There is a rare scene in Jiangzhong, I took it

"It’s shot!

The porpoise also molt the fetal skin."

June 24

Yichang Morfa Protecting Volunteer Yang He

Tell the Changjiang Daily Reporter excitedly

He observed the shooting that the newly born porpoise this year

The whole process of "609" molting


Little dolphin side

Began "White Flowers"

Little Queppin (bottom) physical on the body

"Flower spots" is even more obvious

Little Queenpin (left) fetal skin

Start with a piece of molting one by one

Become "Flower Qiplom"

Little Queqi (below) After molting the fetal skin

The skin becomes smoother and rounded

"In the first half of this year, a total of 2 small porpoons were born in the Yangtze River section of Yichang. One of them was about June 9th, and our porch volunteer team named it ‘609’.Introduction.

He squatted for half a month in a row and recorded the little bit of this new life.On June 17, he discovered that a beautiful "white flower" appeared on the side of the "609" on the 8th day of birth.In the following days, more "flower spots" appeared on it, and gradually became "spots".By June 23, all these white spots on the "609" born about half a month disappeared, and its skin became smoother and rounded.

On the 24th, Dr. Hao Yujiang, an associate researcher at the Institute of Aquatic Biological Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the executive deputy secretary -general of the Wuhan White Cycles Drug Protection Foundation, confirmed that this is a molting (molting fetal skin) process experienced by the Yangtze River in the Yangtze River.Physiological phenomenon.

The porpoise generally starts molting on the second week after birth. First, some parts are foaming and white, and then bloated, like a "white flower", and then gradually expand to multiple parts until it falls off the skin naturally.The whole process is 3-5 days and a week long.

This molting skin is slightly black and thick, with a thick place of 2-3 mm, and the thin is about 1 mm.After the molting, the new skin becomes very beautiful.

In front of Yang He’s lens, another small porpoch born earlier this year has also experienced the molting process of this "spot dolphin" to become "round dolphin".

Hao Yujiang confirmed that Yanghe’s group of pictures is the first complete process of porpoons molting in the natural waters of the Hubei section of the Yangtze River.

Writing: Reporter Jin Wenbing

Photography: Yang He

Source: Changjiang Daily

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