There will be several reactions one week after pregnancy. Don’t be stupid to wait for menstruation to know that it will affect the child

Marriage and having children are major events in life. Some people even suffer for a lifetime because they cannot have birth. Some people are lonely and old because they are young.

No matter what the situation is, when you still want a child, you must be clear and planned to avoid accidental pregnancy.

Of course, pregnancy is not so easy. It is not what the two wants to have it.

Xiao Yang has experienced a very troublesome thing recently.Xiao Yang and her husband met at work. Xiao Yang’s husband is not the kind of handsome, but it is very reliable. He usually takes care of Xiao Yang in life well.

This year is the second year after the marriage of the two. According to the plan, the two want to have a child in the second half of the year.But the accident happened, Xiao Yang was pregnant in April, and did not leave children because of some accidents.

During that time, the weather was cold and hot. Xiao Yang had a cold and felt that his body was tired. He took a cold medicine for a few days. The dramatic thing was that at this time Xiao Yang found that he did not come to the "big aunt".

With a sorrowful mood, Xiao Yang bought the pregnancy inspection stick and found that he was pregnant. The difficult choice was whether the child should stay. In the end, Xiao Yang and her husband decided not to take this danger.

It is also for the child’s life considerations. In case of accidents, it will affect the child’s life. After losing the child, Xiao Yang and her husband also blame themselves very much, blame himself in the heart, and cause the loss of a small life.

There are many husbands and wives like Xiao Yang. Obviously the two are not ready to get pregnant, and they have taken the measures they should have. I think that if there is no problem, they continue to live a normal life, eat, drink, and stay up late.

But when I didn’t have menstruation, I thought that I was pregnant?Thinking back to my wanton life, I can’t help but start to worry about the health of the child.This situation is the result of the couple’s carelessness.

Many women responded that they really didn’t feel when they were pregnant. The baby came suddenly. Generally, it was really difficult to prepare well, unless the two had planned to ask their children.

Do n’t worry during the period when you encounter such a thing. Whether you are pregnant is actually very distinguished. You can see it in about a week. At the same time, it is more time -saving. Let ’s learn together.

1) Body temperature rise

Under normal circumstances, our body temperature is around 36 ° C, but there will be some small fluctuations after pregnancy. Generally, it will reach about 37 ° C. For the health and safety of the baby, it is recommended that women’s constant body temperature.

Women during pregnancy can be a good temperature gauge, three times in the morning, middle and evening, and records and records. When they are pregnant, they can also easily see that the temperature changes in the body temperature are still obvious.

2) Soft chest

Some women will feel chest pain during menstruation, and they will feel like this after pregnancy. There is also a relatively obvious change, which is much softer than usual. Pregnant women can feel it.

3) Easy to sleep

In the case of rising body temperature, some women will also be weak. At this time, don’t feel that you have a cold or tired.After thinking about taking some medicine to sleep, this is wrong.

If this happens, you must test whether you are pregnant in a timely manner. If you ca n’t check at home, you will go to the hospital for blood testing. Do n’t think it does n’t matter. Be careful.

4) Easy to be hungry

This phenomenon is relatively common. Some women can eat particularly in a week before menstruation. This is also a stage for women to be more prone to fat.

Women who are preparing for pregnancy are normal. When you find that you feel hungry, you feel that the frequency of hunger increases, then it is necessary to pay attention to whether you are pregnant.

【Pregnancy of the island】

Many surprises in life are hidden in details. If you are a person who does not pay attention to details, then you will definitely lose a lot of tenderness.

【Topic today】

How did you find that you are pregnant?

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