There is hope for love!

I haven’t written anything for a long time.It feels rusty!I can’t write any reason.I can only talk about ordinary things."There is a hope for love" is what I want to say. Love is not a great slogan. We must implement it in reality!

Starting from the cycle of our mother.Every day we must take care of each of us seriously every day. For a few weeks of pregnancy, we will not go to the hospital for a month without a period of time.Tell us that small instruments are 980 % correct, some people are immersed in joy, and some people will be overwhelmed with sadness!Because this is the beginning of life, but also the days when responsibility on the shoulders.

Love is the person who starts from a small tadpole to the people who grow up and mature.With the love we are from time to time, there is a good day today. With cuteness, wisdom, harmony, humans, etc., we must cherish ourselves and family members, we must unite, work hard to protect us’sLife.Be happy.

Speaking of simple, it is not so easy to do. It takes more than 20 years to pay, so that we can be regarded as a complete life. These are all people who are really going to summarize.It is estimated that there are not many.Therefore, no matter how perfect the society is, it is still not beautiful in every family. There are still many regrets. Each household is experiencing, and many people are struggling in pain. There is something wrong there!That is, there is a problem with the way of love. There is no standard for love. There are many problems in the wrong way, which will lead to our lives.Uknamed!

There are two familiar people around me.Both boys are still in their twenties, one is a metropolis, and the other is rural people. Both boys have dropped out of school after junior high school!The kind of crowd who sleeps during the day and played at night, although the days in the future cannot be concluded, but!Do not change like this.It will be difficult for them to want it in their lives!

This group of people said in the society as those abandoned by the society.The real problem is between family education and parents’ raising. Many people do not admit their weaknesses. This is the most stupid side of people, and people themselves have no perfect person.

Many people don’t want to get married now.If you don’t want to give birth, you are actually everywhere, and it can be seen everywhere; a decent disaster is formed.We must find out the reason in the wrong direction, make the human construction more perfect, and have hope for love, and we must cheer for love!Go to fight, work hard, make human construction more perfect, save these amnesia youths, tolerate them, and then help them. They will go out of the predicament, make every family beautiful and harmonious, and let society and beauty!Laughing and laughing, singing the peace and health of the motherland.

Let’s talk about the beginning of the article. Our parents are not perfect.We are not perfect.We must work hard, learn, and struggle. We must overcome difficulties, do our best, and be a reliable and healthy person.

I will say the next article.Breeding, growth, life, growth, and success.

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