Excessive mental stress.Excessive mental tension, always tight, and often in a state of anxiety or depression, which will increase the risk of cardiac arrest.

6, a lot of smoking and drinking.A large amount of smoking and drinking will seriously hurt the various functions of the body, which will seriously affect the health of the body.For example, alcoholism caused by drinking a lot of alcohol will cause dysfunction of the central nervous system, hurting each organs, thereby cardiac arrest and crisis life.

The mortality of cardiac arrest is so high. Only from the source to avoid the probability of death due to cardiac arrest.Let ’s talk about a few methods to avoid cardiac arrest.

1. Quit smoking and drinking.Tobacco and alcohol will cause irreversible damage to the body, so you need to quit smoking and alcohol.

2. Reasonable diet.Many diseases enter from the mouth, and healthy eating habits can reduce the chance of onset.

3. Combination of labor and rest.Avoid excessive fatigue, maintain a good and comfortable mood, and exercise reasonably.

4. Seek medical treatment in time.If you have discomfort in your body, check the examination in time.

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