There are stories with wine, how much do you know about drinking alcohol?

There are many deep stories, and friends cannot be less.When the deep drift is successful, we use wine to tell stories.There are stories with wine and stories. Chinese people are inseparable from alcohol all their lives. Especially holiday drinking has become an important link for people’s emotional exchanges. It is best to drink in moderation and be slightly stingy.When you push the cup, you forget that there are many taboos when you forget to drink. After all, drinking too much not only hurts the body, but also causes the soul to hurt.

Drink too much

Wine is a good thing. In addition to being able to solve the sorrow, moderate drinking also has certain benefits for the body. It can relieve muscles and blood, increase blood survival, and can also play a certain role in the cold in winter.However, drinking must be controlled by drinking. Drinking unsuitable sea is the most likely to hurt the body.There are also records in the ancient books that "Drink and Drunk, Drunk injury to the minds of the big drunk."Some patients with diseases, such as patients with hypertension, have even dangerous to cerebral hemorrhage.Therefore, drinking must be available.

Two avoid drinking too fiercely

Drinking is the most difficult to drink.In ancient times, even the wine glass was a small one. From the perspective of the ancients, "big bowls of drinking and eating meat" were the behavior of non -domestication.Drinking too much harm, the most serious of which is alcohol in wine.

Three avoid drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, especially high concentration, has great harm to the mouth, esophageal, stomach, and liver.Experiments show that as long as 30 minutes of an empty stomach, the toxic response of alcohol to the body can reach its peak.Drinking boring or drinking wine is easy to get drunk.Therefore, before drinking alcohol, eat some food, high protein and food containing more vitamins, which enhances the enzyme vitality of alcohol to decompose alcohol in the body, and can protect the liver to a certain extent.But when drinking, it is not advisable to eat too salty food.It will cause the cerebral cortex to be in an abnormal excitement or paralysis state, people will lose control, and arteriosclerosis patients will even have cerebrovascular accidents.Therefore, drinking must not be "drank".

Four avoid drinking cold wine

In the case of conditions, drinking warm wine is better than drinking cold wine.Why do you hot?This is scientific.The main component of liquor is ethanol (alcohol). In addition, there are aldehydes. Excessive drinking can cause alcoholic poisoning.Although aldehydes are not the main components of liquor, it is much more damage to the human body than alcohol.However, the boiling point of the aldehyde is low, only about 20 ° C, so as long as the wine is hot, it can make most of the aldehyde swing and reduce the harm to the human body.

Five -to -avoid drinking mixed wine

Generally speaking, wine is divided into two types: fermented wine (such as rice wine, beer) and distilled wine (such as liquor). The response caused by the two in the body is very different.Fermented wine has little essence, but mixed quality, such as distilled wine with alcohol concentration, can easily get drunk and easily cause adverse reactions such as headache and nausea.Therefore, try to avoid drinking mixed wine.

Sixth taboo tobacco and alcohol mix

At the banquet, some people are common to drink while drinking.Smoking is harmful. In fact, drinking while drinking is more harmful to your body?There is a cloud of folk proverbs, "Smoking and drinking, one bite." This is because alcohol can accelerate blood vessels and body fluid circulation, and the toxic substances in cigarettes are easily soluble in water.Absorption of Nigerin in cigarettes.In addition, due to the toxic effect of alcohol, it can affect the detoxification function of the liver to nicotine and other objects. Therefore, smoking during drinking is more harmful to the human body.

Seven bogey to drink with illness

Patients should not drink alcohol, especially for liver and gallbladder disease, cardiovascular disease, stomach or duodenal ulcer, epilepsy, dementia, obese patients, etc., to avoid alcohol is imperative.For example, people who suffer from hepatitis or other liver disease should not drink even if the alcohol content is very low, so as not to aggravate the disease.

This is because alcohol can prevent the synthesis of liver sugar elevations, enable the fat of the surrounding tissue to enter the liver, and accelerate the speed of the liver synthesis of fat.In this way, people with hepatitis diseases are more likely to form fatty liver when hepatocytes are damaged in large quantities.At the same time, ethanol is in the liver, and it must be turned into acetaldehyde first, and then into acetic acid in order to continue to participate in the three -carboxylic acid cycle for thorough metabolism. Finally, it is oxidized into carbon dioxide and water. At the same time, energy is released for consumption during human activity.Patients with hepatitis have reduced the function of acetaldehyde in the liver to oxidize into acetic acid, which accumulates acetaldehyde in the liver.The aldehydes are a toxic substance that can produce a direct poisoning effect on the substantial cells of the liver.Patients drink alcohol, which is likely to cause further deterioration of the condition. Therefore, do not drink alcohol in the disease.

Eight taboos drinking during pregnancy

The alcohol in the wine can harm the fetus through the blood. The smaller the fetus, the more sensitive it is.Drinking will cause the fetus’s brain and heart to be poisoned by alcohol, causing the fetus to slow down, increase the mortality rate, and also affect intelligence after birth.Therefore, pregnant women should try to avoid drinking as much as possible during pregnancy.

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