There will be 10 small changes that women will have after pregnancy.

Xinxin prepared for half a year of pregnancy. Recently, there have been some small changes in the body. I dare not confirm whether I am pregnant, but I can’t tell others 3 months before the old rules, so I can’t confirm whether it is pregnant.Due to the short pregnancy, the test strip results cannot be measured.

In fact, after pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman began to be affected by hormones, and some small changes began to occur.Today, let’s take a look at those small changes to tell you: You are already a mother.

1. Men stop menstruation

The most obvious feature of pregnancy is that menstruation stops. If you have no movement of the aunt’s visit, you can buy a test strip to test.9 days after fertilization, the test strip can pass the HCG concentration test to determine whether it is pregnant.

2. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most significant response in the early pregnancy, and everyone is well known.In fact, pregnancy vomiting does not appear during pregnancy. Generally, it starts at 8 weeks of pregnancy and starts to decrease at 16 weeks of pregnancy.However, not all pregnant women will vomit, and 20%of pregnant women will not appear at all.

3. Breast swelling

The influence of progesterone was received in the early stages of pregnancy, and women’s chest and areola began to change.The breasts will change to pain and areola.

4. Bleeding

Some pregnant women may encounter bleeding, the amount of bleeding is not large, and there is a lot of time.Because such bleeding ordinary people cannot distinguish whether the fetus is in crisis, it is recommended that doctors to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.

5, frequent urine

Due to the increase in the uterus, the stress of the bladder received the pressure of the uterus. In the early and in the early pregnancy and the middle and late pregnancy, the pregnant woman had obvious frequent urination, and the number of urination was 10 times.

6. Bellyflation and constipation

Many pregnant women have encountered constipation during pregnancy. This is also caused by the increasing uterine after pregnancy, squeezing the rectum, causing the intestinal motility to slow down.

7. Increase secretions

After pregnancy, the effects of hormones were received, and the secretion of vaginal mucosa and cervix began to increase.If the secretion is transparent, it is normal for those who are colorless and tasteless.

8. Physical fatigue

If you always feel that you don’t have enough rest and your body is hot, this may be caused by pregnancy.After the body ovulates, the changes in luteal hormones allow women to enter a high temperature period. This is that you will feel weak and weak.

9. Oral disease

After pregnancy, the saliva in the oral cavity becomes acidic, and its viscosity begins to increase. At this time, diseases such as gums, gum bleeding, dental stones, and periodontitis.

10. Gravity

Many people suffer from depression during pregnancy, mainly because there are many uncertain factors and confusion after giving birth, and the fear of childbirth, many people will be irritable and impermanent.

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