There is irregular stomach pain at 39 weeks of pregnancy, or a precursor before the production process starts, which may attract attention.

Women can give birth naturally at about 38-43 weeks, but based on personal physical conditions, there will be volatility changes in specific childbirth time.After 38 weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay effective attention to the body. Once there are abnormal signs, it is necessaryKnow quickly.What is going on when the stomach pain is irregular at 39 weeks of pregnancy?

When pregnant women reaches a certain cycle, their physical performance will definitely be different.Whether it is a number of details such as the body or signs, there will be more or less different degrees of changes.By 39 weeks of pregnancy, the frequency of contractions began to become frequent, and it can easily cause stomach pain and other manifestations.However, when this contraction frequency is different, the significance of the body will also vary from person to person. It does not mean that the stomach pain in 39 weeks of pregnancy must be the performance of the birth process.When the stomach pain is irregular at 39 weeks of pregnancy, it can only indicate that the body starts to adapt to the state of delivery during delivery, and stimulates the tissue inside the birth canal with the manifestation of fake contractions.After the contraction frequency starts to officially adjust, it can naturally enter the output process and give birth.

The irregular stomach pain at 39 weeks of pregnancy is mostly caused by the cause of fake contractions. This contraction is to allow pregnant women to adapt to the sign of signs during childbirth in advance.After 3-10 days of irregular contractions, the body of pregnant women starts to gradually adapt and officially enters regular contractions.Once the contraction frequency becomes regular and frequent, it takes about 4-36 hours to officially enter the production process and give birth.Therefore, when the stomach pain is irregular at 39 weeks of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to and start proper exercise and strengthen the body’s adaptability.At the same time, after packing and the launch of the production process, we must also pay close attention to whether there are performance such as breaking water, redness, and regular contractions.As the body starts to respond to delivery, it is necessary to go to the hospital for delivery and prepare for delivery.

It can be seen from the above that the irregular stomach pain at 39 weeks of pregnancy is a precursor before the launch of the output process. Generally, because the body gradually adapts to the situation of rapid delivery, it will cause continuous false contractions and cause abdominal pain.Usually when there is irregular stomach pain, there is no need to be too careful. Instead, prepare related items and other related items to be produced, and wait for the water to break, see red or regular contractions.To give birth and take delivery.Therefore, when the stomach pain is irregular at 39 weeks of pregnancy, you must pay more attention and treat it carefully, and you can know when you have a childbirth response.

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