There is an ectopic pregnancy that can be pregnant naturally

If there was an ectopic pregnancy in the past, the fallopian tube on the side may be removed. Even if the fallopian tube was retained at the time, basically the tubal of the tubal of the side lost its function.

If ectopic pregnancy is adopted at the time, conservative treatment will also cause certain damage to the fallopian tube, which will increase the condition of fallopian tube adhesion, water accumulation or unsatisfactory, and increase the chance of re -ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is mainly caused by tubal adhesion, water accumulation, or inadequate. However, after ectopic pregnancy occurs, in most cases, treatment is limited to removing the pregnancy sac or removing the fallopian tube.Check or treat.

How to get through the fallopian tubes after ectopic pregnancy?

There are several methods for dredging the fallopian tube, including fallopian tubal angiography, fallopian tubal liquid (less useful), and combined surgery of tubal and laparoscopy through surgery, including hysteroscopy and laparoscopic surgery.The situation can also be dredged through the guide wire.

There is a history of external pregnancy, which has a certain impact on the next pregnancy, because at least 50%of the opportunity to be 50%less than normal women.If the remaining tubes are unobstructed, there is still opportunities for natural conception.

Before you have a history of extraterritical pregnancy, you should choose to go to the hospital for a movie examination within 3-7 days when you have a clean menstruation to see if the fallopian tubes are normal because most of the cases are caused by pelvic inflammation caused by inflammation of the fallopian tubes caused by pelvic inflammation.Ectopic pregnancy often has a problem with the fallopian tubes on both sides, so it is necessary to make a clear diagnosis.

It may be because there is a history of extraterreals in the palace, and there will be slight abdominal pain discomfort during angiography. Generally, it is within the range that can be tolerated. Don’t be too nervous!

Be sure to relax. In clinical practice, many women have a history of extraterritorial pregnancy. The remaining tubes are unobstructed, and they have successfully become naturally pregnant.

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