There is a kind of pregnancy called dreams to come true. Dreaming of pregnancy results are really pregnant, and TV series dare not write like this

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As the saying goes, "If you have the heart to plant flowers, you can’t open the flowers, and you don’t have the intention to insert willow and will have a shade." Many mothers have tried countless methods, but they can’t conceive when they want to get pregnant.

Some mothers have a lot of heart, and after a certain period of pregnancy, they find that they are already happy.Some netizens Baoma shared their magical journey of finding their pregnancy.


Netizen A: "My son won the card". During this time, I was playing cards with my family every day, but I have always lost money. I was lucky during that time.My friends at home are joking with me, "You are so lucky, are you pregnant?"

When I was at the table, I always felt that they were just jealous of my good luck. Early the next morning, the ghost made the pregnancy test stick. "Two bars!" At that time, I just felt crying and laughing.

Netizen B: You may not believe it, I dream of getting pregnant.One day I dreamed of a little girl, weird, very cute.Keep my pants and keep me away from letting me go.At that time, she hugged her to play and eat everywhere.

I woke up a little bit melancholy. I was also preparing for pregnancy. I found that I was really pregnant.But I didn’t expect to have a son.I often tell my son that you return my daughter to me.

Netizen C: "I went to a hospital with illness, and the doctor informed that I could prepare to have a child." I am fatter, belonging to the type without waist, and the belly is very large.Some time ago, my stomach was uncomfortable, and my aunt didn’t come, and I thought it would be better to drag for a while.

Unexpectedly, over time, the belly was getting more and more uncomfortable.I had no choice but to go to the hospital.Unexpectedly, as soon as the doctor finished the diagnosis, I informed me to prepare to have children in a few days.

Netizen D: "The news of my pregnancy was told by my husband’s friend."My husband and I have always been actively preparing for pregnancy, but I ca n’t worry about it, so I started to let go of myself.I couldn’t worry about eating with his friends one day, but I raised it casually. My aunt hasn’t come for a long time, and my friend immediately asked me to buy a pregnancy test stick to test it. "Two bars!"The pig called.

Netizens learned that their experience of pregnancy is really a variety of, and some say that the child pointed at his belly and said that there were little babies inside, but it was really pregnant: some of them found that it was pregnant.etc.Maybe the TV series dare not write like this.After all, the TV series is only reflected by pregnancy.

But if you can know that you are pregnant in advance, you will have more time to prepare. How can I know that I am pregnant?

1. The body temperature is higher than usual

Human body temperature will be maintained at a more comfortable temperature, but if you are pregnant, the possibility of fever is excluded. Due to the impact of hormone levels in the body, the body temperature will rise, and the pregnant woman feels very strange.

Second, increase vaginal secretions

The increase in vaginal secretions may also be a mark of pregnancy, but at this time, many women often treat them as gynecological inflammation, and even use medication at will, which is not conducive to the development of the fetus.Therefore, when the vaginal secretion increases, go to the hospital by the way to hang an obstetric department to see if you are pregnant.

Third, easy to feel tired

Women after pregnancy are very easy to feel tired. Due to the changes in hormones in the body, they become very easy to be lethargic and tired.If a strong woman who often works overtime, she will even mistake this feeling as the tiredness after work.At this time, you need to rest for two days to see if you are still very sleepy. If so, go to the hospital to verify whether you are pregnant.

Fourth, "Auntie" run away

Auntie is the most obvious feature of pregnancy, but for some irregular menstruation, it seems difficult to use this judgment to be pregnant.But in general, after more than three months, my aunt must go to the hospital to check the body in time and verify that I am pregnant by the way

Fifth, asymptomatic retching

Some women will have asymptomatic retching after pregnancy. It may be when they wake up in the morning, or they may be inexplicable when they are eating, and they are likely to be pregnant.

Moms, how did you find that you were pregnant?Welcome to share a message below, and let the novice mothers have a bottom.(Com with the figures derived from the Internet, invading and deleting)

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