There is only "third party" in a man’s heart. What should his wife do?Teach you 3 tricks and let him change your mind

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In extramarital affairs, some third parties use almost all their hearts on men, constantly empathize with men, occupy the heart of men, and even give men how to deal with the original match.

The point is that many men are really willing to listen to them and do it according to the requirements of the third party.

For the original match, if you want to defeat the third party, you must learn to counterattack appropriately.Since the third party has a means, we must also have our own response.

So, there are only "third parties" in men’s hearts. What should a wife do?Teach you 3 tricks and let him change his mind.

First: Adjust the role and cognition

Some men listen to the third party because he is in the stage of "above".At this time, don’t treat him as your husband, because he can’t listen to you at all.

But many women do not believe in evil. They have to change their husbands and want him to return to the family quickly.Or he complained about himself, and felt that his husband must be taken away by a third party.

In fact, if they are in love, the two will be easily separated, but the marriage may not be, and the end of the marriage is not so simple.

Furthermore, marriage can be repaired. As long as two people live under a roof, they want to live well, and no matter how big the problem is, there will be a chance to solve it, but we need to take the right medicine.

At this time, you have to treat yourself as a doctor. In front of you is a sick person. As long as the patient returns to normal, everything is solved.

If you hold this idea, then no matter what a man does, you will not be too angry, and you will not be sad.

Some women will fluctuate with the emotions of men. For example, because men say a lot of excessive words because of the irrational stage, the wife is unwilling to endure and chose to divorce in one anger.

This has fallen into the trap of a third party. Her purpose is to irritate his wife and force the wife to take the initiative to propose a divorce.In the end, she can succeed in order to live smoothly with your husband.

After many wives divorced, they realized that they were hasty.Some wives don’t want to get angry for divorce.As a result, after divorce, there was no money or a house. I could only live a bitter life. I regret it.

So, began to regret running away by the emotions of the man. If you calm down and think well, you will not have such a result.

Therefore, there must be a reason why men are showing up. On the one hand, he is listening to the third party, and on the other hand, it is beneficial.At this time, as long as you don’t follow the emotions of men, men will use you.

Second: Use rational thinking to deal with

Seeing her husband’s betrayal, many women will use emotional thinking to deal with things. What a man says, she listen to what she listens.

For example, if a man says to divorce, she will be like an enemy, and ask for help everywhere, "My husband wants to divorce me, what should I do?"

And rational women will never use emotional thinking to deal with things, but use rational thinking.For example, she will think about the reason for her husband’s divorce, whether she really wants to divorce or what tricks are playing.

Then slowly lay out, step forward step by step, successfully walked out of the "trap" designed by a man or third party, protecting himself, while protecting his marriage.

At this time, she would think that the purpose of the third party was to get the benefit before the man divorced. As long as the man could not get a penny, the third party could not make a profit.Conflict.

Under normal circumstances, the endurance limit of the third party is limited. She cannot always follow the man without names. She is gentle in front of the man.

Not only that, there are also third parties who deliberately show a sense of presence in front of the wife, deliberately make the wife jealous, make the wife collapse, and make trouble with men.

In fact, at this time, the wife must keep calm and deal with it rationally.

For example, sending a third party to a man to a man showing a very injured look, that man will feel guilty, and at the same time, you will also see the true face of the third party.

Then when he turns his head, he may blame the third party to wrong, and they will also quarrel. The third party’s attitude to see a man will be much more honest.

Third: see through the intention of the third party

There is a saying that "see the essence through the phenomenon".Some third parties seem to be unswerving, but in fact, their methods are very spicy, causing their wives to be caught off guard.

But in fact, the more you think, the faster the exposure.Such women are often very greedy. She spends so much as a bureau, and a little profite of the head will certainly not be satisfied with him.

Unless she can get enough money from a man, or to divorce men, such a "return" will satisfy them.

Therefore, the wife must be more rational, to see the true purpose of the third party, and do not fall into the trap she intentionally designed easily.

If every time you can deal with it rationally, the third party can’t hold back, and naturally exposes the true face, making men realize that she is just the banner of love and wants more money.

Over time, men will wake up, and realize that the third party is not as good as they think at all, and even feel that they will continue to be dragged together.

At this time, even if his wife said nothing, men would find a way to break the couple with a third party.

At this stage, the wife should deal with the third party on the one hand, and do not do these three things on the other hand:

First, don’t try to convince him.

Some wives hope to let her husband realize, and at this time, the wife will say a lot of unpleasant words in the third party.But the more wives say, the more disgusted men will be, and even stand on the same position as the third party.

People have a rebellious psychology. The harder the wife’s attitude, the more rebellious men are. When they slowly come, even if others do not stop, they will know who is true to themselves and who is false about themselves.The three propose separation.

What the wife needs to do is to let men see the true face of a third party, and most men will know what to do.

Secondly, don’t make trouble.

After discovering that a man betrayed, the more you and the man were having a rigid at this time, the less likely it was to drive away extramarital affairs.

Because the stronger you look, the more gentle the third party.In comparison, men are naturally more willing to go to the third party, and they will be more disgusted with you.

However, not tearing the broken face does not mean that he does not fight for benefits. He learns to negotiate emotional negotiations, and he is more impatient. If he finds the weakness of a man, he will be afraid of you, so that he can break his extramarital affairs.

Finally, don’t be patient blindly.

When facing the betrayal of men, some wives will think that as long as they are sufficient to swallow, men will return sooner or later.But the reality is exactly the opposite. The better the wife’s temper, the more tolerable, the more unscrupulous men.

If you want to solve extramarital affairs, you need to manage men with a rational attitude and learn to fight men instead of waiting blindly.Otherwise, even if this marriage exists, it will only make you more and more painful.

Simply put, as long as a psychological game with a man is in a sense of reason, this extramarital affairs can be better solved.

Author: Xue Luo has no dust, emotional counselor, focusing on the solution of love and marriage.When you encounter any emotional trouble, you can click my avatar to send me a private message in the upper left corner. I will help you analyze and help you solve it.

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