There is no money when marrying, and was beaten after pregnancy!Husband Chengdu: If you want to die, you jump!As a result, pregnant mother …

A quarrel occurred on the way home in Pengzhou, Chengdu, because of her husband, a pregnant wife jumped into the river, and from then on, yin and yang were separated.

On September 14, Shi Yan, a prosecutor of Pengzhou Procuratorate, told reporters about the tragedy process.

On May 30, 2016, Liu drove on his way back to his hometown in Pengzhou. The 23 -year -old wife Lu was sitting in the co -driver. At this time, he was pregnant.When I went home this time, I wanted to borrow money from Liu’s mother. "The insurance of the car is about to expire, and the two are very tight at hand."

On the way, the two talked about the problem of money again, so the quarrel broke out.

In the anger of Liu, he hit his wife on the co -driver with a sleeve wrench.After that, his wife picked up the wrench put down by her husband and smashed Liu Mou’s hand.

Seeing his wife’s hands, the man stopped the car, grabbed the wrench again, hit his wife’s head, and suddenly blood flowed.

The wife was injured and had no money on her body.Liu called her mother and asked her to send some money. She would take his wife to the clinic to seek medical treatment, and met at the bridge head of Baimiao Village, Pai Town, Tianpeng Town, Tianpeng Town, Pengzhou.

Who knows, just waiting for the mother’s time, the two who had calmly quarreled again.

"Marry you without money, don’t say, you are frightened when you are pregnant. You are forced me to death."

Afterwards, Liu recalled the content of the quarrel with the police. When he heard his wife’s complaints, he immediately returned his mouth: "Then divorce."

The wife immediately cried and said, "You are going to kill me."

After this sentence, Liu said what he regretted so far, "I want to die, this is Qu, you jump."

Hearing this sentence, Lu immediately got out of the car from the co -driver and moved down.For a moment, Liu also jumped into the river to rescue.

"Actually, he had pulled his wife, but there were moss beside the canal, and he couldn’t climb up." Shi Yan said that Liu finally said that he was exhausted and put his hand, and Liu was then rescued ashore.

Afterwards, Liu was sued by the Pengzhou Procuratorate, demanding investigation of his intentional injury and the crime of death.

Recently, the case was judged by the Pengzhou Court and the Chengdu Intermediate Court. Liu was convicted of intentional injuries and crime of death, and he was sentenced to three years and six months in prison.

(Source: Fujian News Channel; Editor: YO)

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