There is a "needle -like pain" in my belly for 4 months, don’t worry!It may be these three cases, with suggestions

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Today, she has been chatting with a pregnant mother. She has been pregnant for more than four months. She has a serious pregnancy response in the early pregnancy. She starts with the index of the index every day.But this is almost 18 weeks now. The pregnancy reaction is almost gone, but she is not as "comfortable" as she thinks. I still can’t eat, sleep well, and frequent urination.It’s right.

In the morning, she looked for me because I had appeared several times in the small stomach in recent days. Although it was occasional, I was also worried, but now it is a special period.Ask me if I do n’t know what’s going on.

As a "come here", I have also experienced such experience during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers should have experienced it. Is this normal? Is it normal?Let’s analyze.

1. Physiological phenomenon during normal pregnancy

Truth: With the development of the fetus, there is a pain of the skin, muscles, and ligaments during the expansion of the uterine expansion.

The chance of occurring: ★★★★

After pregnancy, with the development of the fetus, the uterus will gradually increase, especially after entering the middle of pregnancy, the fetal development is accelerating, and the increase in uterine increase will increase.

Just like blowing balloons, the original normal uterus must gradually grow larger, and the organs around the body will be squeezed, and there will be involved in the skin, muscles and ligaments.抻 抻 抻 抻.

Suggestion of Beijing Mom:

① First of all, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. Pay attention to rest;

② In addition, the rapid expansion of the uterus will cause the pressure of the abdominal skin to suffer more and more. If "unable to support", stretch marks will be "pulled".Therefore, we must start to prevent stretch marks from the middle of pregnancy, otherwise stretch marks will be developed, and it is not easy to disappear after the baby is born.

2. It appears due to external stimulus

Truth: Due to external forces, the ligaments appear painful.

The chance of occurring: ★★★

After pregnancy, because there is a baby in the stomach, the actions of pregnant mothers are no better than before, and there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to.If you don’t pay attention to it, you may have a "needle -like" encouragement pain in the lower abdomen because of the external force, but it is not always there, but occasionally.

This external force may be the following: when the husband and wife are in the same room, due to the excessive strength and exaggerated movement, the abdomen is involved; bending over to do housework, especially to do gravity; during exercise, due to improper strength or excessive amplitude due to improper efforts or excessive amplitude of excessive amplitudeIt involves the lower abdomen; the pregnant mother is too tired, causing muscles to strain, affecting ligament.

Suggestion of Beijing Mom:

① Although you can have the same room in the middle of pregnancy, you must pay attention to gently to avoid danger and affect the fetus;

② When pregnant mothers do housework and exercise, pay attention to the amplitude and intensity to avoid doing strenuous exercise, great exercise, and exercise for too long, and pay attention to rest, not too tired.

3. Abnormal situation

Truth: Summary of abortion

The chance of occurring: ★

If the pregnant mother feels acupunctured abdominal pain and is very frequent or accompanied by vaginal bleeding, be careful of the manifestation of miscarriage. At this time

Although in 4 months of pregnancy, the chance of stopping and abortion is very small in the early pregnancy, but you should pay attention to this month and not care about it.

1. Strengthen nutrition

Entering the middle of pregnancy, the fetal development is accelerated, and the demand for nutrition has also increased. From then on, pregnant mothers should pay attention to strengthening nutrition, especially the supplement of nutrients such as high -quality protein, iron, calcium, iodine.

On the basis of ensuring the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers pay attention to preventing the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia, calcium deficiency, and iodine deficiency.

2. Persist in exercise

After 4 months of pregnancy, the pregnancy response gradually disappeared, and the state of the pregnant mother began to improve. Then, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of exercise. Adhering to exercise during pregnancy will not only help enhance the physique of pregnant mothers, but also be conducive to weight control and smooth delivery.

Recommended exercise, such as walking, slow walking, yoga during pregnancy, gymnastics during pregnancy, climbing stairs, appropriate housework, etc., can be arranged according to your actual situation.

3. Correctly in the same room

The same room is not recommended in the early stages of pregnancy, because the embryo is still unstable, afraid of abortion.Although the fetus is relatively stable, the fetus still needs to pay attention to the same room. The movement should be gentle to avoid danger to the pregnant mother and the fetus.

In addition, let’s remind you: Don’t be too frequent in the same room.

4. Examination on time

Starting from 12 weeks of pregnancy, important checkups are concentrated in the middle of pregnancy, such as Tang screening, large and small discharge screening, sugar resistance tests, etc. These check -ups are important. ThereforeEvery time the check -up, it can be discovered and avoided early.

5. Arrange travel

Many pregnant mothers have experienced "early pain" and want to go out to disperse and see the scenery. The second trimester is suitable for arranging a small trip.However, it is best to plan in advance. Considering the travel method, the actual situation of the travel destination, the time of the family, etc., the safe and relaxed travel can achieve the purpose of dispersion, and it is also conducive to the healthy development of the fetus.

4 months of pregnancy is a relatively safe and comfortable month. Without the reaction of pregnancy, the stomach is not too big, but there are many aspects that need to be paid attention to. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to these aspects, safely and smoothly spend the pregnancy during the most important.

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